Cannon Rocks Community Hall

On 19 July 2022 at 10h00


  1. The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everybody present.


  1. Present.

Mr. Bert Venter                          Chairperson

Mr. Paul Strutt

Ms.Tracey Bull

Ms. Michelle Hayes

Ms. Barbara Beckmann

Mr. Philip du Plessis

Ms. Kotze

Mr. Micheal Trompetter             Municipal Supervisor

Ms. Adéle du Plessis                  Acting Secretary

  1. Apologies.

Mr.Barry Fourie

  1. Absent without Apology. None


  1. Refer to Additional Items below.


  1. Confirmation of the approval of the minutes of the committee meeting of 7 June 2022, proposed by Ms Barbara Beckmann and seconded by Mr Phillip du Plessis. Minutes to be made available on the Website


  1. Illegal Squatting. Since the last meeting between the Director Corporate Services, Acting Director Community Protection Services, Ndlambe Municipal Manager Housing Section, Chairperson Boknes Ratepayers Association and the Chairperson Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association on 22 April 2022, no other meetings were held.  However, a motion where the Ndlambe Municipal Council meeting of 29 March 2022 approved that notices to be served on all the illegal squatters to move to the available and suitably pegged sites in Marselle which are fully serviced, set the way for an eviction process.  A follow-up meeting with the Director Infrastructural Development is awaiting.
  2. Parking Areas: Environmental Monitor Control Committee.
    • An Environmental Monitor Committee (EMC) meeting was held on 24 June 2022.
    • Kleinemonde Island submission for an Environmental Authorization (EA) is still a pivotal submission to Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) which would indicate the way forward for all further submissions. The method statement, Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and SOP for Kleinemonde Island was submitted to DEDEAT on 3 December 2021.  Notwithstanding a bi-lateral meeting with Mr. Struwig of DEDEAT early in June 2022, no approval was received yet.
    • Once the Kleinemonde Island submission is approved, other submissions, including the parking areas at Cannon Rocks will be submitted.
    • The inclusion of repairs to the only piped storm water system in Cannon Rocks along Alice Road in the project list, was approved.
  3. Alexandria Water Augmentation Project. Nothing to report.
  4. Feedback from the Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum. Nothing to report.


