New Video

In the Madness of my life, I managed to edit a new video with Mostly wave riding and loop action.

It was shot on standard equipment during the summer (South Hemisphere). Most of the looping action is done on Charger 8 and 10.

I wish I had more footage of wave riding… the footage on the go pro doesn’t do justice to the size of that swell…

The main obstacle to the videos is always finding someone to shoot in the hardcore conditions!

Anyway, hope you enjoy


Losing the straps… and the fins

Last Week I decided to recycle an old twintip by using it as a wake skate. I’ve done a bit of strapless on a surf board, but never on a small twintip.

So i grabbed a pair of old running shoes and gave this a go.

Well first of all, respect to all those strapless wakeskate guys out there. You make it look easy!

It was fun to have such a loose board where the rail is everything…

had no problem staying upwind,

But shift your weight around and it becomes like an ice skating ring…

Managed to try some stuff …

And some spectacular wipe outs of course…


I might glue some foam to the top of that twintip and do this more regularly

I recomend you try this out. Now I need to work on some board skills!

Thanks to Melissa Smith for taking these pics…

Till next time