Sardinia summer 2017

The Northern Hemisphere summer ( June to Sept) was spent in San Teodoro, Sardinia, once again involved in putting together and running  Xtreme Fun Games but also getting a chance to kite as well. Although limited by not having transport, and as a result being stuck at La Cinta (which is a great beach out of season but absolutely packed in season), I did get some good sessions.

Once again hanging out with the Wet dreams kiteboarding school there were some memorable days.

Some great photo shooting took place (thanks to Robby Fontanesi) particularly enjoying the off shore conditions that La Cinta had to offer when the Mistral wind blew.

I got a chance to get shots for both Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Escape v6 and the Swell v3.

The season ended with Extreme Fun Games which ran over 4 days and was this time blessed with wind.

It was then straight back to South Africa to catch my favourite month, October with its strong winds and ground swells. this year the Whales have been giving us an awesome show with outings that only a few people get to experience in their life time! But more on that in the next blog.


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New Video Online: Just a Summer Day

Just finished editing a video of a session back at the beginning of the year with team mate Willem van der Meij during his visit in South Africa.

Was riding the Peter Lynn 11m Escape v5 with my AXIS Kiteboarding limited 134. Fun combination for free ride and old school tricks.

The session was gusty but water conditions made up for it! Amazing place.




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Summer 2017 (North Hemisphere)

I am once again spending time in Sardinia for the northern hemisphere summer. Having come to be the contest director and co-organizer of Extreme Fun Games 2017, (And playing some gigs), conditions so far have been pretty good with a mixture of winds.

Warm water definitely has an appeal! Also lots of “Talent” on the beach

If you are in Sardinia, come and say “hi” in San Teodoro. You can also demo the Peter Lynn Escape v6

I am working on some old school tricks and looking into exploring other parts of the island.

Thanks to Robby Fontanesi for the pics!



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