ON 3 OCTOBER 2023 AT 10H00


  1. The Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed everybody present.


  1. Present.

Mr. Bert Venter                         Chairperson

Mr. Barry Fourie

Ms. Michelle Hayes

Ms. Barbara Beckmann

Ms. Alta Kotze

Mr. Philip du Plessis

Mr. Paul Strutt

Ms. Adéle du Plessis                 Acting Secretary

  1. Apologies.

Ms. Tracy Bull

  1. Absent without Apology. None


  1. Eskom: Recoding of Pre-Paid Meters.
  2. Eskom: Customer Service Changes
  3. Date of AGM.
  4. Vodacom Transmission.
  5. Removal of Debris.
  6. Emergency Access to the Beach.
  7. Church Services.


  1. Approval of the minutes of the committee meeting of 5 September 2023 proposed by Ms. Barbara Beckmann and seconded by Mr. Phillip du Plessis. Minutes to be made available on the Website.


  1. Ndlambe Coastal Maintenance Management Plan. Nothing to report.
  2. Feedback from the Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum. Nothing to report.
  3. Drought Water Tariffs. Stand over.


  1. Maintenance and Infrastructure.
    • Maintenance of Streets.
      • The portfolio holder reported that the potholes in Galjoen-, Futter-, Doreen Streets and Alice Road were repaired. The storm water drains could not be finished due to the continuous rain.  The municipal grader currently in Port Elizabeth for repairs, is expected to be operational by mid October 2023.  Once the grader is available, the base level of low lying areas as reported, will be raised and stabilized with a mix of G5 material and cement.
      • The committee expressed its appreciation for the conscientious follow-up actions by the portfolio holder.
    • Maintenance of Street Lights. A new list of defective street lights to be compiled.
    • Update of Tariffs. During the annual revision of the rental tariffs of the Community Hall, the tariffs to include the use of the generator if needed.
    • Damage to Community Hall. On Sunday morning, 30 September 2023, it was noticed that one of the two pillars that supports the roof of the entrance foyer to the community hall as well as one of the two large cement pot plant holders at the entrance to the hall, were damaged.  An investigation for damage to property, reference no 07/10/2023 was registered on 2 October 2023 at the Alexandria Police Station.  The case was referred to the CID Alexandria section for investigation.
  2. Fire Fighting and Precaution.
    • Following a recent fire which destroyed a house and the poor reaction by the Ndlambe Fire Section;
      • the portfolio holder to enquire the operational readiness of the Ndlambe Municipal Integrated Emergency Centre at Boesmansriver, and
      • it is recommended that owners of generators to have a 4.5kg or larger, fire extinguisher available.
    • The committee expressed its appreciation for the arrangements by Mrs. Adri Groenewald from Boknes for the servicing of domestic fire extinguishers by G One Fire Protection Services at Cannon Rocks Hall on 30 September 2023.
    • The portfolio holder to update the existing fire precaution notice.
  3. Communication and Community Support. The annual Website subscription fee was paid for 2023/2024.
  4. Security and Safety. Following discussions, it was decided that the chairman to follow-up CRRA’s letter dated 30 March 2023, requesting for traffic signage.
  5. Ward 1 Liaison. The next Ward 1 meeting is scheduled for 11 October 2023.
  6. Local Government and Development. Nothing to report.
  7. Environment. The portfolio holder reported that both the new awareness boards were installed.  Mr. du Plessis, Mr, Strutt and the chairperson to re-install the environmental signage boards along Potgieter Street.
  8. Advertising. The portfolio holder reported that the invoices for advertising in 2024 are ready to dispatch to the various advertisers.  Two windswept advertising boards were replaced with the help of a Boknes team.


  1. Statement of Account. The bank balance as at the end of September 2023 was noted with approval.
  2. Expenditure. The following expenditure was approved.
    • 75 for servicing of the fire extinguishers in the Community Hall.
    • R1 200,00 for the removal of debris from beach.
    • R490,00 for petrol to fill the generator


  1. Correspondence Received.
  2. Correspondence Sent. None


  1. Eskom: Recoding of Pre-Paid Meters.  The following notice was distributed to both Cannon Rocks and Boknes residents.

Jan Smit (BNR) and Bert Venter (CRRA) received a visit from Mr. Kearmit du Plessis, the Consumer Relations Manager, of Eskom’s Port Elizabeth Area on Friday 22 September 2023. As previously reported, all prepaid meters in South Africa must be recoded because the “Token Identity” (TID) code expires in 2024 as the existing “Key Revision Number”, namely KRN 1, switches to KRN 2.  Eskom is working on a do-it-yourself rollover where users can recode their meter themselves and will, through the local media, alert users when switching will be done in Your area.

