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Unusual sight … Stacking kites

Two days ago, it looked like we were gonna get one of those light wind days where the wind just doesn’t pick up beyond 12 knots. So I decided to Stack my 12m and 15m  Peter Lynn Chargers (Which are C kite foils) and give it a go. I had done this years before with the old Guerilla models (around 2003) and knew that it was one of the few kites out there where stacking is feasible. On the old Guerilla, the turning became very slow, and going upwind very hard due to the low end grunt.

So here I am 8 years later trying it out again, and sure enough the stack went up.

The low grunt was there as expected… I mean technically I had 27m of kite up in the air. but amazingly, the turning wasn’t as bad as i expected. I actually managed to loop the stack on the beach.

So I headed out. My main purpose was to test the low wind ability of such an experiment. i really had to dig the edge, and also make sure I didn’t drop it as it could have gotten messy trying to relaunch. Luckily the stability of the arc kite really helped in that department.

However the wind didn’t co operate and started picking up as i hit the water… so i had to depower.

I started throing it around and trying some jumps. and although it was hard to get hight due to the low end grunt, the hang time was pretty insane…

Once it got too much, I took the 15 off and went out with the 12, which is the equivalent of a 9 LEI, must have been around 17/18 knots of wind.

Thanks to Henry Smith for helping me launch and land the stack (definitely not a solo mission). And tanks to Michelle Smith for taking pics and filming. I’ll include some footage in my next video…

Till next one



A case of endless summer

A good east wind...
A good east wind…

What a season we’ve had!  We’ve had downwinds, upwinds, waves, freestyle, dolphins,  all this in warm water.

Cannon Rocks Kiting adventure school www.cannonrocks.com was kept busy over the Holiday period. But once the holidays ended we got the beach back to ourselves and plenty of time to bust some moves…IMG_4014 - Version 2

With Michelle training hard for her next comp, I keep everyone entertained trying to keep up with her… Have had some spectacular wipe outs.

Michelle showing off
Michelle showing off
About to eat it again
About to eat it again

IMG_5305 - Version 2

IMG_5166 - Version 2
IMG_5170 - Version 2

Have been riding the new Chargers flat out all summer. Have found it a really fun kite to loop. Even the 15! The loops are getting higher… Here is a little clip of some of the footage I have:


Also have an onboard cam, but have been battling to get decent footage out of it.The evening temperature is showing signs of change, and the days are getting shorter. But at this rate a little break might be a good thing. Time to do some maintenance and for the body to recover.

However when the wind doesn’t blow….

About to hit it
About to hit it
Hitting it
Hitting it

Till the next post.

Ride it hard