Italian Kite Festival

IMG_7049Every year, there’s an unusual gathering on the Italian kiting scene. It’s called Foilpride. Getting its name from a mostly foil kites dedicated forum driven by a bunch of very passionate people, it brings together an explosive mix of characters from all over Italy.

Finding myself at the end of an unusual stay in Italy (for the season), I was curious to attend. I put the idea to Peter Lynn headquarters and they decided to send some kites to demo at the event.

And so I headed to Capalbio camping in the hope to find some wind and some open minded kiters. (I had a range of kites with me from Twinskins to LEIs.)

The beach was tightly packed with foils and Tube kites of every brand, and the wind was on the light side… And to my delight the participants were eager to meet, try and share ideas.

IMG_6951IMG_7006 IMG_7015 IMG_7157 IMG_7031 IMG_6919

Sure there was the usual “brand pimping” going on, but then again is it possible to have a kite event without it?
All in good faith as the spirit of fun and unifying passion gladly prevailed.
Kiting was king and the food of course…

So people tried kites, swopped boards, laughed, crashed, swam, flew and had a grand time. It was also nice to catch up with some old acquaintances and making new friends along the way.
IMG_6895 IMG_7065IMG_6941IMG_7096 IMG_7068IMG_6932 IMG_6948 IMG_6969
Saturday gave us the strongest breeze (13 t0 16 knots) and I managed to put a 15m Phantom up. We even got a 9m Swell into the action, showing off its bottom end.

Sunday was definitely lighter and the Fury lite 15 and 17 were constantly on the water swapping hands.
IMG_6980 IMG_6976

I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and sharing stories with these “addict”.
A big thank you to the organizers for putting such a wonderful event together.

Perhaps next time in Cannon Rocks?

Enjoy the Gallery, thanks to Tania Romagnoli for taking pics… again…


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Part 2 of the “Swell” video

_MG_4963Here is part 2 of the video on the swell,

In this video I concentrated on showing the flying behavior of the Peter Lynn Swell in waves in different conditions.

The video was shot in South Africa with most footage coming from Cannon Rocks and surroundings and one session in Witsands in Cape Town.

Thank you to all the people who helped make this video possible.



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New Video: “Swell” Heading South

IMG_1869With the help of many friends I managed to put together this edit of the first few months with the Peter Lynn 3 strut; the “Swell”. Using it mostly in waves but also discovering that its applications go beyond wave riding.

This footage was captured around the time we were shooting stills and a little after.
Most spots are around Cannon Rocks – South Africa with one sequence being in Whitesands in the Cape.
Shooting video is a different beast, It’s a totally different approach and one that is not easily combined with taking stills.
You will see various types of conditions as we get it, large swell, small swell, wind from the left and from the right. Strapless, and strapped. And fr good measure a big boosting session with some loops.

I wanted to show that the kite really does excel in many areas




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