Upgrade of desalination plant in Cannon Rocks – Register

A meeting will take place on the 18th of December regarding this at the Cannon Rocks Community hall 17h30 Concerned parties, please register as an interested and affected party regarding the water use, the pipeline, the reverse osmosis plant, and the wastewater discharge from Cannon Rocks into Addo National Park/ Addo Marine Protected Area. SRK

Amazing whale action for 2017!

Whale Jumping in Cannon Rocks, South Africa In October and November 2017, Cannon Rocks experienced some of the best Whale sightings in recent history. The whales could be heard "tailing" at night and where present daily. Tail slapping has been interpreted as some kind of communication between Humpback whales but also a nice

The new plan of action for refuse removal and recycling

Things are changing in Cannon Rocks thanks to a few very dedicated and passionate individuals. With the increase of residents and holiday makers, Cannon Rocks' refuse disposal was no longer adequate. There is a new plan of Action: Thanks to Verona Veltman for sharing Black bags are still collected by Ndlambe on Mondays.   Reclyclable goods such as:  

Amazing clean up at the Municipal dumping site

Take the power back! We are all responsible. With a growing permanent resident base and a increasing number of holiday visitors, Cannon Rocks has had a significant increase in waste. This has resulted in a steady deterioration of the municipal dumpsite with stray plastic and other waste spreading to the surrounding vegetation and the beach. Spearheaded

Recycling to Start in Cannon Rocks

Great news: RECYCLING has started at Boknes and Cannon Rocks. Boknes now has an IWARS recycling depot at the municipal garages in Boknes where they pay for recycle material. Opening next week 8h00-17h00 weekdays. From June you can also leave recyclables in bags other than BLACK bags - preferable clear bags - They will not collect

Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2015 great success

The Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2015 took place in October this year. With many Cape Town kiters making the trek up to Cannon Rocks, the event was a great success. Check website here [tvideo type="youtube" clip_id="xTKwQ08QHR4"]

Polystyrene on Cannon Rocks beaches – Clean up

After a heavy storm last Week-End, it was reported that 23 containers had been lost at sea near Port Elizabeth. With the strong Westerly winds and currents, debris has steadily been washing up on our beaches. The community has been hard at work removing the Polystyrene and other debris that has washed up so far.

Summer programme 2014

Activities for December 2014/January 2015 Xmas Market - 6 December (09.00-15.00) 467 Alice Road Cannon Rocks Xmas Market - 13 December (09.00-15.00) 467 Alice Road Cannon Rocks Bird Twitcher Talk Christopher Groenewald & Phil Whittington - 16th December (19h00) Cannon Rocks Community Hall Golf Day Alexandria - 17 December Daan Davis 082 891-8478 AGM Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association - 18

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Cannon Rocks Website new look

[divider] The Cannon Rocks Website is online! After weeks of preparation the new website is up and running. A Responsive web site design, means that you can enjoy a seamless website experience across all devices (Desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablets). The Cannon Rocks Website plans to further develop with the addition of some