Cannon Rocks Community Hall

On 3 February 2022 at 14h00


  1. The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everybody present.


  1. Present.

Mr. Bert Venter                          Chairperson

Mr. Philip du Plessis

Mr. Paul Strutt

Mr. Barry Fourie

Ms. Tracey Bull

Ms. Michelle Hayes

Ms.. Adéle du Plessis                  Acting Secretary

  1. Apologies.

Ms. Barbara Beckmann

  1. Absent without Apology.



  1. Refer to Additional Items below.


  1. Confirmation of the approval of the minutes of the committee meeting of 11 January 2022, proposed by Phillip du Plessis and seconded by Michelle Hayes. Minutes to be made available on the Website


  1. Items Arising from the AGM (30 December 2021).
    • Behavior in Cannon Rocks. The following Legislation/Bylaws to be investigated to address issues that were raised at the AGM as captured in of the minutes of the Committee Meeting of 11 January 2022, paragraphs 26.4 and 27.
      • Use of untreated sewerage water for garden use.
      • Use of verges for stockpile of building material and rubble.
      • Removal of builder’s rubble.
      • Dumping of garden refuse/grass cutting on vacant stands.
      • Vegetation clearing on stands.
      • Movement of sand/sand encroachment on stands.
      • Parking of caravans.
      • Firework/noise pollution.
      • Estate agents, contractors, service providers and advertising boards.
    • Infrastructure.
      • Traffic Signage.
        • A catalogue of traffic signage available and final cost for the signage is waiting.
        • On receipt of the catalogue, a meeting with the Municipal Traffic Department Chief to be arrange obtaining approval for the replacement of some of the existing traffic signage as well as possible new requirements.
      • Damaged Storm Water Pipes. A meeting with the applicable Municipal Directorate to be arranged to address the possible removal of the damaged storm water pipes on the beach opposite Alice road 41 (erf 493).
    • Decisions.
      • The chairman (convener), Mr. Philip du Plessis and Mr. Barry Fourie to investigate relevant legislation/bylaws and compile a report with recommendations.
      • The chairman and vice chairman to investigate the replacement and possible additional traffic signage with recommendations and report back.
      • The chairman to arrange a meeting with the applicable Municipal Directorate to be arranged to address the possible removal of the damaged storm water pipes on the beach opposite Alice road 41 (erf 493).
    • Information Brochure re Development of Properties. The Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association wishes to share the following items of importance with potential property owners and property owners who intend any building activities on their property.  This list of items of importance is not a complete list, but a few items of importance as experienced by this association, which property owners should be aware of.  Although estate agents, building and other contractors as well as service providers are subjected to applicable legislation and company policies and procedures, the property owner remains legally accountable for all activities on their property, therefore, liable to pay penalties and fines were applicable
      • Ensure the property beacons of the property by a professional Land Surveyor.
      • Ensure a Foundation Detail Plan of the dwelling(s) as well as concrete deck(s), where applicable, by a registered Structural Engineering institution.
      • Obtain information on applicable legislation and municipal bylaws prior to moving of sand or sand encroachment from the property and removal of indigenous vegetation during plot clearing.
      • Quantity and size of boards displayed on the property.
      • Removal of boards after sale or completion of activity.
      • Sound knowledge of the content of the following Municipal By-Laws.
        • Minimum rainwater storage capacity.
        • Building related by-laws and regulations.
        • Ndlambe Municipality Prevention of Public Nuisances and Keeping Animals By-Law
      • Applicable legislation pertaining to the neighboring Addo National Park which extends to adjacent beaches.
    • Decision. The chairman (convener), Mr. Philip du Plessis and Mr. Barry Fourie to investigate relevant legislation/bylaws and compile a report with recommendations.


  1. Feedback from NRF. Nothing to report.


  1. Community Hall. Mr. Paul Strutt reported that the updating of the existing plan of the Community Hall by Mr. Willie Groenewald will be at no cost for CRRA.
    • Decision. A meeting with the Municipal Estate Manager to be arranged to discuss the financial responsibility for submission of building plans as well as the way forward regarding a request to expedite the lease of the Community Hall.
  2. Play Park. Nothing to report.
  3. Parking Areas: Environmental Monitor Committee. Nothing to report.
  4. Maintenance and Infrastructure.
    • Potholes. The fast deterioration of potholes that was repaired in December 2021 to be brought to the attention of the Municipality.
      • Decision. The chairman to request that the potholes in Galjoen- and Alice Roads be repaired.
  1. Fire Fighting and Precaution. The portfolio holder reported that a joint Cannon Rocks/Boknes fire training session is planned for the second half of the year
  2. Communication and Community Support. Nothing to report.
  3. Security and Safety. Nothing to report.
  4. Ward 1 Liaison. Nothing to report.
  5. Local Government and Development. Nothing to report.
  6. Environment. The Portfolio holder reported that the Ndlambe Municipality did not consider the use of mobile refuse bins.  Therefore, there it is not on the budget nor any directives.  It was also reported that a dog without a leash killed a Black Oyster chick on the beach.
    • Decision.
      • Chairman to provide feedback to Prof. Grossman regarding the mobile refuse bins.
      • The portfolio holder Communication and Community Support, assisted by MS, Geraldine Du Randt to formalize a concept bulletin board/notice regarding the behavior of beach users for display on the Website and Buzz Groups.
  1. Advertising.
    • Advertising Boards. An increase in advertising boards in Cannon Rocks is experienced during the last six months.
    • Decision. The chairman to draft a letter for distribution addressing the illegal advertising in Cannon Rocks.
    • Portfolio holder to follow up on all outstanding advertising fees for 2022.


  1. Statement of Account. The bank balance as at the end of February 2022 was noted with approval.
  2. Expenditure.




  1. Correspondence Received. An email dated 31 December 2021 was received from Ms. Liz Watkins.
    • Decision. The Chairman to respond in writing to Ms. Liz Watkins.
  2. Correspondence Sent.
    • Feedback to Prof Grossman.
    • Feedback: Application for Consent Use on Erf 298.
    • Maintenance of Road MR0436.
    • Appreciation for Removal of Refuse.


  1. Letter. An anonymous letter was received, complaining of irritation noises in the neighborhood.
    • Decision. The Chairman to investigate.


  1. The following items to addressed in the February Newsletter
    • Lifesaving Rescue.
    • Church Service.
    • Mobile refuse bins.
    • Nature Conservation.


  1. The next monthly meeting will be held on 1 March 2022 at the Cannon Rocks Community Hall.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 16h00

CHAIRMAN                                                               SECRETARY