ON 5th MARCH 2024 AT 10H00


  1. The Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed everybody present.


  1. Present.

Mr. Bert Venter                           Chairperson

Ms. Michelle Hayes

Ms. Barbara Beckmann

Ms. Alta Kotze

Mr. Paul Strutt

Ms. Tracey Bull

Mr. Ron Mackenzie

Ms. Adéle du Plessis

Mr. Willem Zietsman

Ms. Helen Mackenzie                 Secretary

  1. Apologies.

Mr. Barry Fourie

  1. Absent without Apology.



  1. Cannon Rocks Etiquette.
  2. Utility Power Supply.
  3. Easter Weekend.


  1. Approval of the minutes of the committee meeting of 6th February 2024 proposed by Ms. Michelle Hayes and seconded by Ms. Helen Mackenzie. Minutes to be made available on the Website and distributed to members.


  1. Ndlambe Coastal Maintenance Management Plan. Nothing to report.
  2. Ndlambe Ratepayers Association. The Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum (NRF) had a meeting with the Municipal Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the deputy Chief Financial Officer and the valuator on Wednesday 6th March at 10am.  All the items that were forwarded to the CFO were discussed.
    • The valuator mentioned that the 2023 valuations were based on market driven values and aerial photography, not previously used, as information obtained from google earth are not always reliable. An independent party was used to measure and calculate the total floor space.  Lightstone reports were also used.



  • The valuator also acknowledges the possibility of human errors, which should be pointed out by means of the objection process. Ratepayers can help improving the accuracy of the valuation by submitting objection where there are suspected errors made during the valuation.
  • Since the Covid-19 epidemic the Ndlambe Municipality experienced, especially in some of the eastern the villages, a sharp increase in new developments as well as an increase in the value of residential properties. The combined value of residential properties in the Ndlambe Municipal area experienced an average increase of 6 to 6.5% per annum (±35%) since 2018.


  1. Maintenance and Infrastructure.
    • On February 12, 2024, the Deputy Director of Infrastructure Development, the Portfolio Holder, and the CRRA Chairman convened. Various observations made by the portfolio holder and the outcomes of conversations between the portfolio holder and the municipal supervisor were discussed.  It was also noted that the workload expected from the available seven municipal workers should be revised.  Several options to address this were discussed.
    • However, due to unforeseen urgent matters that the Deputy Director had to attend to, the Infrastructure Maintenance Plan was not discussed. A follow-up meeting will be arranged to address the outstanding matters.
    • The Portfolio Holder presented a maintenance and infrastructure task list for the March period. The purpose of the monthly task lists is to direct the municipal supervisor and workers to improve service delivery tasks for each month.  Progress will be monitored in accordance with the list at the end of each month.
    • It was requested that maintenance of Beach Road, the entrance to Cannon Rocks, Nautilus Beach and area at the cannons to be included in the task list for March.
    • The Portfolio Holder will attend to the information boards next to the cannons that were damaged during the recent storm.
    • It has been observed that there are still some posters related to registration process for the next election on certain street light poles in the village.
      • Decision. The Portfolio Holder to remove the outdated notices regarding the registration process.
    • Maintenance of Street Lights. Stand over to the next meeting.
    • Community Hall.
      • The application for the lease of the Community Hall for an extended period of nine years and eleven months was recommended for final approval at the Ward 1 meeting on 6 February 2024. The annual rental of R684.00 per month was also recommended for approval.
      • In terms of the provisional evaluation roll, the Community Hall was evaluated at R1,777,800.00.
      • Subsequent to the meeting the Municipal Estate Manger informed the chairman that the application for the extension of the lease agreement of the Community Hall at Cannon Rocks, was prepared for submission and approval to the Ndlambe Municipality Executive Committee of 15 March 2024.


