ON 29 DECEMBER 2022 AT 16:00


  1. The Annual General Meeting of Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association was called to order at 16h00 by the Chairman, who welcomed everybody present. A special word of welcome to Mr Jan Smit the Chairman of Boknes Ratepayers Association.


  1. Present

Mr. Bert Venter                         (chairperson)

Mr. Phillip du Plessis

Mr. Barry Fourie

Ms. Michelle Hayes

Ms. Tracey Bull

Ms. Barbara Beckman

Ms. Alta Kotze

Ms. Adéle du Plessis                 (assistant secretary)

42 Members as per attendance list.

  1. Apologies

Mr. Paul Strutt

Ms. B. Kromhout

Mr. W. Zietsman

Mr. R Randall


  1. The minutes of the AGM meeting of 30 December 2021 were approved. Proposed by Mr. Barend Kirsten and seconded by Mr. Peter Struwig.
  2. Sufficient fully paid-up ratepayer members were present to form a quorum.



  1. Feedback: AGM 29 December 2022.
    • Zoom Meetings. A feasibility study for Annual General Meetings (AGM) via Zoom application revealed that Hybrid Zoom meetings, where a large number of people are attending the meeting and some join the meeting via electronic media, is only recommended if good quality and reliable signal strength, supporting electronic equipment and trained supporting staff is available.  Due to the non-availability of the abovementioned and the cancellation of Covid-19 Regulations, it was decided that Hybrid Zoom meetings will not be used for CRRA related meetings.
    • Dedicated Vehicle. Following discussions with Hi-Tec Security, a dedicated security vehicle is allocated to Cannon Rocks and Boknes and will operate from the Cannon Rocks Cabanas.
    • Activities and Relevant Legislation. To address enquiries regarding the behaviour of residents, a guiding document for property owners of property in Cannon Rocks was compiled.  The aim of the guide namely “List of Activities and Relevant Legislation” is to assist property owners to ascertain themselves with relevant legislation applicable to selective activities.  Although the document was drafted with great care, it may still exclude shortfalls.  The List of Activities and Relevant Legislation is available on the Website under the “News” page.
    • Broken Pipe on Beach. The Ndlambe Municipality agreed that the repair of the only underground rainwater system in Cannon Rocks, along Alice Road, as well as the outlet to the sea opposite Alice Road 41 be included in the Ndlambe Municipal, Coastal Maintenance Management Plan (MMP).
    • Communication.
      • Feedback to Members. A Cannon Rocks Information group was established to provide real-time information to CRRA members.  All paid up CRRA members were automatically subscribed in line with the POPIA act.  It is therefore requested that if a member is not interested in being a member of the group, the member may remove him/herself.  Apart from the Cannon Rocks Info group, monthly newsletters as well as the minutes of the previous month are made available to members.
      • Website. Residents are reminded of Cannon Rocks Rate Payers Association’s (CRRA) website.  The website hosts a menu of pages namely; home, cannon rocks ratepayers, gallery, accommodation, services rendered, kite surfing, news and contact us.  Both newsletters and minutes of CRRA committee meetings are available on the website under the heading Ratepayers Association.  Google search engine – cannon rocks, eastern cape, south africa, seaside village may be used to gain access to the website.
      • Street Numbering. Property owners are once again requested to replace their existing street address with the new street address number as soon as possible to eliminate confusion as the new street addresses of all 728 erven are captured on Google Maps and thereby replacing the addresses that reflects the erf number as the street address.  However, it should be noted that the capturing of new addresses of 30 erven is still outstanding.
    • Municipal Liaison.
      • Spatial Development Framework. Comment on the draft Ndlambe Municipal Spatial Development Framework (SDF) was forwarded to the appointed consultants, Tshani Consultants C.C., dated 1 April 2022.  A copy of the feedback will be made available to any CRRA member on request.
      • Municipal Budget. During a workshop, arranged by the Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum (NRF) on 26 April 2022 at Port Alfred, the concept municipal budget for the 2022/2023 financial year (FY) was discussed with senior municipal management.  A list of budget items that was compiled and forwarded to the financial officer was tabled and discussed.  An employee of the National Treasurer who is permanently assigned to the Ndlambe Municipality to assist and oversee compliance to treasury regulations, also attended the meeting.  Following the workshop, the budget was adjusted from a large shortfall to a marginal surplus.
      • Illegal Squatting. An attorney was appointed on 16 February 2022 to initiate the eviction process by lodging an application in terms of the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act, 19 of 1998.  The application in the High Court of Makhanda against the unlawful and illegal occupiers of the Boknes dumpsite to evict, was scheduled for 1 November 2022.  However, on 1 November 2022 the case was postponed by the Judge of the Makhanda High Court until 22 November 2022.  On 22 November 2022 the case was once again postponed to 13 December 2022 and again until 31 January 2023.
      • Garden Refuse Transfer Site. Following various discussions between the chairpersons of both Cannon Rocks and Boknes Ratepayers Associations and the Director Community Protection, access control to the Transfer Garden Refuse Site at Boknes was implemented with effect from 1 November 2022.  Except for dumping of garden refuse, entrance to and dumping of any other material/items, including building is no longer permitted.  Garden refuse may be dumped between 07h00 and 16h30 from Monday to Saturday, excluding Sundays and Public Holidays.  Except for pedestrian entrance, the entrance gate to the Municipal houses/refuse site at Boknes will remain closed outside the above mentioned hours.
      • Dune Encroachment. To address sand dune encroachment along the coastline in the Ndlambe Municipal, a Coastal Maintenance Management Plan (MMP) including an Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) was approved by the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) on 11 August 2020.
        • The Parking Lot Sand Removal and Ablution Repairs at Kleinemonde Island was identified as the pilot project. Following the approval of the Construction Method Statement by DEDEAT, actual construction work started and was completed by the middle of November 2022.  The implementation of the rehabilitation plan for the area will be finalised by the end December 2022.
