Loopy ‘Swell’ Session

G0230372E At the end of novembre we got hit by some pretty insane Easterly winds. After realising that even with a 5 m Peter Lynn “Swell” the waves were a handful (over 40 knots), I decided to go exploring and found a nice little spot to go throw some loops. The wind is gusty and strong, but at least the landings are fairly predictable (no chop). And so I rediscovered the fun in looping the “Swell” in powered conditions.

Of course it is not a C kite loop, but it does have some punch when sheeting the bar in. Ultimately the “Swell”, being one of the top wave riding kites out there, achieves this by it’s precise control and feel through the bar making it possible to choose the loop power. Of course gusts still catch you ;)

Thanks to Melissa Smith and Daryn du preez, I managed to capture 2 sessions on video and pics.  one with a 5m and one with a 6m.

It was a little risky with the gusts, but what is a life with no risks?

Enjoy the video and a few of the pics:




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Fuerte Video

IMG_1769Last October I travelled to Fuerteventura to go test out the Peter Lynn Escape 2015 and do some filming with my team manager Gunnar Biniasch.

Besides the kite being super fun and easy (see earlier post) we also had a lot fun making the video… You should see the out takes :). But that’s not up to me to release…

Enjoy this fun edit.



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Red Bull King of the Air 2015

So back in Cannon Rocks, and the wind has been Pumping! Last few sessions, I had some mates on the beach haphazardly shooting some of my big jumps. And madness struck me…

So yeah, what the hell, I made a quick edit as an entry to the Red Bull King of the Air 2015. And I made it fun. Putting passion and passion together ;)

So go check it out, show some love and give it a like click :)



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