More information is available on our Website: Cannon Rocks, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Seaside village

  1. Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 29 December 2023 at 16h00. Members are invited to forward any agenda items to or to the chairman
  2. Information Boards. Two new information boards were purchased and erected in Cannon Rocks.
  1. Bring and Share. A Bring and Share evening is scheduled for 14 December 2023 from 18h00.
  2. Drought Water Tariffs. The Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum requested that the existing municipal drought water tariffs be downgraded to normal water tariffs.
  3. Vacant Advertising Spaces. Any individual or organisation who is interested to advertise its services on the advertising board at the Boknes/Cannon Rocks crossing may contact the portfolio holder, Tracey Bull.
  4. Municipal Water Services Authority. Structurally the Water Service Authority is vested in the Infrastructural Development Directorate and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of water and sanitation. The newly appointed Municipal Water Service Authority Manager, Mr. Maduna, was invited to join the recent CRRA committee meeting.

Refill of Water Tanks. As a dry December is anticipated in the Eastern Cape, residents are requested to fill their rainwater tanks from the municipal water supply system prior to the coming festival period. Therefore, decreasing the demand for water from the municipal water supply system during the festival period.

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