        • Once completed and approved, the remaining projects, including both public parking areas and the underground storm water system at Cannon Rocks will be prioritised for submission to DEDEAT.
      • Water Supply Points. The fire hydrant in Galjoen Street, opposite Cannon Rocks Beach Cabins, was identified as the new authorised supply point were trucks may refill from the bulk water supply system.
      • Maintenance.
    • Shut Off Valves. The replacement of shut off valves in the municipal water supply system in Cannon Rocks and Boknes are completed and the open trenches are closed.
    • Streets (Infrastructure Maintenance Plan). Material to raise the surface level in Patricia, Heather, Sandra, Stroebel Streets as well as the availability of the municipal grader is awaiting.  Repair work at Galjoen and Beach Roads is also awaiting the delivery of material.  The storm water stone trench on southern side of Patricia Street, running towards Futter Street, the existing open storm water stone trench on the western side of Futter Street and the open stone trench along the northern side of Alice Road at erven 51 and 52, have been cleared from weeds and debris.
      • Projects.
        • Beach Stairways. Repair/replacement of the beach stairways between erven 471 and 470 as well as between erven 202 and 536 has been completed at a cost of R9,000.00.  Donations that were received towards the project were highly appreciated.
        • Alexandria Water Augmentation Project. The new reverse osmosis (RO) plant at Cannon Rocks was commissioned on 2 September 2022.  However, the old RO plant will still be used as a standby plant.
        • Play Park. Feedback revealed that the play park at the Community Hall is frequently used by parents with small kids and therefore confirms the requirement for the play park.  CRRA committee will be responsible for the maintenance of this play park.
        • Beach Road. The sidewalks on both sides of Beach Road were cleaned and the timber railings were repaired and painted at a cost of R4,000.00.  The surface will be repaired once material is available.
      • Legislative and Safety.
        • Noise Pollution. Residents who own dogs or practice hobbies or do maintenance tasks at their premises are requested to consider fellow residents when using machinery or the barking of their dogs.  Noise pollution is regulated by the Prevention of Public Nuisances and Keeping Animals Municipal By-Law.
        • Speed Limit. Residents are once again reminded that the municipal speed limit in Cannon Rocks is 40km per hour.
        • Pets. In terms of the Clause 14 of the Ndlambe Municipality Prevention of Public Nuisances and Keeping Animals By-Law, a maximum of two dogs on an erf is permissible and in terms of Clause 19, dogs and cats may not bring or be allowed in a street or public places unless the dog is on a leash or the cat is under physical control, whereas Clause 20 addresses the control and behaviour of dogs.  Residents are requested to submit their complaints to the CRRA in writing.
      • Environment.
        • Cleaning of the Beach. Ocean and beach pollution is a national phenomenon and our beach along Cannon Rocks is not exempted.  A group of residents who are very passionate about keeping our beach clean, are picking up litter along the shoreline of the coast, daily.  Although these efforts seem unnoticed, property owners of property on the beach front, in particular, are aware of these selfless actions.
        • Refuse Bags. Household refuse bags are deposited at blue rubbish bins as well as on the sidewalks in Cannon Rocks by residents/visitors.  These refuse bags attract dogs, birds and other wild animals, leaving the area messy.  House owners are requested to place household rubbish bags out on Mondays for collection, alternatively to take them to the domestic refuse skips in Galjoen Street.  Where homes are let out to visitors, owners are requested to ensure that the visitors take their refuse to the skips, should they leave on any day other than a Monday.
        • Recycling. Although Bushmans Recycling is still in operation, residents of Cannon Rocks are advised to deposit their recyclable items in a transparent bag, which can be obtained from the Cannon Rocks Caravan Park and leave these bags at the municipal grounds at the entrance to Boknes.  Please do not leave recyclable items with your household refuse as it will not be removed by the municipality when collecting domestic refuse.
      • Vodacom Transmission Tower. Feedback from Vodacom during November 2022, revealed that the Vodacom Planning Team will address the request for an additional transmission tower in Cannon Rocks during Vodacom’s next financial year, starting July 2023.
      • Membership Fees. Membership fees of R100.00 per annum for 2023 is payable in cash or EFT to the following bank account.  Please use your surname and street address as reference. Cash payments may also be made to any Committee member.
    • Account Name: Cannon Rocks Ratepayers
    • Bank: Standard Bank
    • Account No: 084002417
    • Branch: 051001
      • Addo National Park Trails. It is once again stressed that the Addo National Park trail starting from the cannons at Cannon Rocks is restricted to pedestrians only.  Therefore, no vehicles, bicycles or any form of transport (motorised or non-motorised) etc. are allowed on the trail.  Residents and visitors are privileged to be able to explore the Addo National Park on foot and experience a large variety of protected wildlife and plants.  The majority of people visiting this section of Addo National Park love and respect it and do not cause damage.  However, an increasing number of people using the trails for the wrong purposes are causing damage.
      • Social.
        • Bring and Share. The Bring and Share on 16 September 2022 at the Cannon Rocks Community Hall was well attended by more than 70 residents.  The evening turned out to be a huge success where residents spontaneously interacted socially, met newcomers and enjoyed the wide spread of menu that was available to satisfy everyone’s taste.
      • Appreciation.
        • An anonymous donor donated concrete furniture for placement throughout Cannon Rocks. A concrete bench was placed next to the Cannons for public use and allow users to enjoy a superb view of the beach.  This generous donation as well as financial donations is highly appreciated.
        • As chairman, I would like to use this opportunity to thank the committee members for their unthankful dedication throughout the year and who are always willing to “walk the extra mile”. Four projects namely Play Park, Beach Road, Beach Stairways and renaming of street addresses on Google Maps, are typical examples of the dedication by committee members.


