Summer 2017 (North Hemisphere)

I am once again spending time in Sardinia for the northern hemisphere summer. Having come to be the contest director and co-organizer of Extreme Fun Games 2017, (And playing some gigs), conditions so far have been pretty good with a mixture of winds.

Warm water definitely has an appeal! Also lots of “Talent” on the beach

If you are in Sardinia, come and say “hi” in San Teodoro. You can also demo the Peter Lynn Escape v6

I am working on some old school tricks and looking into exploring other parts of the island.

Thanks to Robby Fontanesi for the pics!



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Wild winds with the Escape v6

To really test a kite, you also have to take it out in extreme conditions to see what it can handle and how it behaves:

With a wild forecast in the pipeline I decided to head to my secluded lagoon to see what the Escape v6 could do in strong gusty winds.

I choose the lagoon for pushing loops because it is way more forgiving on the landings than the open sea. If you have ever thrown big loops, you will know that landing into waves or bad chop can be detrimental to your health. Obviously without the presence of ramps, you gotta make sure you get the hight to pull of those low loops.

By the time we got there the wind was already mental. I put up the 7m Escape v6 and could immediately feel how strong and gusty it was. I tentatively headed out and tried a few jumps feeling the hang time and the holes in the wind. I then started throwing a few small loops building up confidence to then progress towards those “Blow you hair back” loops. The first noticeable thing about the Escape v6 was how solid and smooth it felt, not only in general flight, but also through the loops. So little fluttering! It was also confidently dealing with the gusts and holes. It’s the kind of kite that you can keep controlling through the loop.

But the wind just kept increasing.
It is always difficult to hazard a guess at how strong the wind was in knots. I know that the sand was whipping my face in the water and that the videographer was battling to stand. Then the wind increased and got gustier to the point where loops were becoming dangerous. So I tried the 5m managing to throw some sneaky loops in between gusts.

Overall the Escape v6 is a real confidence booster and so much fun to loop.


Sneaky loop with the 5m:

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Solo Sessions

It is not something I recommend you do, kiting on your own. However, over the years, I had to learn to due to the remote spots I frequent.

And then again some of those sessions are the most memorable, wether for the conditions or the close encounter with marine life.

So here is a video of two such sessions shot with a Go pro mouth mount and line mount thanks to Xtremexccessories. The kites used are a 6m and 7m Swell v2 from Peter Lynn Kiteboarding. I really enjoy the manoeuvrability of those kites with the right balance between drift and turning response.

Once you put the AXIS kiteboarding Kapua 6’0 truster into proper waves it just comes alive and is just one awesome ride.

Only downside to those sessions is that i should have worn a shorty suit. Those Underwave suits keep me too warm for our end of summer 😉

There is a sense of peace when riding out there on your own. Where everything becomes quiet in your head, where you just become one with the elements and your surroundings.


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