Cannon Rocks Community Hall

On 11 January 2022 at 10:00


  1. The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everybody present.


  1. Present.

Mr.  Bert Venter                          Chairperson

Ms.  Adéle du Plessis

Mr.  Philip du Plessis

Ms.  Barbara Beckmann

Mr.  Paul Strutt

Mr.  Barry Fourie

Ms.  Michelle Hayes

  1. Apologies. None
  2. Absent without Apology.

Ms.  Tracey Bull


  1. Refer to Additional Items below.


  1. Confirmation of the approval of the minutes of the committee meeting of 11 November 2021 on 6 December 2021, proposed by Ms. Barbara Beckman and seconded by Mr.  Philip du Plessis.


  1. Secretary. Until a permanent secretary is appointed, the capturing of minutes and other administrative tasks will be carried out by Ms. du Plessis and Ms. Hayes respectively.


  1. Feedback from NRF. The last NRF meeting in 2021 was held on 2 December 2021.  A comparison of rate tariffs of various municipalities in the RSA was compared with the Ndlambe Municipal rate tariffs.  Although the comparison indicated that the Ndlambe Municipal rate tariffs to be 50% to 90%  higher, the basis of calculations was not investigated.  Further investigations to be done..


  1. Community Hall. During a tele-conversation between the Municipal Estate Manager on 6 January 2022, it was revealed that the braai area at the Community Hall is not captured on the building plans and should be rectified.
      • Mr.  Paul Strutt to obtain a quotation for updating the existing building plan.
      • The Chairman and Mr.  Fourie to arrange a meeting with the Municipal Estate Manager.

9.1.3      Chairman to confirm financial responsibility for submission of building plans.

  • Play Park. Nothing to report.
  • Parking Areas: Environmental Monitor Committee. The last Environmental Monitor Committee (EMC) was held on 29 November 2021.
    • Current Projects. Work on West Beach Road (Port Alfred) is almost completed.  Once completed an Audit Report and Progress Report to be submitted to DEDEAT.
    • Submissions. Following a meeting with DEDEAT it was revealed that submissions were to be comprehensive and Method Statements for the various areas to be in great detail including both corrective and preventative maintenance.  Therefore, only applications which incorporate a Method Statement, including corrective and preventative maintenance, will be considered for approval.  Corrective maintenance of the parking areas and ablution at Kleinemonde to be submitted first.  Once the submission for Kleinemonde is approved, it can be used as a guidance for other submissions.
    • Project Planning. It is hoped that additional submissions for West Beach car park, East Beach car park and Cannon Rocks may still be submitted in 2021.  A list of submissions will be made available to EMC committee members.
    • General. The Ndlambe Municipality is bound to follow processes and procedures as prescribed by DEDEAT.  Any deviations or “short cuts” may give rise to the withdrawal of the authority issued by DEDEAT.  The EMC will visit all areas of concern to familiarize themselves with the circumstances early 2022.


  • Maintenance and Infrastructure.
    • It was reported that the water leak on the roof of the Community Hall was repaired in December 2021 at a cost of R3,914.00.
    • Traffic signage that was damaged during the December holiday, will be replaced by Mr. Du Plessis and the chairperson, assisted by municipal workers.
    • An offer to upgrade traffic signage in Cannon Rocks was received. Mr. Du Plessis and the chairman to follow-up on the offer.  Any changes or additional signage to be discussed with the Municipal Traffic Chief.
  • Fire Fighting and Precaution. Nothing to report.
  • Communication and Community Support.
    • Mr.  and Ms.  Du Plessis to investigate the possibility to erect a “Welcome Board” at the entrance of Cannon Rocks as well as suggestions of the wording on the board.
    • Following a lifesaving rescue at Cannon Rocks in December 2021 where one of the Rescue Pink Buoys was used, it was decided to purchase another two rescue buoys.
    • It was reported that the church service at Cannon Rocks was attended by approximately 170 people. The collection after the service of R 7,000.00 will be donated to a registered childcare organisation.
  • Security and Safety. Nothing to report.
  • Ward 1 Liaison. Mr.  Paul Strutt’s nomination as the Ward 1 representative was forwarded in writing.
  • Local Government and Development. See paragraph 26 below.
  • Environment. Environmental concerns are addressed in paragraph 28.4 below.
  • Advertising. Nothing to report.



