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Emergency Services.

Following enquiries regarding the availability of a panic button other than the panic button available on the remote control of clients of Hi-Tec Security, research revealed that panic button facilities are normally associated with the local security service providers.  Therefore, a panic button facility in Cannon Rocks area is only available to clients of Hi-Tec Security.  Clients should be aware that this emergency facility is subjected to network being operational.

A real time SOS facility (app) is also available from Hi-Tec Security.  This facility provides various options of emergency via a single SOS message.

Update of Contact Detail.  Due to delivery problems experienced with the Post Office Service where post is being delivered late or not at all, the Ndlambe Municipality request that property owners and residents to change their current method of receiving municipal correspondence.  In an attempt to avoid any delays that might occur when any correspondence or important notices were sent to property owners and residents, the municipality is trying to update their contact database.  Property owners and residents who wish to update their e-mail address or change the method they are currently using to receive their municipal rates and services accounts or any correspondence from postal delivery to e-mail, are requested to contact Jeanette Pienaar, the Municipal Valuation Clerk, at