New Wave Riding Video

In October / November, we get pretty insane conditions on the East Coast of South Africa.

Strong winds from the left and the right, and big swell pull in regularly. This year was no exception.

The spot featured in this video is not the friendliest, The waves are strong, there is a side current and lots of rocks downwind. Mistakes can have a heavy price. (a few destroyed kites here before). But the wave runs and is super powerful. It breaks of a rock outcrop to then run along these sand banks. The close out is very powerful and tricky to hit as it has a tendency to destroy you.

I have been surfing this wave for a long time, but it has to be way smaller than the swell on the video to be able to make the paddle out. Of course with kiting you manage to get over the white water and end up riding way bigger waves.

I always take a kite that is super reliable and relaunches quick. The Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Swell v3 is the perfect kite for this conditions. Not only does it relaunch super fast (you need to get it up before the next wave hits you) but it also drifts remarkably well. With such fast waves it’s super important.

Enjoy this little edit that kind of sums up what was a memorable Oct / Nov!



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The Kiter and the Whale

In Photography, sometimes everything lines up.

No photo montage, no photoshop, this is exactly how it happened.

Watch the video explaining this amazing picture of the Humpback whale airborne behind the kiter.


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Sardinia summer 2017

The Northern Hemisphere summer ( June to Sept) was spent in San Teodoro, Sardinia, once again involved in putting together and running  Xtreme Fun Games but also getting a chance to kite as well. Although limited by not having transport, and as a result being stuck at La Cinta (which is a great beach out of season but absolutely packed in season), I did get some good sessions.

Once again hanging out with the Wet dreams kiteboarding school there were some memorable days.

Some great photo shooting took place (thanks to Robby Fontanesi) particularly enjoying the off shore conditions that La Cinta had to offer when the Mistral wind blew.

I got a chance to get shots for both Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Escape v6 and the Swell v3.

The season ended with Extreme Fun Games which ran over 4 days and was this time blessed with wind.

It was then straight back to South Africa to catch my favourite month, October with its strong winds and ground swells. this year the Whales have been giving us an awesome show with outings that only a few people get to experience in their life time! But more on that in the next blog.


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