  1. The following questions were raised.
    • How can traffic problems in Dawn Street at Roes Restaurant be resolved?
      • Matter referred to the CRRA committee.
    • A concern regarding possible “Back Yard Work” was raised.
      • Illegal Back Yard Work” is controlled by the Prevention of Public Nuisances and Keeping Animals Municipal By-Law. Any complaints regarding “Back Yard Work” will be investigated and discussed with the appropriate resident, and should it be necessary, it will be reported to the Ndalmbe Municipal By-Law Officer for investigation.
    • Shortage of chairs for the Community Hall.
      • There are 120 chairs available for the Community Hall. Although the hall is registered for a maximum of 100 people, it can only accommodate ± 120 chairs.
    • Increase in Membership fees.
      • The committee is very cautious of scaring potential as well as current members should membership fees be increased unless such increases can be justified in the annual budget.


  1. The portfolio holder provided feedback on security. The importance of a number plate recognition security (LPR) camera was once again emphasised.  This LPR camera is an integral element of the local security camera systems i.e. the SAPS and surrounding neighbourhood security structures.  Therefore, the approval of the replacement of the existing LPR camera at a cost of R13,800.00, which is not repairable due to age and old technology.  The LPR camera will be monitored by HiTec Security as well as the Bokness Buurtwag
  2. Decision. The purchase of a number plate recognition security (LPR) camera was approved.


  1. The income and expenditure and nett income for the current financial year (2021/2022 FY) were presented. No questions were raised regarding the finances of the current FY.
  2. The budget for the next financial year (2022/2023 FY) was presented with a budget net deficit income of R12,325.00. The chairman pointed out that shortfall is due to the approval of the purchase of the LPR camera after the books for the previous FY were already closed, and will be reflected in the January 2023 income and expenditure statement for the FY 2022/2023.
  3. The financial budget for the FY 2022/2023, proposed by Mr. Peter Struwig and seconded by Mr. Barry Fourie, was unanimously approved.


  1. Committee members for 2023.

Bert Venter.                   (current member)

Barry Fourie.                 (current member)

Paul Strutt                     (current member

Barbara Beckmann        (current member)

Adelé du Plessis                        (re-elected)

Philip du Plessis             (re-elected)

Tracey Bull                    (re-elected)

Michelle Hayes              (re-elected)

Alta Kotze                     (elected)

  1. Barry Fourie thanked the chairman for the selfless work done for Cannon Rocks as a whole and CRRA.



  1. The chairman declared the meeting closed at 17h00.




CHAIRMAN                                                 SECRETARY