New Video: “Swell” Heading South

IMG_1869With the help of many friends I managed to put together this edit of the first few months with the Peter Lynn 3 strut; the “Swell”. Using it mostly in waves but also discovering that its applications go beyond wave riding.

This footage was captured around the time we were shooting stills and a little after.
Most spots are around Cannon Rocks – South Africa with one sequence being in Whitesands in the Cape.
Shooting video is a different beast, It’s a totally different approach and one that is not easily combined with taking stills.
You will see various types of conditions as we get it, large swell, small swell, wind from the left and from the right. Strapless, and strapped. And fr good measure a big boosting session with some loops.

I wanted to show that the kite really does excel in many areas




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Spring time in Italy

IMG_4299edit2So here I am in Italy… Work commitments have dictated that this year my European visit will be a tad earlier and that the summer will be spent somewhere else.

So for the first time in years, I am in the med wearing a full suit. Other peculiar thing is that because of the lack of users on the beaches during the winter around Rome, authorities don’t bother cleaning the beaches until late April. The result is that beaches look more like rubbish dumps than kiting beaches. Ostia (beach closest to Rome) was particularly bad. So you have to watch where you put your feet and land your kite.
Quite a shock coming from the remote beaches of Cannon Rocks.



Fregene Beach, looking towards Macarese

The Wind has been on the light side. I was hoping to find a little more. On one outing I did managed to use a 7m Swell which I brought along in an optimistic outburst. But I don’t think it is going to be a normal occurrence.
And when the wind blows, it gets busy even though the temperature is still pretty low!

Otherwise it’s been a lot of 11m and 15m Fury days. Takes a bit of time to get comfortable again with big kites. But it is either that or no kiting…


During the last few weeks I reverted back to an old 128 Squadron Board that I have as a back up  in Europe. The board falls short on some of the new technology, however still great fun for Board offs being so small. But for cord offs you need wind.
After so much wave riding in South Africa, it does take a bit of time to get tuned in again. Here are a few shots from a couple of sessions.


But the postman brought a package the other day … And it’s all smiles this side. More about that in the next post.



Glad to report as well the release of the Swell video produced By Gunnar Biniasch who has returned to the Peter Lynn corner. Some clips from South Africa made it in there.

I will also be releasing two “Cannon Rocks” videos of the Swell focusing mainly on wave riding in the next few days. So keep an eye on the Ced Youtube Channel.






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Goodbye old Faithful

_MG_9045“All Good things come to an end”… I hate those clichés! Like “Rolling Stones…” and “Better be Safe….” Sometimes I feel that my life mission is to prove them wrong, to hang to that thread of possibility that the world is not the place made up by those stagnant minds that treat everything as a “Fait Accompli”
This time, I lost.

5 years ago I started veering my kiteboarding towards waves. 4 years ago I got a present. A board swop made me the proud owner of a Squad 5’9″. It took me a while to fully comprehend the beauty I had inherited.

IMG_6416 - Version 2 IMG_9894

It was to take me through my first tentative steps of wave riding into pushing my limits. It survived a crease after landing butt first on the nose, then overcame countless smashing lips, losing boards in big surf getting washed onto the rocks… And besides the time it lodged one of it’s fins into my ankle, it gave me nothing but pleasure.

And so the love grew and flourished. We faced many dangers and had a few close calls that strengthened our bond even further. I chose you many times over others that perhaps were prettier or had better curves… alas


I will miss you old faithful, but the crease along your middle is just too much. You will live on in some of the classic photos, and as a piece of my outside shower.

You will be a tough act to follow, good luck to the next contender…

But you will always be the first one that took me all the way….

airhobbie - Version 2

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