Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2014

IMG_9779It is once again lining up for the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic to take place from the 3rd to the 6th of January 2014.

We’ve been having fun shooting a preview of the Tshirts on the beach.  There is a buzz amongst the locals and surrounding towns so we are bound to draw quite a crowd.

It is the time when I give back to the sport some of the stoke it gives me. And so I put on my organizing boots…

A whole lot of new riders are getting in on the action and the contest is bound to grow once again.

The contest, which is now in its 4th edition, has grown to a more “Festival” type of event. The kiteboarders taking center-stage will once again be displaying this amazing visual sport.  Within different categories, all riders of all levels will be able to show off their stuff and entertain the crowds.

The pro division will see Freestyle action, Wave Riding and Slalom Race taking place

Amateurs will be taking part in an expression session as well as a Slalom Race

Given the right conditions and entries, organizers hope to run a beginner body dragging race as well as a separate big air / megaloop show off session open to all with special prizes being set aside for that. This will be a spectacular show of high jumps and power riding that always proves popular with spectators.

The Cannon Rocks kiteboarding Classic is a flexible event which adapts to the conditions and the riders making sure everyone has a good time on the water and on the beach. Beach activities are planned for the days without wind, with Frisbee demonstrations, sandcastle building for the kids and volleyball all supplied by the Halyards Hotel.

A tent will be set up on the car park with music, food and refreshments on sale.

Stalls inside the tent will give the various sponsors the opportunity to display some of their products.


The sponsors

The Halyard hotel will once again be our major partner in this event supplying infrastructure and cash prizes.

Peter Lynn kite sports and newcomer Wipronet will be our main cash sponsors. Peter Lynn will also be demoing their new wave kite “The Swell”

Absa will once again be supporting the event as a cash sponsor.

Newcomers Audi and Chunky Muesli will be promoting their products at the event and sponsoring.

Great support by the local businesses with Cannon Rocks Holiday resort, Cannon Rocks Homebuilders, Seef Properties joining the event as cash sponsors.

Our suppliers enabling us to make the event special: XS- Sports, Cannon Plant and Tool Hire, Thule, Rack ‘n Road, Kenton Travel, Honda Marine.

And our Media Sponsor Talk of the Town
Entry fee is R 250

The Event will kick off with an opening function on Thursday the 2nd of January at 19h00 for riders and press at the Cannon Rocks kite beach inside the tent. Riders will have the opportunity to register and will be supplied with refreshments and snacks.

Late registrations can be done on the beach at 9h00 am on Friday the 3rd.

Stay up to date with the latest news visit

and on the facebook page: Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding classic and twitter feed crckiteboarding


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Shooting the “Swell”

_MG_4128-RecoveredBy the beginning of October I knew that I would be involved in gathering marketing material for the new upcoming Peter Lynn 3 strut kite, “The Swell”. That meant photographs and video footage.

Everyone seems thinks that it’s a dream job… Well in some ways it is. You get to fly and test, about to be released, equipment and you get to take or be in a lot of pics.

However that is not the full “picture” (excuse the pun). Getting good photographs requires a few ingredients: the equipment (Kites, boards, and cameras) in top shape, the riders, the conditions (Wind, sun, waves) and all this with the different angles to avoid glare, and to capture the action in as many ways as possible. And if you are reading this you know that kiting requires wind on beaches which is the worst place for Camera equipment. On top of that, you need to get “hardcore” footage, and that requires hardcore conditions. Sometimes you get lucky with conditions, and sometimes you don’t. Of course if you are booking pro photographers to do the shooting, once you’ve committed to a day, you gotta press on, whatever the conditions…

planning the shoot is possibly the most important part. We discussed everything before and stayed in contact as much as possible on the beach.



I have always thought that documenting wave riding is perhaps one of the more challenging aspects of Kite Boarding. It’s fast, it changes, and the kite is in odd positions to get it into the frame. So put all that in the mix and you’ve got quite a task in front of you!!

