ON 30 DECEMBER 2021 AT 16:00


  1. The Annual General Meeting of Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association was called to order at 16h00 by the Chairman, who welcomed everybody present. A special word of welcome to Dr. Piet Vosloo, the chairman of Boknes Belasting Betalersvereniging and Mr. Chris Barnard from Hi-Tech Security.


  1. Present

Mr. Bert Venter                         (chairperson)

Mr. Phillip du Plessis

Mr. Barry Fourie

Ms. Michelle Hayes

Ms. Tracey Bull

Mr. Paul Strutt

Ms. Adéle du Plessis                 (assistant secretary)

29 Members as per attendance list (attached)

  1. Apologies

Ms. Barbara Beckman

Mr. Jim Pomroy

Mr Jan Smit


  1. The minutes of the AGM meeting of 3 April 2021 were approved. Proposed by Mr. Deon Senekal and seconded by Mr. Barry Fourie.
  2. Sufficient fully paid-up ratepayer members were present to form a quorum.


  1. Fundraising: Automated External Defibrillator (AED).
  2. Behaviour in Cannon Rocks.
  3. Infrastructure.


  1. Feedback to Members. Regular feedback, after each committee meeting, is provided to members.  Therefore, the annual report is merely a brief summary of some of the activities as reported.
  2. Communication.
    • Residents are reminded of CRRA’s website. A sharp increase in visits to the website over the last months was experienced.  The website hosts a menu of pages regarding kite surfing, CRRA activities, news and advertising of accommodation and services rendered.  Google search engine – Cannon Rocks, Eastern Cape, South Africa, seaside village, may be used to gain access to the website.
    • CRRA is not a member of any Social Media Platform or Buzz Group. Any enquiries/comments etc. to be forwarded in writing or by email.



  1. Dune Encroachment.
    • As previously mentioned, the Ndlambe Municipality contracted Aurecon South Africa to compile a Coastal Maintenance Plan (MMP) including an Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) which was approved by the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) on 11 August 2020. To give effect to MMP, an Environmental Control Officer (ECO) as well as the Environmental Management Committee were appointed to address dune/sand management for the following areas.
  • Cannon Rocks/Bokness (both parking areas at Cannon Rocks)
  • Bushmans River Mouth & Kenton on Sea
  • East beach in Port Alfred, and
  • Kleinemonde/Seafield.

Prior to implementation, a Method Statement for each activity must be approved by DEDEAT.  Currently, only the West Beach road at Port Alfred was approved and repairs were completed.

  1. Maintenance Infrastructure.
    • At various occasions the maintenance of infrastructure such as water leaks, maintenance of the gravel roads and the fast deterioration of the tarred roads in Cannon Rocks were discussed with the Ndlambe Municipality. It seems that the number of water leaks in the municipal water supply line to both Cannon Rocks and Boknes. sharply increased in the last six to nine months.
    • Ageing water supply infrastructure, possible incorrect re-opening/bleeding procedure, corroded fire hydrants and household connections were identified as possible causes for the increase in water leaks. It should also be noted that residents are very sensitive to municipal water losses.  Therefore, reporting of water leaks improved dramatically.
    • Since the return of the Deputy Director Infrastructural Development (West) after a long period of absence, remedial actions were discussed and implemented.
  • Formalise, in conjunction with CRRA, procedures for opening, closure and bleeding of the water supply system during repairs and the use of shutoff valves.
  • The replacement of the shut-off valves in the water supply system that were not replaced during 2020 as well as to investigate the possibility to install pressure regulating valves in the system.
  • Launch an investigation to investigate the re-commissioning of the (old) smaller reservoir at Cannon Rocks that was decommissioned during the commissioning of the new water reservoir at Cannon Rocks notwithstanding urgent appeals by the CRRA.
    • Due to the non-availability of a municipal grader, the repair of the gravel streets in Cannon Rocks was not completed. However, as soon a grader becomes available, repair work will continue.
  1. Water and Electrical Supply.
    • A request was forwarded to the Director Infrastructural Development that an investigation to be launched to investigate the effect of the large increase in building activities in both Boknes. and Cannon Rocks on the existing available water supply which may impose restrictions on residential and other possible developments temporarily.
    • The committee members of CRRA do not support the proposal by the Ndlambe Municipality to take over Eskom supply in areas, i.e. Cannon Rocks/Boknes, where Eskom supplies electricity directly to the consumer. The committee is of the opinion that this will lead to an increase in electricity tariffs and a decline in maintenance of electricity infrastructure.
  2. Street Numbering. Property owners are once again requested to replace their existing street address with the new street address number as soon as possible to eliminate confusion.
  3. Water Project.
    • The Alexandria Water Augmentation Project is scheduled to be completed during the first quarter of 2022. Four of the five new boreholes are in operation.  The high quality of the water from new boreholes resulted in less load on the Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant.  The remaining kiosk and electrical supply to the last borehole is awaiting from Eskom.
    • The new electrical transformer that supplies electricity to both the existing as well as the new RO plant was installed and commissioned. However, the contractor experienced delays in the delivery and completion of the structure.  Material to finish the construction was only received during November 2021.  The new RO plant will be delivered and installed once the structure is completed.
  4. Transgression of Legislation.
    • CRRA was approached to co-operate with the Municipal Environmental Law Office to advise residents as well as potential property owners regarding the relevant Legislation and Municipal Bylaws regarding disturbing natural vegetation and sand dunes, the use of verges for building material during building activities as well as advertising.
    • The increased activity of dogs roaming the streets in Cannon Rocks was brought to the attention of the CRRA. Residents are requested to submit their complaints to the CRRA in writing.  In terms of Clause 14 of Ndlambe Municipality Prevention of Public Nuisances and Keeping Animals By-Law, a maximum of two dogs on an erf is permissible and in terms of Clause 19, dogs and cats may not be brought or allowed in a street or public places unless the dog is on a leash or the cat is under physical control, whereas Clause 20 addresses the control and behaviour of dogs.
  5. Tennis Courts. Members of the Tennis Club, with Adelé du Plessis as team manager, took it upon themselves to upgrade both tennis court surfaces at a cost of R45,000.00.  The upgrade of the courts was not possible without financial support from the local community and visiting tennis players.  CRRA and the Members of the Tennis Club wish to extend their appreciation to those who have made donations which have made this project possible. Further donations would still be greatly appreciated.
  6. Domestic Refuse.
    • Household refuse bags are deposited at blue rubbish bins as well on the sidewalks in Cannon Rocks by residents/visitors. These refuse bins attract dogs, birds and other wild animals, leaving the area messy.  House owners are requested to place household rubbish bags out on Mondays for collection, alternatively to take it to the rubbish skips in Galjoen Street.  Where homes are let out to visitors, owners are requested to inform the visitors to take their rubbish to the skips, should they leave on any day other than a Monday.
  7. Addo National Park Trails. It is once again stressed that the Addo National Park trail starting from the cannons at Cannon Rocks, is restricted to pedestrians only.  Therefore, no vehicles, bicycles or any form of transport (motorised or not-motorised) etc. are allowed on the trail.  Although the majority of people visiting this section of Addo National Park love and respect it and do not cause any damage, an increasing number of people using the trails for the wrong purposes, do cause damage.
  8. Appreciation. As chairman, I would like to use this opportunity to thank the committee members for their unthankful dedication throughout the year and who are always willing to “walk the extra mile”.