All prepaid meters in the Ndlambe Municipal area will take place from 26 September 2023.

Units on meter (credit units) before recoding will not be lost during the recoding process.

Users of prepaid electric meters are to follow the following steps. You are advised to purchase an amount of ±R30.00 to complete the recoding.  It is recommended that a printed token be obtained from a service provider rather than an electronic purchase.

1)  First enter the numbers of all vouchers you have already purchased because such vouchers WILL NOT BE LOADED after your meter is recoded.

2)  Buy your next prepaid voucher and note that there will be either 3 or 4 (three or four) sets of 20 digits, so 60 or 80 in total, depending on your meter, instead of the usual one set of 20, on the payment slip.

3)  Enter the first set of 20 digits as shown on the prepaid voucher, followed by “Enter” and wait until it is accepted.

Please note that with some meters “Enter” does not need to be pressed and the reading is automatically accepted.

4)  Enter the second set of 20 digits as shown on the prepaid voucher, followed by “Enter” and wait until it is accepted.

5)  Enter the third set of 20 digits as shown on the prepaid voucher, followed by “Enter” and wait until it is accepted.

6) Enter the fourth set of 20 digits (if your meter requires this) as shown on the prepaid voucher, followed by “Enter” and wait until it is accepted.

6)  After this is completed, also type in any other evidence you may have received, such as free basic electricity.

Recoding is successful if the normal prepaid electricity vouchers have been entered successfully.  During further purchases, only the normal set of 20 digits will appear.

There are leaflets available at C and All cafe (Boknes) and the Caravan Park (Cannon Rocks) if you need them.

Please contact the following persons if you are unsure about the process.

Lourens Nel – Boknes Ratepayers Association.

Bert Venter – Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association.

  1. Eskom: Customer Service changes email address.  Eskom Customer Services notified its customers that all customer service email addresses were changed namely;

Kindly note that the email address will be discontinued with effect from 16 September 2023.

  1. It is important to firstly note that the email channel is no longer available for reporting electricity supply faults, submitting meter readings or to enquire about account balances.
  2. For your convenience and an instant response, please use one of our self-service channels below to report electricity supply problems, check account balances and to submit meter readings.
  1. For all other queries (application-related service requests, move in and move out, account-related service requests, disconnection, and credit extension-related service requests), kindly submit your request/query to the following emails addresses:
  1. It is also very important to ensure that your email has the CORRECT SUBJECT HEADING to assist in categorizing the query/request and to aid in effectively dealing with your query.

·      For Applications -related queries, please use # Application as the subject heading

·      For Move In / Move Out- related queries, please use # MIMO’s the subject heading

·      For Accounts- related queries, please use # Accounts as the subject heading

·      For Disconnections and Credit Extensions, please use # DCE as the subject heading

  1. Date of AGM. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association will be scheduled for 29 December 2023 at 16h00.
  2. Vodacom Transmission. Residents in Cannon Rocks experienced Vodacom service breakdowns during September 2023 due to transmission problems.
    • Decision. The chairman to enquire the reason for the transmission breakdowns  with Vodacom.
  3. Removal of Debris. On request from the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association, permission was granted under the Marine Law of Jetsam and Flotsam, for anyone interested in the removal of the remaining piece of a shipping container.  Following the approval, this  association arranged for the successful removal of the potential dangerous debris from the beach.
  4. Emergency Access to the Beach. Stand over until the next meeting.
  5. Church Services. Following discussions regarding annual church services on 16 and 25 December at Cannon Rocks, the following was agreed to.
    • Should there be a requirement, church services will in future be arranged by Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association (CRRA) therefore, not representing a specific church denomination.
    • The officiating minister for each church service will be finalized at a committee meeting.
    • The officiating minister for church service will not receive any remuneration.
    • Collections received at theses church services will be paid in the bank account of CRRA.
    • Request(s) by a specific church denomination for the use of the Community Hall for a church service on the above mention dates may be considered, pending the availability of the hall.


  1. The following items to be addressed in the October Newsletter.
    • Date of the 2023 AGM.
    • Eskom: Recoding of Pre-Paid Meters.
    • Eskom: Customer Service Changes.
    • Removal of Debris.
    • Fire Fighting and Precaution.


  1. The next monthly meeting will be held on 7 November 2023.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 12h00

CHAIRMAN                                                               SECRETARY