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  1. Illegal Squatting. The illegal squatters at the garden refuse transfer site at Boknes did not adhere to the Eviction Order granted by the Honorable Judge Bloem at The High Court Makhanda on 25 March 2023 to vacate the property on or before 31st May 2023.  Therefore, the order by the High Court namely “failing which, the Sheriff for the area within which the property is situated be authorized to evict the illegal occupiers” will come into effect.
  2. Integrated Development Plan. The following inputs to the draft Municipal Integrated Development Plan (IDP) by Cannon Rocks Association were included in the final IDP which was tabled for discussion and approval at the Municipal Council Meeting on 31 May 2023.


  • Tarring of Potgieter Street in Cannon Rocks.
  • Paving of Nancy-, Patricia-, Futter- and Gavin Streets in Cannon Rocks.


  • Erection of three additional speed humps in Potgieter street Cannon Rocks.
  • Stabilize, raise and repair gravel streets, as identified, in Cannon Rocks.
  • Repair tarred surface, including a layer of slurry in Galjoen- and Beach Streets.
  • Repair pressure switch and booster pump that supplies potable water to properties in the new extension, situated on higher elevation areas in Cannon Rocks.
  • Water truck operators not briefed by municipal officials of procedures applicable when taking potable water at the water distribution point in Galjoen Street, Cannon Rocks.
  • Re-commissioning of the previous (smaller) reservoir in use prior to the erection of the new reservoir at Cannon Rocks.
  • Follow-up to investigate the proposal namely, “apply for a dedicated supply for CAN29 or micro grid solution” made by Eskom in response for application for exclusion of reverse osmosis plant at Cannon Rocks from load shedding.
  • Medium to Long Term Maintenance contract of the Reverse Osmosis Plant at Cannon Rocks to be finalized.
  • Preventative maintenance (regular inspection/and maintenance) is not carried out on municipal vehicles, tractors or equipment.
  1. Infrastructure Maintenance. CRRA committee monitor progress made in accordance with the Infrastructure Maintenance Plan as agreed to by the Deputy Director Infrastructure Development and CRRA committee.
    • A number of drums of bitumen slurry and material were received for road repair work in Cannon Rocks. Repair of potholes in Galjoen Street is planned for first/second week in June.
    • The municipal grader is still in for maintenance and repair. Therefore, maintenance of gravel roads in Cannon Rocks is still on hold.
    • The main water supply booster pump at the corner of Melkhout and Geelhout Streets (new extension) has been removed for repairs.
  2. Maintenance Eskom. During a meeting between the chairman and Eskom officials from Makhanda and Alexandria respectively, on 17 May 2023, the following was discussed.
    • Eskom Kiosks. Exposed electrical cables at various Eskom kiosks in Cannon Rocks that are damaged and therefore become a safety risks to pedestrians.  A work order will be opened to do a survey as well as remedial action, throughout Cannon Rocks.
    • Maintenance of Wayleave Areas. Eskom overhead cable structures within the boundary of Addo National Park at the north/west end of Cannon Rocks are overgrown by bushes which poses a safety risk.  Eskom is responsible, amongst other, for security maintenance of areas were Eskom structures are built on property which is not owned by Eskom, normally referred to as “wayleave” areas.  A work order will be opened to clear Eskom wayleave areas along the north/west border of Cannon Rocks.