ON 7th MAY 2024 AT 10H00


  1. The Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed everybody present.


  1. Present.

Mr. Bert Venter                          Chairperson

Ms. Michelle Hayes

Ms. Barbara Beckmann

Mr. Paul Strutt

Ms. Tracey Bull

Ms. Adéle du Plessis

Mr. Willem Zietsman

Mr. Ron Mackenzie

Ms. Helen Mackenzie                 Secretary

  1. Apologies.

Mr. Barry Fourie

Ms. Alta Kotze

  1. Absent without Apology.



  1. Resignation of Committee Member.
  2. Donations for Charity.
  3. Tennis Courts.


  1. Approval of the minutes of the committee meeting of 5th March 2024 proposed by Ms. Adéle du Plessis and seconded by Ms. Michelle Hayes. Minutes to be made available on the website and distributed to members.


  1. Ndlambe Coastal Maintenance Management Plan (MMP).
    • Environmental Monitoring Committee (EMC) Meeting. A Ndlambe Municipality Environmental Monitoring Committee (EMC) meeting was held on 22 April 2024.
      • Emergency repairs were conducted at Kellys Beach, the middle beach at Kenton on Sea, the slipway at Bushman’s River and the boat launch site and coastal section along the beach at Boknes in response to storm damage incurred during September 2023. These repairs were undertaken and completed under the umbrella of the Municipal Coastal Maintenance Plan (MMP) authorised by the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs, and Tourism (DEDEAT).  Beach damage at Boknes is not covered by the MMP and would require emergency approval to commence any works.
      • It was confirmed that no funding had been received for the demolition of the ablutions near the RO plant along Bushman’s River. Tenders for the demolition and removal of the ablutions were in the process of being awarded and works are expected to commence in due course.  Funding for new ablutions is not yet available.
      • Following the September 2023 storms, significant eastward migration of Bushman’s River was observed, with this trend continuing.
      • Sand deposited at Kleinemonde Island during the September 2023 storm was removed.
      • The Method Statement for the second project at Dry Bones Valley was approved by DEFEAT and is scheduled to be undertaken in phases.
      • Guidance was received from the department advising prudence in terms of proceeding with phase two of the project, involving the larger bulk moving and stabilisation of the dunes, to be put on hold until independent specialist input is obtained. It was also suggested that this input be included in the review and submission of the MMP extension application to be undertaken in 2025.  Consequently, works on the project were suspended, and the current status is that independent specialists, other than input from KSDNA and Estuary Care, will be sought to inform the best methodology going forward.
      • A prioritising list for work to be done under the MMP was submitted for comment. This list will guide planning, Method Statements submission for approval, and allocation of funds.  Additional requests, once approved, will be included in the prioritisation list.  Funding is a crucial aspect of prioritisation, as even if a specific project is given a higher priority than another, if funding is not available to implement it, then alternative, less prioritised projects can be commenced if they have funding.
      • It was confirmed that drafting and submission of the Method Statement for the Public Parking Area (east) at Cannon Rocks will receive priority and should be completed by June 2024.
      • The composition of the EMC was discussed, and it was noted that representation in some geographical areas needs to be decreased to ensure broader representation.
    • Discussions. Following paragraphs 9.1.7 and 9.1.8 of the abovementioned feedback from the EMC meeting, options were discussed to assist with the implementation of the Method Statement once approved.
      • Decisions.
        • It was proposed to engage with relevant service providers to inquire about the estimated cost of moving sand from the eastern parking area project. The purpose is to gather information to assist in the decision-making process regarding funding for the project.
        • Additionally, it was suggested to approach specific individuals within the community to seek contributions towards the final cost of the eastern parking area project. The aim is to gauge the level of financial support available from community members.
        • The Chairperson and Secretary to draft a letter and notice outlining the eastern parking area project details, cost estimates, and soliciting contributions from individuals. This proposed letter and notice will be presented to the committee for review and approval before distribution.
  1. Ndlambe Ratepayers Association (NRF). The Chairperson attended a Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum (NRF) meeting with Municipal Finance Officials on the 2nd of May 2024.  During the meeting, a consultant contracted by the Ndlambe Municipality presented the outcomes of an in-depth study regarding financial revenue and expenses related to electricity, water and sanitation services rendered.  The same presentation will be delivered during the Mayoral Imbizos at various venues throughout the Ndlambe Municipal area of responsibility.  Among other findings, the presentation revealed that consumers will need to pay more for services to ensure sustainable service delivery due to services and infrastructure not properly maintained and or replaced.  The impact on areas where Eskom supplies electricity directly to customers will be less significant.  It was recommended that increased tariffs be communicated with residents and implemented over three years.


