1. Water Delivery Point. Both the earth works and the paving were completed at the new water delivery point opposite the Cannon Rocks Cabins.  The fire hydrant was replaced with a metered shut off valve and an overhead delivery hose was installed.  Should there be any serious complaints, please report to portfolio holder supported by evidence.
  2. Illegal Squatting. Regarding the unlawful and illegal occupiers of the Boknes transfer site to evict, the High Court of Makhanda ordered on 28 March 2023.
    • The matter be and is hereby postponed to the 25th April 2023.
    • This is the last postponement at the Respondent’s request.
    • Costs be and are hereby reserved.
  3. Garden Refuse Transfer Site. A meeting was held on 23 March 2023 at Boknes Community Hall with the Deputy Director Community Protection Services to discuss entrance control to the Garden Refuse Transfer Site at Boknes.  The main concern remains entrance control after hours and Sundays.  It was also reported that roof material that seems to be asbestos, was dumped illegally.
  4. Eskom Load shedding. Following a letter by CRRA dated 22 February 2023, Eskom replied to the Ndlambe Municipal Manager on 13 April 2023.  The request for exclusion from load shedding was submitted to the Load shedding Committee and regretfully the application for exemption was not supported for reasons stated in above-mentioned letter from Eskom.  The Ndlambe Municipality is therefore advised to apply for dedicated supply for CAN249 or Microgrid Solution.
  5. Maintenance. Appreciation for the recent repair of the Galjoen Street and Alice Road.
  6. Municipal Integrated Development Plan. A request was forwarded for the inclusion to upgrade Potgieter Street as well as Nancy-, Patricia- and Futter Streets in the Municipal Integrated Development Plan (IDP).
  7. Spatial Development Framework. Feedback was received from the consultancies appointed by the Ndlambe Municipality to review the Spatial Development Framework (SDF), that Cannon Rocks Ratepayers input has been incorporated.  However, the table format of some of the information will be changed to be in line with the layout of the document.