  • Statement of Account. The bank balance as at the end of January 2022 was noted.
  • Expenditure. The following expenditure were approved.
    • R160 for travelling fees.
    • R180 for cleaning of the hall.
    • R3,914 for repairs on the roof of the community hall.


  • Correspondence Received. An email dated 8 January 2022 was received from Prof Grossman.
    • Decision. The Chairman to respond in writing to Prof Grossman.
  • Correspondence Sent.
    • Letter of condolence to the Van de Vyfer family.
    • Ward 1 Representative.
    • Appreciation to Jim Pomroy.
    • Street Maintenance to Ndlambe Municipality.


  • Application Consent Use: Erf 398. An application by Mr.  Reynecke, the owner of erf 398, no 5 Heather Street, Cannon Rocks was received from the Land Development Officer, Ndlambe Municipality.

24.1   Decision.  CRRA does not object to the application for consent use on erf 398, no.5 Heather Street

  • Email by Ms.  Watkins. Stand over until meeting in February 2022.
  • Items Arise from the AGM.
    • Attendance. The AGM was attended by seven committee members, 28 members as per attendance list and four apologies were received.
    • Fundraising: Automated External Defibrillator. During the AGM in December 2021, an enquiry was received for the need to support a fundraising for the purchase of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) apparatus.  It was referred to CRRA Committee for investigation and decision.  Professional advice received can be is summarized as follows:
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) apparatus should only be used by trained and qualified personnel.
  • Security organizations without a property medical capability and fully trained personnel should not operate such apparatus.
  • An AED should be used together with other medical monitor equipment.
  • All registered medical emergency institutions and vehicles should be equipped with an AED device.
  • Practical medical practitioners who are not close to a medical facility should have the required emergency apparatus available.
  • Incorrect procedures during application may lead to litigation actions.
  • Ad hoc fundraising initiatives to make an AED apparatus available for medical emergencies is therefore not supported.


  • Decision. Any enquiries or donations received will be forwarded to Coastal Kindness.


  • Behavior in Cannon Rocks. As complaints regarding the behavior of residents and holiday makers that were raised at the AGM is similar to concerns raised by Prof Grossman, it will be addressed simultaneously.
    • Complaints regarding possible health issues, transgression of municipal bylaws, noise pollution, building contractors/property owners using municipal verges for stock piling of building material and building rubble, non-removal of building rubble, tendency by residents/property owners to allow garden services to dump grass cuttings and garden refuse on vacant property which does not belong to them, clearing of property without considering Municipal Bylaws, damage to municipal signage and parking of caravans were raised and referred to CRRA committee.
  • Infrastructure. The possibility to increase municipal traffic signage, additional speed humps in Potgieter Street and possible removal of the damaged storm water pipes on the beach opposite Alice Road 41 (erf 493) were raised and referred to CRRA Committee.
  • Financial Contributions. Voluntary financial contributions were received at the AGM for the removal of sand, once the removal of sand at the parking area at the end of Dawn Street is approved by the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT).
  • Decision.
  • A letter to be forwarded to all estate agents and contractors flagging selective topics related to Cannon Rocks.
  • The following to be addressed in a Newsletter.
    • Use of untreated water in gardens.
    • Noise pollution.
    • Stock piling of building material and building rubble on municipal verges.
    • Removal of building rubble on completion of building activities.
    • Un-lawful dumping of grass cuttings and garden refuse on vacant property.
    • Parking of caravans.
  • The chairman and Mr. Du Plessis to follow-up an offer received for possible replacement/upgrade of traffic signs as well as the erection of a “Welcome Board” at the entrance of Cannon Rocks.
  • Portfolio holder Environment to investigate the possible removal of the damaged storm water pipes at the beach.
  • Portfolio holder Environment to follow-up the responsibility and use of mobile refuse bins.
  • As member of the Municipal Environmental Monitor Committee (EMC), the chairman to convey the offer of possible financial contributions towards the removal of sand at the parking area at the end of Dawn street, once approved by the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT).



  • The following items to addressed in the January Newsletter
    • Lifesaving rescue.
    • Church Service.


  • The next monthly meeting will be held on 1 February 2022 at the Cannon Rocks Community Hall.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 12h00

CHAIRMAN                                                               SECRETARY