Cannon Rocks Community Hall

On 6 October 2020 at 14:00


  1. The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everybody present.


  1. Present.

Mr. Bert Venter                          Chairperson

Ms. Barbara Beckmann

Ms. Adéle du Plessis

Mr. Paul Strutt

Mr. Philip du Plessis

Mr. Barry Fourie

Ms. Tracey Bull

Mr. Jim Pomroy                          Secretary

  1. Apologies. Mr. Leon Potgieter.
  2. Absent without Apology. None


  1. The minutes of the committee meeting of 1 September 2020 was approved with minor changes. Proposed by Mr. Paul Strutt and seconded by Ms. Barbara Beckmann.



  1. Steering Committee.
    • Feedback from the Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum (NRF). Nothing to report.
    • Cannon Rocks Assets.
      • Community Hall. Nothing to report.
      • Tennis Courts. Nothing to report.
      • Play Park. Nothing to report.
      • Parking Area.
        • A draft application to DEAT for the implementation of the Environmental Authorisation (EA) for the Maintenance Management Plan a (MMP) for the Ndlambe Coastal area at the two parking areas in Cannon Rocks was forwarded to the consultant for comment.
        • Due to an appeal against the authorisation of the Environmental Authorisation (EA) for the Maintenance Management Plan a (MMP) for the Ndlambe Coastal area, the process was put on hold until further notice.
      • Illegal Housing. A third letter regarding the illegal housing at the refuse transfer site at Boknes was forwarded to the Municipal Manager on 14 September 2020.  No official feedback was received from the municipality yet.
      • Telkom Communication. In spite of telephonic follow-up calls, no feedback received from the Manager, TELKOM Mobile Works in Port Elizabeth.
  1. Maintenance and Infrastructure.
    • Street Names and Numbers. During a Ndlambe Council Meeting held on 25 August 2020, the street numbering for Cannon Rocks was approved for capturing by the Finance Department of the Ndlambe Municipality.  An alignment list to align the erf/stand and street numbers was provided to the deputy Director Finance.  Capturing of street numbers on the municipal finance system was approved and implemented on 28 September 2020.  A list of erf/stand numbers with their corresponding street number is available on the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Website. – October Newsletter.  Address to website or Googles search engine – Cannon Rocks, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Seaside village.
    • Decision.
      • Chairman to make a hardcopy of the new street numbers available at the Cannon Rocks Caravan Park.
      • House owners to be advised to change their house numbers as soon as possible but not later than the 1st January 2021
      • Portfolio Holder for Safety and Security, to advise the SAP and Hi-Tech of the change of street addresses.
    • Traffic Signs. The traffic signs will be delivered soon.
  2. Firefighting/Precaution.
    • Fire Extinguishers. No response from the Fire Department regarding the service of the fire extinguishers, despite repeated number of follow ups.
    • Fire Hydrant Key. Still awaiting Fire Hydrant keys from the Fire Department.
      • Decision. Portfolio Holder to approach Chief Fire Officer to address the situation.
  1. Communication and Community Support.
    • Information Booklet. It was proposed that a three page leaflet be produced instead of approaching Boknes for a joint pamphlet.  Portfolio Holders were requested to provide the Portfolio Holder with any information they felt as of important.
  2. Security and Safety.
    • Security. Portfolio holder to have a meeting with Hi-Tech regarding invoices for the transmitters.
  3. Ward 1 Liaison. A Ward meeting was held on 29 September, no item on the agenda had impact on Cannon Rocks.
  4. Local Government and Development. Nothing to report.
  5. Environmental.
    • Co-ordination with SANParks. SANParks have declined to permit CRRA to have a key to access to the beach for emergencies.
    • Household Refuse Bags. Complaints have been received about household refuse bags being deposited in the rubbish bins at the side of the road in Alice Road as well as on the sidewalks in Cannon Rocks.
    • Decision. House owners to be requested to place household rubbish bags out on Mondays for collection, alternatively to take them to the rubbish skips in Galleon Street.  Where homes are let out to visitors, owners are requested to inform their visitors to take their rubbish to the skips, should they leave on any day other than a Monday.
  6. Advertising. Two payments are still outstanding.  Mr. Pomroy to follow up.


  1. Expenditure. The following expenses were approved.
    • 50 for paint for the entrance wall.
    • R225 for Hi-Tech.


  1. Correspondence Received.
    • Municipal Approval of Street Names.
    • Initiation to participate in the Ndlambe Spatial Development Framework.
  2. Correspondence Sent.
    • Letter of Appreciation to Director Infrastructural Development.
    • Various e-mail messages regarding outstanding membership fees.
    • Letter to Telkom regarding poor signal strength in Cannon Rocks.


  1. Resignation Bookkeeper. Ms. Sandy Taylor tendered her resignation as bookkeeper, but will maintain the books till the end of the financial year.
    • Decision. Ms. Beckmann and Ms. Bull to approach people who may be prepared to undertake the function of Bookkeeper.
  2. Water Tariffs An error occurred in the charging of water to each household.  Ndlambe Municipality were approached regarding the issue.  The Municipality admitted their error and water accounts will be rectified.
  3. Annual General Meeting (AGM). It was proposed that the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association AGM for 2020 will be held on Tuesday the 29 December 2020.


  1. Further from the meeting, the following feedback to members.
    • Water Tariffs.
    • AGM date.
    • Hardcopy of new street numbers to be placed at the Cannon Rocks Caravan Park.


  1. The next meeting will be held on 2 November 2020 at 14h00, at the Cannon Rocks Community Hall.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 16h00.

Confirmed true and correct on the 2nd day of November 2020

CHAIRMAN                                                               SECRETARY