Big Kites save the Trip: Sardinia

IMG_0155 - Version 2Two years ago I visited the Mediteranean island of Sardinia. I was testing the new, to be released, “Fury” from Peter Lynn. Back then the tube kites were about to be released on the market.
I came back from that trip with a big smile, not only because the kites performed really well, but because I had found a place in the med where the wind can pump in the 30 knot range.

It felt like home.

So this year, when plans were materializing to visit Sardinia again, I asked the guys at Peter Lynn Kiteboarding to send me a 6m (the smallest fury of the new 2013 Range).
I was looking forward to a “top end” testing for all the kites.
I was also excited to test the Styx 132 from Underground in strong conditions.

As the departure date loomed, the forecast looked terrible. So I decided to pack the two Fury Lite that I am testing at the moment in Italy, and set off hoping for some “Sardinia Magic”. Well the “Sardinia Magic” didn’t work in the breeze but in other ways…

I spent a lot of time on the East coast of the Island near San Teodoro. In San Teodoro I ran into Emerico, the owner of the Kite shop called “Wet Dreams“.
Emerico, over the years,  has spent a lot of time in South Africa and we have a lot in common. Mostly in the passion we both share for this sport and beautiful places.
Thanks to his local knowledge, and his “large” board I was able to make something out of the bleak predictions.
If there is no actual wind predicted, all kinds of possible thermal local breezes kick in around the island … and who better than a local to give you advice!

Outside Wet Dreams in San Teodoro
Outside Wet Dreams in San Teodoro

Sardinian’s are in general super friendly, going out of their way to tell you about spots and great restaurants. Of course they get invaded by “not so friendly” tourist over the summer months, but even that can’t taint their enthusiasm and good nature.

I had 3 outings at La Cinta (near San Teodoro), where the wind was always super light. Thanks to Emerico, I got to try a race type board and got to kite the super light conditions. I also had a chance to really test the Fury Lite and push it to its limits in the low end. La Cinta is a really beautiful beach with amazing water colors.

IMG_0153 - Version 2
IMG_0159 - Version 2
IMG_1410 - Version 2
IMG_1225 - Version 2

IMG_1253 - Version 2At “La Cinta” Wet Dreams operate their kite School and have managed to secure a designated area for launching. And when beaches get crowded, it’s a pretty important feature.

IMG_0460 - Version 2I had one session at “La Caletta”, further south, where the breeze looked promising. I put up the 11m hoping I would have to go smaller. Sadly fifteen minutes later I was taking the Race board out and only managed half an hour of cruising in the dying wind. Again, Carlo, the local instructer was also super friendly. The second visit there was dedicated to catching UV rays and chatting on the beach as the wind just never picked up.

IMG_0275 - Version 2IMG_0466 - Version 2 IMG_0518 - Version 2
With a hint of North West Wind predicted up North, I decided to drive up to Porto Pollo. Porto Pollo is famous for its strong wind. Luckily it delivered something, even if not it’s usual 20 knots +.
Thanks the 15m Fury Lite and the photographic skills of Tania Romagnoli, we managed to capture some pretty good images. My Underground Styx 132 was a pleasure. With the wind up and down, it kept planning in the lulls feeling like a bigger board but then being small enough to throw around in the gusts. A great all round ride.

The last few sessions back on the east coast were again lite and dedicated to the Race board.

The wind may have been disappointing, but armed with the Big kites, I was still able to enjoy myself.
I have never been a fan of big kites, being spoiled with strong winds in Cannon Rocks, but if one lives in Europe, it might not be a bad investment after all.

The “Sardinia Magic” was the people. New friendships and hopefully new visitors to my part of the world. I look forward to welcoming them and showing them some of the “Cannon Rocks Magic”