New Toys part 2: The Fury

IMG_8037 - Version 2


2 Weeks ago, I received the Fury range from Peter Lynn Kiteboarding. 11m, 9m and 6m are to be my companions for the next few months. On top of that I received a 15m and 17m Fury “Lite” to get me going in the light winds.

My first outing was with the 11m in very trying conditions: Onshore underpowered and very messy water conditions with short interval waves making going upwind really difficult. In the Water with me was a few other kites all around 11 m – 13 m . I guess it was a good sign that the Fury was the only kite staying upwind.

My next two outings were with the Fury “Lite” in unfortunate conditions where the wind dropped after 15 minutes in the water.

A trip to Talamone in Tuscany last week-end gave me a chance to try things in some decent winds.


I arrived in Talamone to be greeted by a gusty 20 knots cross offshore (gusting to above 25) and a tricky launch situation. Practically there is no beach. So you need to know what you are doing.  I put up the 9m fury without problems, and set out to sea.

 IMG_8366 - Version 2
The wind was gusty, but the Fury handled beautifully. It jumped, it looped it did everything I asked from it. Smooth turns, depowered, responded. Even in the gusty conditions, I had a lot of fun. I stayed away from unhooking and also took it easy with the mega loops. Got a lot of kiting to do in the next few weeks.
IMG_8411 - Version 2
IMG_8475 - Version 2IMG_8388 - Version 2
Sunday the wind started on the soft side. I decided to put up the 15 Fury Lite. But quickly the wind picked up to around 15 knots. At 70kg I was well powered. Again smooth flying. This was the first time I was out with such a big kite. Normally I find an 11m huge. So a 15m felt like a giant. However it still turns surprisingly fast. I even managed to loop the kite coming out of a dark slide.
IMG_8968 - Version 2
IMG_9524 - Version 2 (1)
I then decided to put up the 11m as the wind had increased by a knot or two,
What a pleasure. That 11m was turning like a 9m. Bar pressure was just right, and in the gusts, I was getting plenty glide to try some Old school tricks:
IMG_8764 - Version 2
IMG_8461 - Version 2
I also tried some Raileys ( been a while) and the kite has good pop. I’ll be unhooking some more in the next few weeks…
IMG_9527 - Version 2 (1) IMG_9548 - Version 2
I think I will be heading back to Talamone in the next few months. If you see me in the water there or anywhere around Italy, come try this kite, I think you gonna love it! And it deserves to be tried.
Thanks to Tania Romagnoli for the pics.
Next week, Sardinia!
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