Foil pride in Capalbio

IMG_1328 Last Week- End I got to do a surprise visit at the kite event in Capalbio, Tuscany (Italy) called “Foil Pride”. The event is organised by an online forum called and is attended twice a year by a bunch of passionate kiters. Originally the group was started by a common interest and usage of foil kites. (Yes once upon a time not so long ago, if you used a foil kite to kite surf you were considered a freak and I was one of those for many years)
Now it’s just about people sharing a passion.

And so this eclectic, passionate open minded group gets together twice a year on the beach to share their passion and try each other’s gear and eat like only Italians can.

Of course this was a great opportunity to take them some Peter Lynn Swells demos and stuff my face.


After a Saturday (where I arrived late and got the last puff of wind) we proceeded to a “massive” super and lots of kiting stories.
Sunday started slow with only big kites in the air… But then the wind picked up, I grabbed my AXIS limited and ended up having a fun session myself.

It was great to catch up with all the people I met last year and along the way.
Great also to hang out with people who favour their attention towards the passion for kiting rather then how cool they look.

It reminds me of those early days when people were just amped to share a session together cause it was the greatest thing ever, where we helped each other with tips and where we rescued each other in times of trouble…

Keep the stoke alive.

Photo credit: Tania Romagnoli



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Kiting near Rome

IMG_9182EEvery year I spend some time in Europe, mostly in Italy.

I have a fair amount of experience near Rome where conditions are not ideal, but it gives me a chance to test some light wind gear and brush up on my low wind skills.

If you are planning a trip to Italy over summer I would consider the following guidelines:

  • Find out where the kite zones are. It is highly restricted and beaches are always crowded.
  • Take the largest kite you have. Wind is often light and mostly onshore.
  • Be careful in the water. A lot of beginners are unaware of navigation rules.
  • Talk with the local kiters, they are mostly friendly and they will tell you what the requirements are in the area (Schools are a good start).
  • Be careful of beach users, some have developed pretty radical animosity towards kiters (probably because of some traumatic past experience with kiters)
  • Be aware of beginners in the water there are plenty.
  • Water quality is not always great, again Locals should know the ropes.

Being old school, I guess I always put safety first.

Here are some shots taken near Rome.


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Getting onto AXIS boards

IMG_6986EI am super stoked with my new AXIS boards.
With my mixture of Wave and free ride style, AXIS positioned itself as the best option out there.

Having had a few session with the amazingly versatile “Limited” twin tip, I can already confirm my suspicion of a high quality product with great R&D behind it’s name.

IMG_7478E IMG_7469E IMG_7394E G0112712E G0102689E IMG_7364E

Can’t wait to try the surfboard in some proper waves!



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