Great news: RECYCLING has started at Boknes and Cannon Rocks.

Boknes now has an IWARS recycling depot at the municipal garages in Boknes where they pay for recycle material. Opening next week 8h00-17h00 weekdays.

From June you can also leave recyclables in bags other than BLACK bags
– preferable clear bags – They will not collect black  bags –
at the east side of our community hall for collection on Mondays. Please rinse all food plastics & containers to keep the critters like mongoose etc  from raiding the bags.

Please secure bags tightly to protect contents from wind gusts.

Within the next 6 mnths IWARS will provide mini skips at the community centre & caravan park which will be cleared weekly. All soft plastic, hard plastic, tins & metal, glass, paper & cardboard are recyclable and may be placed mixed in the bags. We really wish that all residents will enthusiastically dispose of their recyclables – keeping our dumpsite free of plastic which are deadly to birds and sea animals.

IWARS have agreed to clear our dumpsite of all recyclable materials and thereafter we trust no further recyclables will be dumped there in black bags.

Please commit to recycling as it not only saves our planet from this plastic soup but it also makes Cannon Rocks a lot prettier.

Organic waste recycling into compost is also a great way to keep the rubbish down and to make it less “messy”. Once you remove all organic waste, the rubbish is less likely to be targeted by animals and therefore contaminate the environment.

Part of this project will be to inform all the holiday makers in season, so spread the word!!

The Garden refuse dump site is also needing attention, but rome wasn’t built in a day. One step at a time to make Cannon Rocks a cleaner place (Unlike Rome)


Recycle Cannon Rocks

Recycle Cannon Rocks