Cannon Rocks is situated  130 km North East of Port Elizabeth on the East Coast of South Africa.

The name Cannon Rocks comes from two cannons retrieved from portuguese sailing ships that sank in front of the village many years ago. The beaches (north of the infamous woody cape) are riddled with amazing stories of wrecks. Sometimes the ocean and the shifting sand dunes will uncover some of the artifacts of centuries past.

The whole Cape Padrone to Diaz cross area is also full of  middens.
Middens are remnants left by the original migrating beach tribes now long gone.

The woody cape area falls under the Addo National Park and has one of the largest shifting sea sand dune field in the world. A spectacular sight and a great place for some Sandboarding.

Cannon Rocks is a renowned Kiteboarding and fishing destination. It also offers a nature trail, a camping resort, a swimming beach area and some friendly locals.

Vast empty beaches and a quiet village make this a great destination for people wanting to get away from it all.