Video: Extreme Fun Games in Sardinia the beach

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A few days ago I took a flight over La Cinta beach in San Teodoro Sardinia where we will be holding Extreme Fun Games from the 22nd to the 25th of September. From the sky, the place is nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks to Avio Superficie San Teodoro for this amazing experience. I recommend it !

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Extreme Fun Games 22-25 Sept 2016 preparations

So I landed in San Teodoro , Sardinia… running.

Months ago, Emerico from Wetdreams surf shop in San Teodoro asked me if I would help him put together this new event. He needed someone who could do a whole lot of stuff and had experience in running events that deal with the wind and the sea.
Having some experience in that department with the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic, I jumped onboard this crazy adventure.

And so EXTREME FUN GAMES was born.
That also means I will be in Sardinia until the end of September dealing with all the aspects that an event of this nature involves.

Bureaucracy held us back in our search for sponsors (Yes, Italy is a little more complicated than South Africa!), but it’s full steam ahead now!

We have stands available for brands to come and show off their equipment (No Selling) and a few other “No Wind” activities that we are planning for the 4 days.

The venue is the incredible beach of “La Cinta”. We expect a large influx of people in the water and on the beach. Entertainment for the evening is also planned for participants and public.

The Locals are super friendly and I get to strum my guitar in the evenings too…

Of course the prep work involves getting images of some action and I take that opportunity to get into the water myself 🙂

Here are some pics of the pre event madness that has started.

Also hoping to slip away and go and explore some lesser known spots in this beautiful place.




The team behind Extreme Fun Games


Scoring a gusty off shore session…


View from the top

IMG_2273E IMG_2390E IMG_2639E


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New Video: Change of Season, Waves and big air

In a moment, Summer turned to winter on the east coast of South Africa. So here is a video featuring very different conditions but not so far apart in the linear context of time.

On two occasions I met up with Steff Begere from Swing Kiteboarding. He has become a fan of the Peter Lynn range of Kites and was keen on both occasions to demo the new models. So we met up on the beach, first in Port Elizabeth where we had a fun wave riding session and then on a colder gustier Cannon Rocks where pulling kite loops is testament to the ability of the Peter Lynn Kiteboarding “Swell” V2 to perform even under trying conditions.

I hope you enjoy the video even though some of the footage is rough and tumble.


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