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December 2020 activities

CANNON ROCKS ETIQUETTE Cannon Rocks welcomes its owners and visitors and hope you wil have an enjoyable stay in our tranquil village. Kindly treat our environs as you would your home so that we can all enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and leave only footprint as evidence of your stay. We enjoy

  • Dog showing teeth


Does Your Dog Bite? Your (Substantial) Risk Remains Sued for R2.3m by a man brutally savaged by his three dogs in a public street, the dog’s owner was faced with a risk that has applied to all owners of domesticated animals for centuries – being held liable on a “no-fault” basis. That catches many

  • Marine protected area map Cannon Rocks


MARINE PROTECTED AREA: CANNON ROCKS. Members of the public should be aware of the Regulations of the National Environment Management: Protected Areas Act, 2003 (Act no 57 of 2003) which came into effect from 1 August 2019. The eastern border of the Addo National Park start from the cannons at Cannon Rocks and therefore,

Ndlambe moves to level 1 – details

NDLAMBE MUNICIPALITY PORT ALFRED NOTICE NOTICE is hereby given that pursuant to the National State of Disaster as announced by the State President Cyril Ramaphosa and the subsequent drop to Level 1, all public amenities within the area of Ndlambe Municipality including Beaches, Parks & Recreation areas are again open for public use. ►