  1. Maintenance and Infrastructure.
    • The Deputy Director of Infrastructure Development, the Portfolio Holder, and the CRRA Chairperson met on the 12th February 2024. Various observations by the Portfolio Holder, as well as the outcome of a conversation between the Portfolio Holder and the municipal supervisor, were tabled for discussion. Observations also revealed that the workload expected from the municipal supervisor and the seven available municipal workers should be revised. Various options to address this were discussed.  Due to unforeseen urgent matters that the Deputy Director had to address, the Infrastructure Maintenance Plan was not discussed.  A follow-up meeting will be arranged to address the outstanding matters.
    • The Deputy Director of Infrastructure Development, the Portfolio Holder, and the CRRA Chairperson met again on March 7, 2024. The Infrastructure Maintenance Plan was discussed in detail.  The Deputy Director mentioned that some of the materials bought for repairs in Cannon Rocks were used in other areas of the Ndlambe Municipality due to circumstances beyond his control.  Therefore, due dates for various tasks were amended.
    • The Portfolio Holder reported ongoing maintenance and repairs of roads and water issues.
    • A special thank you to the Portfolio Holder for managing various water leaks that occurred.
    • The Chairperson mentioned that the Portfolio Holder should be refunded for the two (2) stopcocks purchased.
    • After discussions the committee agree that the municipal person responsible for taking meter water readings should be proactive and inform the municipal supervisor of any water leaks when taking water meter readings.
    • Maintenance of Street Lights.
      • All defective street lights were repaired or replaced during March 2024.
      • The Portfolio Holder reported that the streetlights and fittings at Futter Street 146/143 (erf no 196/17a) as well as 146 Alice Road (erf no 190) pole no 026 to be replaced.
      • The street lights at 49 Alice Road (erf no 489) and 16 Potgieter Street erf 322) pole no 077 are defective.
    • Decisions.
      • The Chairman to request to Ndlambe Municipality in writing, to instruct the person responsible for taking meter water readings to inform the municipal supervisor of any water leaks when taking water meter readings.
      • The chairman to report the replacement of the streetlights and fittings at Futter Street 146/143 (erf no 196/17a) as well as 146 Alice Road (erf no 190) pole no 026.
      • The Chairman to report the defective street light at 49 Alice Road (erf no 489) and 38 Potgieter Street (erf 275) pole no 077.
    • Community Hall.
      • Approval for the renewal of the lease for the Community Hall has not been finalised yet.
      • The Portfolio Holder confirmed that tariffs will remain unchanged until the monthly rental of the hall is finalised.
  1. Fire Fighting and Precaution. Due to the absence of the Portfolio Holder the feedback to stand over.
    • The firebreak behind Cannon Rocks and the Forest Walk (bush area) needs to be cleared. SANParks should be notified of this requirement.
    • Decision. The Chairperson will investigate and make an informed decision and determine whether a letter should be written to SANParks.
  2. Communication and Community Support. Nothing to report.
  3. Security and Safety.
    • The Portfolio Holder reported that approximately 20 people from Cannon Rocks have joined the Boknes Buurtwag security patrolling group.
    • Security Cameras.
      • With donations received from the Portfolio Holder and several members of the community, it has aided the installation of two security cameras in Cannon Rocks.
      • The cameras will be positioned at the four way stop at the entrance to Cannon Rocks, next to the license plate recognition (LPR) camera.
      • During previous Annual General Meetings (AGM) it was agreed upon that security is the responsibility of each owner in the village. However, individuals or a group of individuals may erect and maintain security cameras in Cannon Rocks for their cost.
      • Decision. The Chairperson and the Portfolio Holder to discuss and formalise a draft document pertaining to the procurement, erection, replacement and maintenance of security cameras in Cannon Rocks.
    • Traffic at Roes Restaurant.
      • Mr Johan Els, the owner of Roes Restaurant, sent an email dated 1st May 2024, raising his concerns regarding the lack of parking area for vehicles, the absence of proper traffic signage at the Alice Road and Dawn Street T-junction, and the misuse of the sand dunes by 4×4 vehicles.
      • Following Mr Els’s email, the Director of Community Protection Services, along with the acting Chief Traffic Officer and the Chairperson, conducted an on-site visit to the eastern public parking area (Dawn Street) on the 30th of April 2024. Various traffic-related issues were addressed, including concerns regarding 4×4 vehicles driving on the sand dunes, encroaching on the parking area and posing a potential risk of hitting children playing in the dunes.
      • After considering several options, it was agreed that the traffic department would install a new stop sign and a speed hump at the T-junction of Alice Road and Dawn Street. Additionally, the possibility of blocking the vehicle entrance to the eastern parking area will be explored.
      • The Director also confirmed that documentation required for the removal of sand at the eastern parking area, under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Coastal Maintenance Plan authorised by the Department Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT), will be expedited.
    • Transgression of By-Laws.
      • Following complaints received during the past Easter weekend regarding residents being threatened by roaming dogs, the complaints were forwarded to the By-Law Officer. A letter to get rid of the dog(s), on or before the date as prescribed by the By-Law Officer, was issued to the owners.
      • Letter received from the By-Law Officer and feedback will be given in due course.
  1. Ward 1 Liaison. Nothing to report.
  2. Local Government and Development. Nothing to report.
    • The Portfolio Holder reported that the new environmental notice boards and the supporting poles have been received for erection in Alice Road and Potgieter Street.
    • Dustbins. The Portfolio Holder is trying to find adequate 200-litre drums to replace the existing drums.
    • No Fishing in Swimming Area. The Portfolio Holder reported on investigations pertaining to swimming and fishing sign boards. The chairman mentioned that “No Fishing Areas” can only be proclaimed by the Department of Fisheries and Environment (SFFE).
    • The Portfolio Holder mentioned that the municipal Senior Conservation Officer regards requesting anglers to consider swimmers in the swimming area as reasonable.
      • Decision. The Portfolio Holder is tasked with forwarding a draft signage as well as a cost estimate for signage to be erected at the swimming beach in Cannon Rocks.
    • Recycling. The Portfolio Holder reported that the recycling initiative from 08h30 to 15h00 every Monday is functioning well and is supported by the village.  Residents living in Alice Road may also leave bags with recyclable content at their premises on Mondays before 08h00.  These bags must be securely tied with masking tape, as this will enable identification for collection.
    • Decision. A notice is to be created for the website to inform the community about the collection of recycled items on Mondays between 08h30 and 15H00 form the community Hall in Cannon Rocks above initiative.  The Portfolio Holder will communicate with the Secretary and draft a write-up for the website.
  3. Advertising. The Portfolio Holder reported that the advertising board at the Cannon Rocks/Boknes crossing has received support, and new companies have secured spaces.  Old signs are being rearranged to accommodate new signage and create additional space.  Service providers who have not paid their annual subscription will be removed.  Frameworks will attend to the signage over the next week, making the necessary changes.