  1. No questions forthcoming from the chairman’s report were raised.


  1. The portfolio holder provided feedback on security. He also introduced Mr. Chris Barnard from High-Tec Security.   Barnard reported that the crime rate in both Cannon Rocks and Boknes dropped remarkably.  He also introduced a Buzzer application which can send an alert from any place where cell phone reception is available.
  2. B. Loggenberg made enquiries of how many Hi-Tec Services clients are in Cannon Rocks and how many clients is needed to justify a dedicated security vehicle for Cannon Rocks.
  3. Decision. The portfolio holder, in conjunction with Mr. Barnard, to investigate the financial feasibility for a dedicated security vehicle for Cannon Rocks.


  1. The income and expenditure and nett income for the current financial year (2021 FY) were presented. No questions were raised regarding the finances of the current FY.
  2. The budget for the next financial year (2022 FY) was presented with a budget nett income of R1,400.00.
  3. The financial budget for the FY 2022, proposed by Mr. Hutchison and seconded by Prof. A. Grossman, was unanimously approved.


  1. Committee members for 2021.

Bert Venter.                   (re-elected)

Barry Fourie.                 (re-elected)

Paul Strutt                     (re-elected)

Adelé du Plessis                        (current member)

Philip du Plessis             (current member)

Barbara Beckmann        (current member)

Tracey Bull                    (current member)

Michelle Hayes              (current member)

  1. Barry Fourie thanked the chairman for the incredible work and hours that he put into CRRA to ensure that the committee ran smoothly as well as the upkeep of Cannon Rocks.


  1. Fundraising: Automated External Defibrillator. An enquiry was received for the need to support a fundraising for the purchase of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) apparatus.  Although the meeting is not opposed to fundraising for an AED, many unanswered questions were raised regarding the responsibility to comply with the availability of such an apparatus as well as who may operate such medical apparatus.
    • Decision. Receiving donations and channeling such donations to purchase an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to an appropriate institution is referred to CRRA committee for investigation and decision.
  2. Behaviour in Cannon Rocks. Complaints regarding possible health issues, transgression of municipal bylaws, noise pollution, building contractors/property owners using municipal verges for stock piling of building material and building rubble, non-removal of building rubble, tendency by residents/property owners to allow garden services to dump grass cuttings and garden refuse on vacant property which does not belong to them, clearing of property without considering Municipal Bylaws, damage to municipal signage were raised and parking of caravans.
    • Decision. Complaints of bad behaviour of residents and visitors are referred to the CRRA committee.
  3. Infrastructure. The possibility to increase municipal traffic signage additional speed humps in Potgieter street and possible removal of the broken storm water pipes on the beach opposite Alice Road 41 (erf 493) were raised.
    • Decision. Infrastructure related enquiries were referred to the CRRA committee.
  4. Voluntary Financial Contributions. Voluntary financial contributions were received for the removal of sand, once the removal of sand at the parking area at the end of Dawn street is approved by the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT).
    • Decision. Offers for voluntary financial contributions is referred to the CRRA committee


  1. The vice chairman emphasised that suggestions/enquiries/complaints must be forwarded to the chairman or in exceptional circumstances, to any committee member in writing. Suggestions/enquiries/complaints on social media or buzz groups will not be attended to.  The chairman declared the meeting closed at 17h00.




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