Cannon Rocks Community Hall

On 1 June 2021 at 10:00


  1. The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everybody present.


  1. Present.

Mr Bert Venter                          Chairperson

Ms Adéle du Plessis

Mr Paul Strutt

Mr Philip du Plessis

Ms Michelle Hayes

Ms Barbara Beckmann

Ms Tracey Bull

Ms Geraldine du Randt             Secretary

  1. Apologies.

Mr Jim Pomroy

Mr Barry Fourie

  1. Absent without Apology. None


  1. Refer to Additional Items below.


  1. The minutes of the committee meeting of 4 May 2021 were approved. Proposed by Ms. Adéle du Plessis and seconded by Mr Philip du Plessis.


Nothing to report.


  1. Steering Committee.
    • Feedback from the Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum (NRF). Nothing to Report.
    • Areas of Importance.
      • Community Hall. Ndlambe Estate Manager (Ms. Shirley Boshoff) has received an updated letter regarding the lease of the Community Hall and will either provide feedback or process the request.
      • Tennis Courts. Paint quotes to the amount of R35,00.00 was received.  CRRA will send out a newsletter asking for donations towards the upgrade paint project.
      • Play Park. Two new swings and a rocking horse have been sponsored by the Heyneke family.  These will be placed at the play park at the entrance to Pipe Beach.
      • Decision. A letter of thanks will be sent to the Heyneke family by the Chairman on behalf of the CRRA.
      • Parking Area. Nothing to report
  1. Maintenance and Infrastructure.
    • Illegal Dumping. Various complaints were received regarding the increase in dumping of garden refuse and bushes/grass cuttings on empty properties and municipal grounds in Cannon Rocks
    • Decision. Dumping of refuse, including garden refuse, bush/grass cutting to be reported to municipal Director Community Protection Services accompanied by photos and or identification of the transgressor(s).  Alternatively, incidents as well as positive identification of the transgressor(s) may be forwarded to any CRRA committee member in writing.  Information to be included in the June CRRA newsletter.
  2. Fire Fighting and Precaution.
    • Fire Extinguisher. The fire extinguisher at the Community Hall has been refilled and returned.
  3. Communication and Community Support.
    • Information Leaflet. The information leaflet is in process.  A final product to be presented at the July CRRA meeting
  4. Security and Safety. Nothing to report.
  5. Ward 1 Liaison. Nothing to report.
  6. Local Government and Development. Nothing to report.
  7. Environmental. Issue of recycling was discussed.  Some alternatives presented to the committee to encourage recycling in Cannon Rocks.
  8. Decision. Four clear plastic bags will be issued to each permanent resident of Cannon Rocks to encourage recycling.  Information on this initiative will be provided in the June newsletter.
  9. Advertising. The annual advertising fees for one advertising spaces still outstanding.


  1. Statement of Account. The bank balances as at the end of April 2021 were noted.
  2. Expenditure. Two items were approved for expenditure namely: R300.00 towards the recycling plastic bags and R1,000.00 towards the Riversbend Wetland Clean-up initiative.
  3. Membership Fees. Currently there are a total of 126 members paid up members.


  1. Correspondence Received. Nothing to report.
  2. Correspondence Sent.
    • Letter-Maintenance of Streets.
    • Letter- Request for extension of Cannon Rocks Community Hall lease agreement.
    • Email- Feedback to Collin Morris re Sand Excavation on erf 551.


  1. Street Names. There has been a request to add a new street name sign at the cannons corner in Alice road.
  2. Decision. Adele du Plessis to bring design ideas for the new sign to the July CRRA for discussion.




  1. Illegal Dumping.
  2. Wetland Clean-up donation.
  3. Recycling initiative by the CRRA.
  4. Tennis Courts donation request.


  1. The next meeting will be held on 6 July 2021 at 10h00, at the Cannon Rocks Community Hall.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 11h45.

CHAIRMAN                                                               SECRETARY