  1. Maintenance and Infrastructure. The portfolio holder summarized the following feedback.  The municipal supervisor discussed the time scales for the various corrective maintenance tasks and will inform the portfolio holder on the actual day of commencement.
    • A meeting was held with the Deputy Director Infrastructural Development on 7 June 2022. During the meeting the following was discussed.
      • Maintenance Streets. Repair work in Galjoen Street, which includes a layer of slurry, urgent repair work at Patricia Street no’s 13 and 20 where mud pools cover large sections of the street during rain, the poor condition of a section in Doreen Street, and the fast deterioration of a section in Beach Road were addressed.
      • Maintenance: New Extension. Poor maintenance in the new extension of Cannon Rocks was brought under the attention of the Deputy Director.  Overgrown bushes on the verges needs urgent attention.  The tarred streets are deteriorating due to no corrective maintenance.
      • Water Usage: Increased Building Activities. The sharp increase in building activities in both Boknes and Cannon Rocks will soon put pressure on the water supply to these villages to such an extent that the normal demand for potable water may exceed the existing supply.
      • Water Reserves. During the commissioning of the new water reservoir at Cannon Rocks, the old (smaller) reservoir was decommissioned notwithstanding urgent appeals by the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association.
      • Shut-Off Valves. The Deputy Director confirmed that the replacement of the shut-off valves in the water supply system that were not replaced during 2020 as well as to investigate the possibility to install pressure regulating valves in the system, are captured in the Municipal Water Related Project List.  The list is regularly re-prioritized on a rotation basis to accommodate all requirements within the Ndlambe Municipal area.  Due to extreme budget constraints, above mentioned corrective maintenance are normally funded by the Department of Water and Sanitation.
      • Repair Work: Provincial Road (MR0463). During discussions it was emphasized repair work on the MR0463 provincial road remain the responsibility of the Eastern Cape Department of Transport.  Therefore, repairs by municipal workers will be illegal unless authorized by the East Cape Department of Transport.
      • Appreciation. Appreciation for trimming the verges throughout Cannon Rocks by the local municipal staff as well as the speedy repair of water leaks when reported, were raised.
      • Remedial Action.
        • The Deputy Director to do an on-site visit during third week in June 2022 to determine the best solution and quantity of material required to repair the water damaged areas in Patricia and Futter Streets and evaluate the condition of all roads in Cannon Rocks and compile a corrective/maintenance plan for roads and streets in Cannon Rocks.
        • Maintenance at the new development area north of Galjoen Street is scheduled for August 2022.
        • The deputy Director to convene a meeting with the relevant role players to investigate the effect of the sharp increase in building activities in both Boknes and Cannon Rocks on existing available municipal resources/services, with special reference to water supply, and propose recommendations and launch an investigation to investigate the possible re-commissioning of the smaller reservoir at Cannon Rocks.
      • A follow-up meeting was held with the Deputy Director Infrastructural Development on 17 June 2022. The purpose of the meeting was to do an inspection and evaluate the condition of the most critical gravel roads in Cannon Rocks and compile a corrective and preventative maintenance plan.  The following corrective maintenance actions were identified while preventative maintenance will stand over once the municipal budget is re-opened for the 2022/2023 FY.
        • Corrective Maintenance.
          • The municipal supervisor to open a new gully to divert storm water away from Patricia Street at erven 127 and 114, open and clear the existing open storm water stone trench on southern side of Patricia Street, running towards Futter Street, from weed and debris, open and clear the existing open storm water stone trench on the western side of Futter Street, from weed and debris, deepen the gully on the eastern side of Futter Street to ensure that storm water is diverted away from the street.
          • The municipal supervisor to open and clear the open storm water stone trench on the northern side of Alice Road along erven 51 and 52, the storm water pipe crossing Alice Road and the open storm water stone trench on the southern side of Alice Road along erven 52 to 57 as well as at the T junction at Alice Road and Doreen Street from weed and debris.
        • Preventative Maintenance.
          • Stabilise and raise the surface level of Patricia Street at erven 127 and 114 with a mix of G5 material and cement.
          • Lengthen the storm water stone trench Patricia Street towards a westerly direction.
          • Rebuild the hump at the corner of Patricia and Futter Street to divert storm water away from Futter Street.
          • Build a new storm water stone trench along the eastern side of Futter Street.
          • Rebuild the hump in Futter Street to divert storm water away from Futter Street and upgrade the street surface.
          • Raise and stabilise the base level with a mix of G5 material and cement at the T corner of Futter and Gavin Streets.
          • Raise and stabilize the base level with a mix of G5 material and cement in Sandra Street.
          • Raise and stabilize the base level at the corner of Stroebel- and Heather Streets with a mix of G5 material and cement, sloping towards a western direction and create a small storm water pipe on the western side to divert storm water away from the street.
          • Raise and stabilize the base level at the corner of Sandra, Heather and Stroebel Streets at erven 423, 319 and 400 with a mix of G5 material and cement.
        • Street Lights. A list of defective street lights in Cannon Rocks was forwarded to the responsible municipal official on 14 June 2022.
        • Community Hall. The entrance to the Community Hall is undergoing a “facelift”.  A newly planted garden at the entrance replaced the the previous plants  The outside of the entrance will be repainted and an external water tap was fitted to water the garden.  Appreciation to Jackie Deacon and the ladies who supported her, Kalvin Beckmann and Mark Purdon for upgrading the garden, painting of the entrance area and fitting a water tap respectively.
        • Building Plans. An updated plan of the Community Hall was received.
        • Decision. The chairman to forward a letter of appreciation to all who contributed towards the hall as well as the drafting of the plans for the Community Hall.
        • Play Park. The portfolio holder Maintenance and Infrastructure, assisted by other members of the community carried out maintenance on various items in the play park next to the Community Hall. Regrettably, signs of vandalism was observed.  Their effort to ensure a safe area for children to play in, is much appreciated.  Any constructive comment as well as donations for additional items or replacement of existing items will be appreciated.  The relevant portfolio holder, Alta Kotze, may be contacted
  1. .Fire Fighting and Precaution. Nothing to report
  2. Communication and Community Support. The portfolio holder Communication and Community Support and her husband initiated the upgrading of the sidewalks along Beach Road.  Their effort as well as other community members who voluntarily assisted is much appreciated.
  3. Security and Safety. An increase in house breaks and theft in Cannon Rocks was experienced during the last six to eight weeks.  Hi-Tech Security Services voluntarily initiated an additional security guard to patrol Cannon Rocks 24 hours daily, on a bicycle.  Residents are requested to support this attempt by Hi-Tech to increase their visibility in our streets.

There are rumours that people in Cannon Rocks are lobbying, on behalf of the community, for different security systems.  Although improvement of security in Cannon Rocks should always be considered and investigated, it is important to take cognisance that these lobbying is currently on behalf of themselves and not the community.

  1. Ward 1 Liaison. A Ward 1 meeting was held on 12 July 2022.  A two day training session was held in Port Alfred for all ward members.  The next ward meeting is scheduled for 12 August 2022.
  2. Local Government and Development. Nothing to report.
  3. Environment.
    • Notice Board. Stand over to next meeting.
  4. Advertising. Three possible advertisers were approached for advertising on the advertising board at the Boknes/Cannon Rocks crossing.


  1. Statement of Account. The bank balance as at the end of June 2022 was noted with approval.
  2. Expenditure. No expenditure was approved.


  1. Correspondence Received.
    • E Mail – Application for removal of Title Deed restrictions and relaxation of building lines – Erf 481 Cannon Rocks dated 23 June 2022.
  2. Correspondence Sent.
    • E Mail – Feedback to Prof E. Grossman.
    • E Mail – Feedback to Ms. V.
    • E Mail to East Cape District Road Engineer.
    • E Mail – Feedback to Mr. Collin Morris.


  • Application: Building Restrictions Erf 481. An application for removal of Title Deed restrictions and relaxation of building lines – Erf 481 Cannon Rocks dated 23 June 2022, was received for commend/recommendations.
    • Decision. CRRA do not object to the application for removal of Title Deed restrictions and relaxation of building lines – Erf 481 Cannon Rocks dated 23 June 2022, but is restricted to an unrestricted lateral building line of 1.5m, in terms of the municipal Integrated Land Use Scheme By-Law, for one of the lateral erf boundaries of the erf must exist and be maintained.
  2. The following items to be addressed in the July Newsletter.
    • Noise pollution
    • Infrastructure
    • High-Tech guard
    • Upgrading of Play Park
    • Upgrading Beach Road
    • Request for Play Park donations


  1. The next monthly meeting will be held on 2 August 2022 at the Cannon Rocks Community Hall.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 12h15.

CHAIRMAN                                                               SECRETARY