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  1. Street Numbering. Property owners are once again requested to replace their existing street address with the new street address number available on the municipal account, as soon as possible, to eliminate confusion as the new street addresses are captured on Google Maps and thereby replacing the addresses that reflects the erf number as the street address.  Display of both the erf and the street address also creates confusion.
  2. Update of Contact Detail.
    • Due to delivery problems experienced with the Post Office Service where post is being delivered late or not at all, the Ndlambe Municipality request that property owners and residents to change their current method of receiving municipal correspondence. In an attempt to avoid any delays that might occur when any correspondence or important notices were sent to property owners and residents, the municipality is trying to update their contact database.  Property owners and residents who wish to update their e-mail address or change the method they are currently using to receive their municipal rates and services accounts or any correspondence from postal delivery to e-mail, are requested to contact Jeannett Pienaar, the Municipal Valuation Clerk, at or 046 604 5542.
    • The importance of ensuring that postal addresses on the Municipal Database are correct, was emphasized to ensure that property owners receive municipal notifications and bills. This will also impact on receipt of new municipal evaluations during February/March 2024.  Should the address be incorrect, property owners will be unable to comment or lodge an objection against the evaluation of the property.
  3. Transgression of By-Laws.
    • Transgression of the Ndlambe Municipal Prevention of Public Nuisances and Keeping of Animals By-Law is one of most common area of conflict. An incident occurred where elderly people were attacked by dogs on the beach.  This incident was reported to the Ndlambe Municipal By-Law Officer and a case was opened at the SA Police Station in Alexandria.  Residents and property owners are requested to familiarize themselves with the content of the Ndlambe Municipal Prevention of Public Nuisances and Keeping of Animals By-Law when they intent keeping domesticated animals like poultry etc. in domestic areas.
    • During discussions with the Municipal By-Law Officer and the Municipal Dog and Animal Control Officer the following was highlighted.
      • Dogs attacking residents.
      • Dogs without a leash in public.
      • Poultry etc. in domestic area.
      • Illegal dumping of branches and grass/garden refuse.
  1. Committee members for 2024.

Bert Venter.

Barry Fourie.

Adelé du Plessis

Tracey Bull

Michelle Hayes

Alta Kotze

Barbara Beckmann  (co-opted member for management of the hall)

Helen Mackenzie

Paul Strutt

Ron Mackenzie

Willem Zietsman