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NEWSLETTER – APRIL 2023 CANNON ROCKS RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Water Delivery Point. Both the earth works and the paving were completed at the new water delivery point opposite the Cannon Rocks Cabins.  The fire hydrant was replaced with a metered shut off valve and an overhead delivery hose was installed.  Should there be any serious


NEWSLETTER – MARCH 2023 CANNON ROCKS RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Street Numbers. To eliminate confusion, residents as well as property owners are urged to replace existing erf numbers with the street address available on the municipal account.  Display of both the erf and the street address also creates confusion.  Please use the street address for delivering


NEWSLETTER – FEBRUARY 2023 CANNON ROCKS RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Donations. During the last three months various financial donations were received.  These generous donations are appreciated and will be used to the best advantage of residents and property owners in Cannon Rocks. Fishing Licences. The issuing of fishing licences at the Cannon Rocks Caravan Park is


NEWSLETTER – JANUARY 2023 CANNON ROCKS RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Street Numbers. Except for 30 ervens, the erf numbers of all 728 ervens in Cannon Rocks are captured on Google Maps and thereby replacing the addresses that reflects the erf number as the street address.  A copy of the street addresses and the corresponding erf numbers


NEWSLETTER – NOVEMBER 2022 CANNON ROCKS RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Boardwalks. Repair work of both the boardwalk between erven 471 and 470 as well as between erven 202 and 536 has been completed.  A word of appreciation to the committee members who were involved in the repairs.  A special word of thanks for the donations received


NEWSLETTER – SEPTEMBER 2022 CANNON ROCKS RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Vodacom Transmission.  Following a letter from CRRA to Vodacom Technical Section regarding the poor Vodacom Transmission in Cannon Rocks, Vodacom responded as follow.  On 6 September 2022 the Senior Consultant Vodacom Network Information Centre informed the chairman that Vodacom is awaiting final approval for the installation of


NEWSLETTER – AUGUST 2022 CANNON ROCKS RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Communication.  Residents are requested not to give any instructions or requests to the municipal workers.  Special requests must be forwarded to the Deputy Director Infrastructural Development in writing.  Service delivery or any other requests can be forwarded to any CRRA committee member.  Residents are also requested


NEWSLETTER – JULY 2022 CANNON ROCKS RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Security.  An increase in house breaks and theft in Cannon Rocks was experienced during the last six to eight weeks.  Hi-Tech Security Services voluntarily initiated an additional security guard to patrol Cannon Rocks 24 hours daily, on a bicycle.  Residents are requested to support this attempt


NEWSLETTER – JUNE 2022 CANNON ROCKS RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Cannon Rocks WhatsApp Info Group.  As reported in the May 2022 Newsletter a Cannon Rocks WhatsApp Info group was finally approved and will soon be implemented.  The modus operandi for the administration of the Cannon Rocks Info group is available on the Website under the “News”


CANNON ROCKS INFO GROUP Origination. During a CRRA Committee meeting in 2022 the possible requirement for an additional information platform was identified.  At the committee meeting of 5 April 2022 it was decided to create an information/communication group. Name. The name of the group will be Cannon Rocks Info. Terms and Condition. The following terms and conditions