Things are changing in Cannon Rocks thanks to a few very dedicated and passionate individuals.

With the increase of residents and holiday makers, Cannon Rocks’ refuse disposal was no longer adequate.
There is a new plan of Action:

Thanks to Verona Veltman for sharing

Black bags are still collected by Ndlambe on Mondays.


Reclyclable goods such as:   CLEAN – hard and soft plastic, glass, tins and metals, paper and cardboard & milk containers to be placed in CLEAR plastic bags and dropped off at the IWARS green shipping container at Boknes Municipal garages or on the east back side of the hall in the blue drum. (See map)

Please no food or disposable nappies! We are working with Ndlambe to get them to collect the recyclable goods in clear bags on Mondays but this is not yet available.

Household appliances no longer in working order can also be dropped off at Boknes Iwars green shipping container.

Iwars are going to be collecting eWaste in the near future. Meanwhile people can contact me and I will collect and store.  0836549976.


Garden refuse:  the dumpsite at Stillewaters Beach is strictly for garden refuse only  – no builders rubble,  plastic or woven bags or other hard rubbish. We would however prefer residents to deliver their garden refuse to Richmond Farm where Smittie Fourie is making compost (REDUCE REUSE). The farm is about 700 m from the Boknes 4 way stop street on the gravel road. (see map).
The dried garden refuse is a fire hazard and encroaches onto our beach. The rubbish is being bulldozed further and further onto the beach, it is not a sustainable long term solution.

There are plans to close this dumpsite, get the fire brigade to burn the existing garden vegetation during a northerly wind and declare this a parking area.


Builders Rubble:  Ndlambe have authorised rubble to be dumped at the Bushman’s Industrial sites. Follow the gravel road from Build It for about 120m and the dumpsite is visible. Map attached.


Skip Transfer Dumpsite at old dumpsite

This is used by Ndlambe to store the black bags collected on Mondays and for soft refuse in black bags. Strictly no recyclables, builders rubble, farmers rubble and other rubble.

The skip is emptied on Tuesday mornings  – usually overflowing after the Monday collection. I am keeping this area around the skip very clean to showcase as an example of good refuse governance.

We need soil to be dumped on top of existing rubble to help the area to recover this summer asap. We are still busy collecting a lot of white plastic that was dumped after our clean up  by a farmer together with a lot of nylon rope and netting which they use to cover their grass feed bales.

Farmers have been contacted around our area and told that the refuse site has been closed.


Thanks again to Verona for all her efforts.

It is every one’s responsibility to ensure the success of this plan of action. It isn’t only about the environment but also about self respect. If you choose to put your head in the sand, chances are you will get covered in rubbish.


map recycle1

map Recycle2

Signage Garden refuse Gate garden refuse Signage Skip Skip