  1. Statement of Account. The bank balance as at the end of April 2024 was noted with approval.
  2. Membership Fees.
    • Those members who have paid were noted and outstanding membership will be followed up.
    • 141 paid up members so far, which includes 13 new members.
  3. Expenditure.
    • Approval of R255.00 for purchase of Easter Eggs which were handed out over the Easter Weekend.
    • Approval of 2 x R240 for travelling, Chairperson attended NRF and Ndlambe Municipal meetings.


  1. Mr John Steyn, resident of 20 Patricia Street, passed away. Our thoughts are with the family over this difficult time.


  1. Correspondence Received.
    • E Mail dated 1 May 2024 received from Mr. Johan Els.
  2. Correspondence Sent.
    • Letter dated 11 March 2024 to the Municipal Manager.


  1. Resignation of Committee Member. Mr. Barry Fourie resigned as a member of the CRRA Committee by the CRRA Committee WhatsUp group on the 7th of May 2024.
  2. Donations for Charity. CRRA takes pride in its initiatives and is eager to support a variety of charitable causes.  However, the CRRA committee require that recipient charities hold official registration and maintain a dedicated bank account.  It is essential to note that the CRRA committee does not disburse donation funds into personal bank accounts for distribution purposes.
  3. Tennis Courts. Mrs. Adéle du Plessis reported that the new fences at the tennis courts have been erected, and they are looking fantastic.  Community members are encouraged to take a moment to have a look at the fencing.


  1. The following items are to be addressed in the Newsletter.
  2. Recycling. Inform the community about the Monday recycling schedule at the community center.
  3. Tennis Court. Notify the community about the installation of new fencing at the tennis courts.
  4. Water Leaks. Ongoing Regular hands-on work by the Portfolio Holder continues to address water leak issues.
  5. Communication. Easter Weekend. The CRRA distributed the Etiquette Document, donned festive attire and handed out Easter Eggs to individuals entering and exiting the village.  The community embraced this playful approach to the Etiquette Document and feedback received was overwhelmingly positive.  Many expressed appreciation for the opportunity to engage with committee members in such a delightful manner.  The committee also agreed to explore further innovative ideas for future community engagements.


  1. The next monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, 4 June 2024


The Chairperson closed the meeting at 12:12 pm.