Take the power back!

We are all responsible.

With a growing permanent resident base and a increasing number of holiday visitors, Cannon Rocks has had a significant increase in waste. This has resulted in a steady deterioration of the municipal dumpsite with stray plastic and other waste spreading to the surrounding vegetation and the beach.

Spearheaded by active Environmentalist, Verona Veltman, a massive clean up action was undertaken and over a 1000 bags of plastic and recyclables removed.

The Dumpsite which, legally is supposed to only be a transition point for the skips, had become a real eyesore and off course highly detrimental to the local fauna.

It has now been decided by the Cannon Rocks ratepayers association to close the tip and place the skips at the entrance. Informative boards will be erected at the entrance informing the public of how waste should be managed.
All building rubble will be directed to the Marselle. A project at Richmond farm is offering space for Garden Refuse. (More info to follow)

Furthermore an ongoing information campaign with Cannon Rocks visitors and residents will be key to the sustainable management of waste. It is everyone’s responsibility!

This project does require some kind of financial support from the community and interested parties. (staff for clean up, boards, gates, flyers to be printed, etc…)

If you can donate something please contact Verona on 083 654 9976

Together with the establishment of a plastic recycling site in Bokness and a project to rais