The Peter Lynn “Swell” v2 – My take

G0236971EAfter a spectacular launch thanks to insane conditions during the shoot in Cabo Verde, I decided to produce a little video to try and highlight the attributes of this New Peter Lynn “Swell” v2 in all kinds of conditions.

From small to medium size waves with on-shore, Cross-shore type conditions which is, I guess the type of conditions we mostly encounter.

The kite has kept a lot of the characteristics of the Swell v1, Just seems to have a smoother flying and slightly more aggressive lift. Fast across the window it does everything you want it to do. Light and reactive at the bar with all the depower you need on waves, it also has some impressive boosting and looping chops!

Also been getting in tune with my AXIS wood pro board from AXIS Kiteboarding, super reactive and radical in the turns.

Thanks to Underwave for the support. Great wetsuits, great harness!

I’ve always been a fan of the “Swell” and it hasn’t changed.




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Countdown has begun for New Peter Lynn Kite.

7Super excited to reveal the new toys that have brought much joy to me in the last few months…

Check out:


IMG_3120E G0026371E G0226931E IMG_0850E IMG_1827E

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“On Board” Video


Lately a few people asked so; “How does the 6m Peter Lynn “Swell” kite flies?

I decided that a video was the best way to describe it… I hope that you get the idea of the direct input and feeling and the ease on the bar. How you can drift or place it wherever you want it in the window with absolute ease. Power at your finger tips that you switch on and off at will. Fuuun !

It has long been one of my favourite kites in the waves and also fun to use in loop sessions.
Also super fun is the AXIS Woodpro 6’0″ Snappy and agile it keeps you connected to the wave. The combination is really killer. Ha and of course Underwave wetsuits keeping me warm.


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