Kiteboarding in Cannon Rocks

Cannon Rocks is a prime location for Kiteboarding. Already known back in the heyday of windsurfing as a destination, it offers a variety of riding conditions within close proximity.

The wind conditions offer two cross shore predominant winds that alternate. The best kiteboarding season is from September to April, but it is possible to ride all year round.
From intermediate to advanced riders: Wave riding, Free ride, freestyle. Cannon Rocks has a spot for you.
Most used kite sizes 7m, 9m. Water temperature in season; between 18 and 26 degrees Celsius
Cannon Rocks is not the ideal location for beginners and learners, but it can be done if no alternative is available. you can contact us for more info.
There is also the option to rent some gear and one on one coaching lessons
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Kiteboarding Cannon Rocks Flat section upfront with reef at the back

Flat section upfront with reef at the back

Courtesy of Filmstudio