When there are too many kiters…

IMG_4224Dealing with crowds is not something I do often, but spending time in Europe over summer and in Cape Town over season makes it impossible to avoid.

There are rules which sadly a lot of kiters are not aware of like:

  • Right shoulder forward has right of way (starboard for the sailors)
  • Rider getting in the water generally have right of way
  • Rider on a wave has right of way
  • When passing a rider, if you are upwind, kite high, if you are downwind bring kite low
  • Stay away from learners
  • Stay away from swimmers
  • If you are a learner or beginner find quiet spots
  • Don’t go out in conditions beyond your expertise…

But sometimes there are just too many kites and the rules can’t work.
In the last few weeks, I have been in situations where I just couldn’t get out of the way and ended up getting screamed at by some self entitled spot hogs.

Which brings me to the next point: What happened to curtesy, manners and stoke and accepting that everyone makes mistakes?
Does everyone have to act like crazed Roman drivers high on Caffeine?

I come from a time where when there was any other kiter you were immediately smiling at each other and helping each other out. Those days are gone…
Over the last few years I have witnessed kiters leaving others to drift out or to look for their board because it might take 5 minutes of their kiting time?
I have seen people walk away from landing kites or refusing to help launch…

In the water no one smiles…
I have made mistakes and specifically gone out of my way to apologise to the kiter only to be sworn at every time I came past them. It baffles me, but then most of the world does.

Being a loner in my kiting outings I will go look for empty spots, but sometimes I can’t. And having abuse hurled at me just ain’t my idea of fun in the water.
So yes I hate kiting in crowded areas, mostly because the bullies get their way, and sadly our sport seems to have a few.
Yes i will go out of my way to find empty spots, and
no, I don’t profess to know it all.

So could everyone take a chill pill, a dose of humility and smile a bit more?



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1,2,3 summer is here



Last few weeks have been a roller coaster.

After heading back from Italy, I managed to get a week of great conditions in Cannon Rocks. The place never ceases to surprise me with it’s awesome conditions. I managed to get good wave riding sessions with my Axis Wood pro wave board, Turns out the board is fast and snappy. Loves ground swell type waves.

But no rest for the wicked, then came the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic. Which was an astounding success giving us 2 days of wind out of the 3 planned event days. You can find a full report here and a video of the event here

The day after the event, I packed up and headed to Cape Town for some work commitments and to catch “the odd kite session” (sarcastic). And suddenlly realised, summer is here. Yeah the water is still cold, but I have had some awesome session. I am dreading the onslaught of foreign kiters descending on the fairest cape, for now I am enjoying the familiar faces and the good sessions. Of course I know I always have home waiting.

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Foil pride in Capalbio

IMG_1328 Last Week- End I got to do a surprise visit at the kite event in Capalbio, Tuscany (Italy) called “Foil Pride”. The event is organised by an online forum called foilforum.it and is attended twice a year by a bunch of passionate kiters. Originally the group was started by a common interest and usage of foil kites. (Yes once upon a time not so long ago, if you used a foil kite to kite surf you were considered a freak and I was one of those for many years)
Now it’s just about people sharing a passion.

And so this eclectic, passionate open minded group gets together twice a year on the beach to share their passion and try each other’s gear and eat like only Italians can.

Of course this was a great opportunity to take them some Peter Lynn Swells demos and stuff my face.


After a Saturday (where I arrived late and got the last puff of wind) we proceeded to a “massive” super and lots of kiting stories.
Sunday started slow with only big kites in the air… But then the wind picked up, I grabbed my AXIS limited and ended up having a fun session myself.

It was great to catch up with all the people I met last year and along the way.
Great also to hang out with people who favour their attention towards the passion for kiting rather then how cool they look.

It reminds me of those early days when people were just amped to share a session together cause it was the greatest thing ever, where we helped each other with tips and where we rescued each other in times of trouble…

Keep the stoke alive.

Photo credit: Tania Romagnoli



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