Stranded Wildlife

Jackass Penguin on the beach

If you spend time at the sea, you invariably will come across some washed up wild life. Storms, currents, water temperature, human interaction and food availability can sometimes create a situation where the wildlife is exhausted.
Veron Veltman, Cannon Rocks volunteer gives us some pointers:

In most cases if seabirds like Gannets & Penguins come out the sea, they can’t tolerate the environment any more. The same applies to seals, turtles, turtle hatchlings etc. The rule of thumb is: do NOT put or chase it back into the sea.
Keep people and dogs far away from the stranded bird/ animal.
Call the First Responders as soon as possible. There are 2 in Boknes and 2 in Cannon Rocks. They know what to do and are accredited agents for Sanccob Saves Seabirds and Bayworld.

When it comes to Dolphins, Sharks etc, again, it is important to keep people and dogs away. Call the First Responders who will contact Bayworld to report on the condition of the animal, location and sea conditions.
Bayworld then give instructions on how to approach the situation & what needs to be done in the best interests of the animal. We do not make any decisions without instructions from Bayworld who in turn may need instructions from Dept of Nature Conservation.

In all cases, dead or alive please report & send as many photos as possible and a pinned location. Remain in the area, at a suitable distance, until the First Responder arrives and assist as directed.

Seal pups are a different issue and every year. When seal pups could arrive on our beaches, I post warnings and advise everyone what needs to be done on the Whatsapp groups and Facebook. I do the same with turtle hatchlings and Cape Gannet fledglings.

Sealpups – Nov – Feb
Juv gannets fledgelings – Feb – April
Turtle hatchlings – March – Aug
Penguins & other seabirds – all year
Othet sea animals – all year.


Cannon Rocks:
Lionel Taylor +27 (82) 728-9907
Verona Veltman 0836549976

Pieter van Tonder +27 (82) 782-4295
Jaap van Veen +27 (82) 940-1732
And Lionel and Verona

Sanccob emergency:
(064) 019-8936
Bayworld Strandings Hotline: (071) 724-2122

Salvaged Jackass Penguin in Box