Ewan Hill in Cannon Rocks

Ewan and I have one thing in common, We both ride Underground boards. So when he contacted me and said he was dropping in for a visit, I looked forward to introducing him to Cannon Rocks. And Cannon Rocks delivered‚Ķ 4 day visit, 4 days of wind. It wasn’t the best conditions ever with unusually gusty winds (Probably an aftermath of all the rains we have had lately) but still some rideable conditions. Strong for sure.

Ewan has concentrated his riding skills into the art of strapless wave riding and was great inspiration for me to loose the straps. But I got a long way to go!

It was great to share my little piece of heaven with someone who is passionate about this sport and who’s been doing it for as long as I have.

Got a feeling that it may  not be the last time we see Ewan ripping our waves

Till next time.


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