New Kiteboarding Video of Cannon Rocks


Here is a new Video from the left over footage from the last summer (South Hemisphere) in Cannon Rocks.
I edited it while I was in Cape Town. I am now in Europe getting ready for the competition in Belgium on the 27th 28th. Will be blogging about that soon.

Enjoy the vid.


Whales beach themselves on Long Beach Kommetjie… On my Doorstep…

30th of may 2009

I got a text message asking if I’d heard about the whales…  I stepped outside and found Chaos on the beach. I commend all the people that got in the water with their wetsuits to try and rescue the whales. (50 or so Pilot whales had beached themselves early in the morning). By the time I got to the beach an air of hysteria had swept in. I don’t understand why people would bring their families and their dogs on the beach… Didn’t know death was such a show. Anyway, here are the pictures I took.

It was a tragic day…

Hopefully a better post next time.