Vodacom Transmission.  Following a letter from CRRA to Vodacom Technical Section regarding the poor Vodacom Transmission in Cannon Rocks, Vodacom responded as follow.  On 6 September 2022 the Senior Consultant Vodacom Network Information Centre informed the chairman that Vodacom is awaiting final approval for the installation of a new Vodacom transmission tower in Cannon Rocks by December 2022.  As Vodacom also supplies transmission services to various service providers, the installation of a new transmission tower will ensure high quality wireless communication to Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom users throughout Cannon Rocks.

Illegal Squatting.  During a meeting between the Ndlambe Municipal Manger (MM), Adv. Rolly Dumezweni, and the chairman of the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association on 18 August 2022 the MM pointed out that although an attorney was appointed in terms of decision taken by the Municipal Council meeting of 29 March 2022, implementation of the eviction process was delayed to allow more time for interaction between councillors and their respective constituencies.  The MM also confirmed that a decision was taken that enough time was allowed for councillors to act and therefore signed and issued an instruction to the appointed attorney on 16 February 2022 to initiate the eviction process by lodging an application in terms of the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act, 19 of 1998.

Alexandria Water Augmentation Project.  The new reverse osmosis (RO) plant at Cannon Rocks was commissioned on 2 September 2022 and is currently supplying water to the reservoir.  The old RO plant will still be used as a standby plant.

Boardwalks.  The repair/replacement of the boardwalks between erven 471 and 470 as well as between erven 202 and 536 was approved by the Municipal Senior Conservation Officer.  The repair/replacement of these two walkways to the beach was identified as a CRRA project.  Paul Strutt is appointed as the project co-ordinator and can be contacted at 082 825 6401 or  As the required material will be supplied, any person/contractors who are interested to repair these boardwalks, is invited to forward his/her quotation, in writing, to the project co-ordinator by 28 September 2022.  Any donations, labour and or material, towards the project will be appreciated.

Eskom Enquiries.  Following formal enquiries to Eskom regarding irregular meter readings by Eskom personnel at premises and transfer of ownership of accounts where electricity is supplied by Eskom to the property, the following feedback was received.

  • Due to Covid -19 during 2020 the contractors were not reading in that period and were only started in September 2020 again, after that the contractors were removed from the field as the contractors had be authorised again as per the Labour Law. Contractors are not allowed to open meter boxes without LV authorisations.  With that said, Eskom waited for the Labour Law to sign off on certain documents.  However, meter readings are currently being read every three months.
  • The easiest way to do move in/outs are to e-mail the Call Centre using the e-mail address. A “Move in Request Form” (see below) is to be used.  It is very important to use the correct subjects in the subject lines.  The “Move in Request Form” needs to be filled in when move out/in are requested that will just speed up the process if all the documents are already attached and the form completed properly.

Move in Request Form:

ID number or

Business registration

Contact person  
Full Names as per ID. Last Name First.  
New account Name  
Email address  
Pole/Installation number:  
Postal Address:




Tel. Number:  
Cell Number:  
Move in Date NB