Illegal Informal Housing.

Following various correspondence from both Cannon Rocks and Boknes Ratepayers Associations as well as both formal and informal discussions, a meeting was held on 21 February 2022.  The meeting, chaired by Me. L. Maneli, Director Corporate Services, was attended by Mr. O.J. Jobela, Ndlambe Municipal Manager Housing Section, Mr. B. Venter, Chairperson Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association (CRRA) and Mr. J. Smit Chairperson Boknes Ratepayers Association (BRA).  The aim of the meeting is the discuss the illegal squatting at the Boknes garden refuse transit site.

The history and chronological events were highlighted by the Chairperson of Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association (CRRA).  The Ndlambe Municipal Manager Housing Section summarised actions taken by the Municipality.

During the meeting the relocation of all illegal squatters by end of March 2022 as well as legal action necessarily, to be instituted.  A follow-up meeting was scheduled for the middle March 2022.