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Cannon Rocks welcomes its owners and visitors and hope you wil have an enjoyable stay in our tranquil village. Kindly treat our environs as you would your home so that we can all enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and leave only footprint as evidence of your stay.

  1. We enjoy our wildlife such as bushbuck, Grey duiker, leopard and tortoise, snakes of many varieties both venomous and non-venomous, toads, jackal, numerous bird species, bounteous marine life and endemic plants both marine and land. Please treat all plants and animals with respect.
  2. No fireworks at all are permitted in the residential area.
  3. Enjoy the lovely Cannon Trail and do not litter along the way.
  4. Noise is seldom a problem in Cannon Rocks – we trust you will keep it that way.
  5. Use water sparingly it’s a scares and precious commodity.
  6. Cannon Rocks is the kite surfing capital of SA. Be dazzled by our professionals riding the surf at Stille Waters Beach, but please keep away from their launching and landing spots. Lines and kites can be dangerous to the unwary.
  7. You may not drive on the beaches at Cannon Rocks in terms of section 44 of the National Environmental Management Act (Act No. 107 of 1998)
  8. All cyclists, being electrical or man powered, be vigilant and courteous towards everyone else on the beach.
  9. Unlicensed vehicles in the form of quad bikes are not permitted on public roads. Please be considerate to your fellow holiday makers in this regard. It is highly irresponsible to allow underage children, to buzz around the streets in charge of such a vehicle.
  10. When flying a drone, do not impede on the privacy of others in the village.
  11. Do not leave rubbish on your pavement if it’s not refuse day. Drop your rubbish bags at the dumpsite next to Cannon Rocks Holiday Suites.
  12. Do not dump your garden refuse on vacant plots, it creates a fire hazard.
  13. Do not dump building rubble on someone else’s plot. That’s just bad manners.
  14. Do not remove rocks and pebbles from the beach for your home rockery; they form an important barrier against erosion.
  15. Shellfish are a source of food for our marine birds; don’t let those go hungry at Christmas because you use these for bait.
  16. Release all fish, (including our many species of diminutive sharks and dogfish) not required for the pot. We request most especially that you remove the hook gently prior to returning the animal to the sea.
  17. Cannon Rocks love the four- legged companion animals and we welcome them, but please don’t let your pets run free.
  18. Dogs must be on leashes when doing the Cannon Rocks Trail and on the beach.
  19. Please scoop the poop!!
  20. Uncontrolled and aggressive dogs are not permitted on the beach or in the street.
  21. Do not disturb the many nesting birds on our shores.
  22. Pink Buoys will be set up at the swimming beach. They are there for the swimmers safety. Please do not remove!
  23. Do you know?

We have three types of leopard at Cannon Rocks. The leopard toad, the leopard tortoise and the leopard shark. Treat all with respect and do not handle unnecessary.

This is the message from the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Chairperson.

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