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The tennis courts have been identified as one of the four most precious areas of importance to Cannon Rocks and need to be maintained.  Currently both courts are in desperate need of attention. The following is required to bring the courts back into specification:

  • Repair cracks to both tennis courts, and
  • Painting of both tennis courts.

Due to the magnitude of the quotes received from professional institutions, it has been decided that the repair of both courts will be done by club members and volunteers from the community.  The cost for the repairs and paint for both courts, tennis court paint is extremely expensive, will amount to R35,000.00.  Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association together with the Tennis Club have budgeted for financial contribution towards the project but unfortunately there will be a shortfall.  This project needs the support of the community as well, in order for the project to take place.

Your kind generosity by making a donation into the following bank account will be appreciated.


Bank:              First National Bank (FNB)

Account no:  74710511847

Bank Code:   240154

Please use your name and surname as reference and notification of payment to 082 337 1166 so you can be recognized and thanked.

Tennis Greetings




Recycling.  To enhance and promote recycling amongst the residents of Cannon Rocks, four plastic bags for the collection recyclable items, will be made available at no cost to all residents for one month.  Residents are urgently requested to deposit these bags at the recycle depot at Boknes. More information will be made available at the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Recycling Drive.


Refuse and Rubble.  Various complaints were received regarding the increase in dumping of garden refuse and bushes/grass cuttings on empty properties and municipal grounds in Cannon Rocks.  Residents and property owners are urgently requested to refrain from such practices and ensure that employees are not guilty of such practices.  Dumping of refuse, including garden refuse, bush/grass cutting to be reported to municipal Director Community Protection Services accompanied by photos and or identification of the transgressor(s).  Alternatively, incidents as well as positive identification of the transgressor(s) may be forwarded to any CRRA committee member in writing.  Please note that reporting on social media and or Buzz groups will not be attended to.


Support to Wetland Preservation.  The Ndlambe Municipality accused the recycling operation based in the Bushmans Industrial area of polluting the Riversbend wetland.  This is the reason why the Municipality has given Bushmans Recycling an eviction notice.  A subsequent report drawn up by a Riversbend resident has confirmed that whilst some recyclables could have been wind-blown from the recycling center to the wetland, the bulk of pollution there is not wind-blown but human dumped.  The wetland is surrounded by business and residential buildings as well as the recycling center and a municipal building that has a refuse ship at its entrance.  Wind-blown plastics and small pieces of cardboard could be blown from any of these premises or thrown out of vehicle windows.  The report also states that the bird population at the wetland has reduced over the recent years.  Bushmans Recycling decided to arrange a clean-up of the wetland.  The committee of Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association decided on its meeting on the 1st of June 2021, to contribute R1,000.00 towards the clean-up of the wetland.