  1. Fire Fighting and Precaution. The Portfolio Holder will be meeting with the Municipal Fire Chief over the upcoming weeks and will report back regarding the following:
    • Operational Readiness of the Ndlambe Municipal Integrated Emergency Centre at Boesmansrivier.
    • Update of Fire Precaution Notice, paragraph 17 3 1 of Committee Meeting Minutes dated 3 October 2023.
  2. Communication and Community Support.
    • The Portfolio Holder reported back that the website has been updated with the names of the Portfolio Members and encouraged members to utilise the website.
    • Updating the Cannon Rocks Community and informing them about the Cannon Rocks website. This is a valuable tool, and all homeowners should be made aware of it.  All marketing materials, newsletters, and minutes of meetings are available to the general public.  For those interested in learning more about what the CRRA does and its plans for the future, this is a great resource.
    • It is important to communicate through the committee’s private group and confirm that items can be posted on the necessary information groups and CRRA Info Group.
  3. Security and Safety.
    • Traffic Signage. The Portfolio Holder identified the most critical traffic signage that needed to be replaced and has scheduled to install.
    • Illegal Squatting Activities. Following aerial photos, concerns were raised that possible new structures were erected at the garden refuse transfer site at Boknes.  Onsite inspections revealed that these structures are old structures that were used by the illegal squatters as shelters for their pigs and chickens.
    • Transgression of By-Laws. Complaints were received of two incidents that residents were threatened by dogs as well as chasing small game.  These incidents were reported to the Ndlambe Municipal By-Law Officer. Following an investigation by the Municipal Dog and Animal Control Officer, the owner of the dogs received a final warning in writing as well as stiff fines.
    • Neighbourhood Watch. The Portfolio Holder will report back regarding the addition of people to the neighbourhood watch team.
  4. Ward 1 Liaison. Refer to paragraph 11.8.1 above.
  5. Local Government and Development. CRRA responded in writing to the Ndlambe Municipal Manager for attention by the Municipal Town Planner regarding an application for re-zoning of erf 453 Boknes. CRRA argue that the re-zoning application will escalate the demand for potable water supply as well as sewerage removal capacity of the Ndlambe Municipality in Boknes and Cannon Rocks.  Whereas these service delivery capacities of the municipality are already under severe pressure.
  6. Environment. The Portfolio Holder provided an update on the information boards proposed for placement in Alice Road at the caravan park area.  It has been determined that having two single boards would be more effective than one double-sided.  The boards will be chromadek, with each board costing R2,776.60, inclusive of a frame.  The boards will be attached securely to the frame.
    • Decision: The Portfolio Holder to proceed to obtain two new information boards instead of a single double-sided board.
    • Signage at Swimming Beach. The Portfolio Holder will gather additional information regarding signage at the swimming beach requesting no fishing.
    • Dustbins: The consideration and installation of new and/or additional dustbins around the village.
  7. Advertising. The Portfolio Holder provided an update on the signboard at the entrance to Boknes. It has been updated, including the removal of advertising boards from those who have not paid, and the allocation of new boards.


  1. Statement of Account. The bank balance as at the end of February 2024 was noted with approval.
  2. Social Club Funds. The Social Club has recently welcomed a new committee on board.  This development comes with a significant influx of funds and frequent payments received by the treasurer of the CRRA.  Consequently, the Social Club committee has initiated the opening of its own bank account.  Once finalised, funds that are captured in the CRRA’s bank account for safekeeping, will be transferred to the new account.
  3. The Church Service Collection. The collection from the Church Service on 25 December 2023, has been designated for the Boknes Care Group, HELP BOKNES, which conducts and provides financial assistance and/or caregiving support to individuals in need.  Additionally, the HELP BOKNES group facilitates food parcel distribution to families in need within the Boknes and Cannon Rocks communities.
    • Decision. The treasurer to transfer the funds collected at the Church Service on 25 December 2023 to the Boknes Care Group, HELP BOKNES, as stated in point 21

21.1.2.        Update. Subsequent to the meeting on 5 March 2024, it was revealed that the Boknes Care Group, HELP BOKNES, does not have a bank account.  Therefore, the decision regarding the transfer of funds is to stand over until the next committee meeting.


  • Approval of R200.00 for removal and fitting of advertising boards.
  • Approval of R230 for the cleaning of the hall.
  • Approval of R240 for fuel for The Chairperson to attend the Port Alfred Ndlambe Municipality Meeting.
  1. Members. The Portfolio Holder reported that there are 11 new members, but there has been no growth in membership overall.  Additionally, 40 people have not paid their R100.00 annual member fee.


  1. Correspondence Received. Non
  2. Correspondence Sent.
    • Response to the application for rezoning of erf 453 Boknes.
    • Appreciation – Jon Goetsch.





  1. Cannon Rocks Etiquette. The Cannon Rocks Etiquette document has been accepted in principle. The CRRA Secretary will further compile a document, subject to CRRA approval, for distribution to the community.  The target distribution date is March 20th, coinciding with the school holidays. Suggestions from the community are encouraged.
  2. Utility Power Supply. An offer to build a Utility Power Supply unit (UPS) at an estimated cost of R1,900.00 to supply electricity to the Licenses Recognition Number plate camera at the entrance to Cannon Rocks, was received.  As it is not an off the shelve item, no after sale service nor guarantee can be provided.
    • Decision. The offer to build a Utility Power Supply unit (UPS) at an estimated cost of R1,900.00 to supply electricity to the Licenses Recognition Number plate camera at the entrance to Cannon Rocks, was not approved.
  3. Easter Weekend. It was agreed that some of the Committee Members would be at the entrance of Cannon Rocks to hand out Easter Eggs. This is a wonderful way to show visibility, represent the CRRA, and be present in the community.


  1. The following items were addressed in the Newsletter.
    • Application for Re-Zoning Erf 543 Boknes. Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association Committee responded in writing to the Ndlambe Municipal Manager.
    • Neighbourhood Watch. A request to Cannon Rocks residents to make themselves available to join the neighbourhood watch team to patrol Cannon Rocks during the night.
    • Cannon Rocks Etiquette. An updated Etiquette for Cannon Rocks was approved for distribution to Cannon Rocks residents for comments.
    • Donations. Collections that were received during the church service at the Cannon Rocks Community Hall on 25 December 2023 will be donated to the “HELP BOKNES” Fund.
    • Advertising. There are limited spaces available for advertising on the advertising board at the Cannon Rock/Boknes crossing.


  1. The next monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, 7th May 2024.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 12:30 pm.