Testing proto kites

IMG_8458EThe Peter Lynn Kiteboarding designer visited team rider Ced Vandenschrik in Cannon Rocks, South Africa. The mission was to test some new prototypes.

Pep and Ced collaborate all year round sending ideas back and forth and sharing experiences and giving each other valuable feedback. Being on the beach together means that changes could be applied immediately and new ideas can be tried out with direct feedback. Also having someone on the beach observing the kite’s behaviour is great as sometimes, when attached to the kite, you miss some valuable things.
Perseverance and passion are fundamental ingredients to achieve good results.


Team rider Hudson Cummings giving Pep some feedback


Cannon Rocks in January offers a variety of conditions ideal for testing.
From waves to flat water conditions, with variable wind speeds, the team was able to perform bridle tests on some of the new profiles and put all the sizes through their wind range.

Testing kites can be terribly boring… ;)

IMG_9561ETesting new kites is a time consuming exercise with small incremental changes made that need to be tried and evaluated.
Of course one has to take into account changing conditions and personal preferences to achieve settings that are usable in the marketplace.
Back to back testing with some current market kites is also key to keeping a perspective on changes.
Peter Lynn has other team riders around  of course testing the kites in different locations and conditions. This is necessary to give an overall picture of performance and usability for the market out there.
There are some exciting things coming from the Peter Lynn Team, time will tell.
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Joining Underwave


Super stoked with joining the Underwave team.

Underwave are just a “COOL” Brand who make high quality accessories for kiting and wetsuits. Just have a look at their design!

Loving the Sultan Wetsuit in the cold Cape Town waters and the shorty for Cannon Rocks.

Due to my Rib injury, I use two harnesses both the Sultan waist and Atlantis Seat. The Sultan Waist is mostly for wave riding and the Atlantis Seat for boosting big.

IMG_8401E IMG_8576E IMG_8315E IMG_2990E G0016123E G0017053E

I look forward to a great collaboration with them.


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Loopy ‘Swell’ Session

G0230372E At the end of novembre we got hit by some pretty insane Easterly winds. After realising that even with a 5 m Peter Lynn “Swell” the waves were a handful (over 40 knots), I decided to go exploring and found a nice little spot to go throw some loops. The wind is gusty and strong, but at least the landings are fairly predictable (no chop). And so I rediscovered the fun in looping the “Swell” in powered conditions.

Of course it is not a C kite loop, but it does have some punch when sheeting the bar in. Ultimately the “Swell”, being one of the top wave riding kites out there, achieves this by it’s precise control and feel through the bar making it possible to choose the loop power. Of course gusts still catch you 😉

Thanks to Melissa Smith and Daryn du preez, I managed to capture 2 sessions on video and pics.  one with a 5m and one with a 6m.

It was a little risky with the gusts, but what is a life with no risks?

Enjoy the video and a few of the pics:




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