Reviewing the new Escape from Peter Lynn

Escape-Cape-town-shoot-4Two weeks ago, I picked up the new Escapes from Cape Town where photo shoots were taking place. Over the last two weeks I have been testing the kites in various conditions to get an overview of the kite.


The very first impressions was stability Grunt and Ease.

This kite is truly an all rounder

Compared to the first Escape model, The lower end seems to have been improved meaning not only that you get planning earlier but that you can also unhook earlier.
The stability makes it feel like the kite flies itself.
The 3 attachments allow you to change the bar pressure and set it to your preferance. I must say that the middle setting for me is perfect. It has great feedback through the bar.

IMG_7775 - Version 2

In Cape Town I concentrated on Wave riding, using mostly the 7m. Again I must stress that I just got on and rode. No adjustment period, it was just easy.

IMG_8085 - Version 2

IMG_8119 - Version 2

IMG_8089 - Version 2


Back in Cannon Rocks I am getting a chance to test the kites in different conditions, doing some twin tip riding and some big loops. Got to use the 9m a little more and enjoying the stability for my basic freestyle moves. The kite also has great glide keeping you in the air long enough to throw some old school stuff.
It just makes you feel comfortable whatever the wind throws at you.

IMG_7817 - Version 2

IMG_7912 - Version 2


IMG_8043 - Version 2

IMG_8020 - Version 2

I really like the way the 7m loops, it’s seems to have plenty of power through the loop to give you that “Yeaaah” feeling

IMG_8281 - Version 2

IMG_8315 - Version 2


IMG_8442 - Version 2

Of course, being an all rounder, it will not out perform a kite that is specifically made for Looping or Freestyle or Hangtime, but if you are a kiter who, like me, wants to keep things varied and a try new things. This kite is FUN!

Thanks for the pics Melissa Smith

Tech details available here