Street Numbering.

Since the development of Cannon Rocks, property owners used the stand (ERF) number as a street address.  Stand numbers were allocated during the various phases of development and therefore did not follow standard street numbering standards.  This phenomenon created confusion especially during emergency situations.  In consultation with the Ndlambe Municipality, the Cannon Rocks Rate Payers Association (CRRA) approached Total Geo-Spatial Solutions (TGIS), contracted service provider to the Ndlambe Municipality, to assist with the assignment of street numbers in accordance with standing practices.

After consultation with property owners and residents, consensus was reached during the Annual General Meeting in 2018 to proceed with the street numbering process.

The final updated map of Cannon Rocks as provided by TGIS, including the proposed street numbers were approved at an Open Ndlambe Council Meeting on 25 August 2020 for capturing by the Finance Department of the Ndlambe Municipality.

Once captured, the street number will appear together with the original stand (ERF) number on Ndlambe Municipal Account as well as the property valuation document.

It should be noted that no stand (ERF) number was changed during the street numbering process, also that no street numbers were changed from the documents as presented by TGIS.  Stands (erven) on the corner of two streets were aligned to the most appropriate primary street number as per the map of Cannon Rocks, as produced by TGIS.

Should corner property owners prefer the alternative street address as the primary street address, a motivated request in writing may be forwarded to the Ndlambe Finance Department for attention the Deputy Director Finance or the Senior Accountant – Billing/Revenue.  Regarding vacant stands, preference of an alternative street address should accompany the application for approval of building plans.

Refer to Excel Spreadsheet: Street Numbers Capturing – CRRA Newsletter.