Our first session which involved two pro photographers took place on a day of strong easterly winds on the East coast of South Africa (Cannon Rocks and Kenton on Sea)

Having two riders in the water with a 6m and 7m and some 30 knots + winds made it hard work for the photographers. Andrew Miller from Frogg design took the beach, while Kody Mcgreggor stuck to his speciality of being in the water.


Respect to both of them for being out there in those conditions. If the riding was hard, so was the picture taking. Equipment got sandy and wet.

The Swell being a wave oriented kite, we decided to focus mostly on wave riding of course.

005 029 _MG_3728



I did manage to throw in a few tacks on my 132 Styx and was pleasantly surprised by the kites handling. After all, the “Swell” does waves and more…

013 014



Kody had to call it a day after 3 hours in the water and getting caught in some serious rip current in Kenton. Andrew stuck it out the whole day and got some pretty cool pics in the late afternoon by the wreck.

_MG_4789 _MG_4695 _MG_4963 _MG_5126

Another 2 sessions were done with Melissa Smith and Henry Smith with whom I often shoot. Melissa is an up and coming photographer check out her website here


IMG_7988 IMG_8017 IMG_7607 IMG_7561 IMG_7704


Having had pretty hardcore conditions in most sessions, we decided to travel and find a more suited spot for some strapless action with Hudson Cummings. Andrew Miller once again did the honors behind the camera and even if the wind didn’t co operate and the clouds were moving in, we managed to get some good shots.

_MG_8861_MG_9036 _MG_8962 _MG_8899 _MG_8880_MG_8714 _MG_9072


few more pics where taken in Cape Town with the help of Kristine Keppel (Thank you) with one day dedicated to the “publicity” shot and the next a hardcore session on the wild side of Cape Town


IMG_9056 IMG_8754 IMG_9436 IMG_9401

Along the way a fair amount of video was also shot. It is in the editing process and will see the light of day soon!! Look out for that!

On the photograph front, the result has become the foundation of the Peter Lynn launch of the “Swell”. There is a certain amount of satisfaction one derives from seeing the pics  giving the best representation of the kite (which by the way rocks)

Look out for the rest of the pics on the Peter Lynn website and on Facebook


IMG_8334 IMG_8325

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Summer kiting around Rome, glad to be Home now…


Remeniscing on my summer in Italy…

I spent from June to September mostly around Rome (except for a trip to Sardinia).

On the whole I was pretty disappointed with the conditions I found. Of course I wasn’t expecting to find huge winds, but I was hoping on average to get 2 days a week with somewhere around 15 knots. This was not to be.

The conditions I consistently came across was 10 to 12 knots (or less)I was very thankful for the Fury Lite sent to me by Peter Lynn kitesports. They definitely gave me the edge in the low wind conditions. I was riding a 15m and a 17m mostly and on the days when the wind blew, it got me back into some old school stuff


My main hang out was Fregene Beach where I bumped into some old friends and a great photographer called Andrea Zaniol. Together we got some pretty amazing shots.


Kiting in Italy is restricted by a huge influx of sunbathers during the summer. The demarcated kite areas are always under pressure. Some of the riders take this into consideration, others don’t. I fear for the well being of our sport in such crowded areas in the long term. There will always be more sun bathers than kiters… (especially in Italy)

IMG_3867 - Version 2

IMG_1810 - Version 2

If you are heading to Rome over the summer, take big kites and big boards. I also got a chance to try a full size Race board. Amazing low wind and upwind performance. Took me a few attempts to get going!! New respect to those racers.

On a few occasions the wind blew above 15 knots, the beaches empty out and it was time for the real fun to begin:

Kiters in Italy are generally fairly friendly, it helps if you speak the lingo and  come from somewhere with renowned  windy conditions as it seems to earn you immediate respect. I made some great friends and found a few old ones

IMG_2912 - Version 2

As usual lots of politics on the beach amongst brands, sadly I’m getting used to this.

A special thank you to Tania Romagnoli for taking pics all through the summer!


I’ve been back in Cannon Rocks for a few weeks testing and photographing the new Peter Lynn Wave kite… and truth be told, I have kited almost everyday!! Gotta love this place!

So watch the next blog for some exciting stuff!



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