Cannon Rocks Community Hall

On 5 October 2021 at 10:00


  1. The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everybody present.


  1. Present.

Mr Bert Venter                          Chairperson

Ms Adéle du Plessis

Ms Tracey Bull

Mr Philip du Plessis

Ms Michelle Hayes

Ms Barbara Beckmann

Mr Jim Pomroy

Mr Barry Fourie

  1. Apologies.

Ms Geraldine du Randt

Mr Paul Strutt

  1. Absent without Apology. None


  1. Refer to Additional Items below.


  1. The minutes of the committee meeting of 3 August 2021 were approved. Proposed by Mr Philip du Plessis and seconded by Ms Michelle Hayes.


  1. Telkom Communications. Nothing to report.
  2. Water Project.
    • Cape Padron/Fishkrale.
      • After the nine boreholes had been refurbished, each fitted with an electrical pump (four existing and five new), at Cape Padro/Fishkrale they were commissioned, in March 2021 and deliver water via a transfer pump station to the existing main pump station, west of the Fishkrale. The main pump station delivers water to the reservoirs at Alexandria via the existing (old) pipeline.
      • The commissioning of the new pipeline between the main pump station and Alexandria, which will replace the existing old pipeline, is the responsibility of Amatola Water. Amatola Water and the construction unit of the Department of Water and Sanitation is in the process of corrective maintenance on the new pipeline to enable pressure testing and commissioning of the new pipeline.
    • Boreholes at Cannon Rocks/Boknes.
      • Both an Eskom kiosk as well as the electrical cable were installed at the new borehole in Boknes. It was commissioned during June 2021 after Eskom supply was completed.  The Eskom kiosk to the new borehole at the entrance of Cannon Rocks was completed during July 2021 without being connected to the borehole.  However, this connection was done on 17 September 2021 and the second borehole was commissioned.
      • The remaining three kiosks to supply Eskom electricity to the last three boreholes in Potgieter Street are awaiting for Eskom. Commissioning of these boreholes will only be possible once the kiosks are installed and Eskom electrical supply to the boreholes is connected.
    • Reverse Osmoses Plant.
      • Once the structure is completed, the new RO plant will be delivered, installed and commissioned.
      • However, Eskom is experiencing delays in the delivery of the new electrical transformer that will supply electricity to both the existing as well as the new RO plant. Completion of the structure, as well as commissioning of the new RO during November 2021 as planned, may be delayed subjected to the delivery date of the new electrical transformer.
    • Brine Outlet. The new pipeline for the brine outlet is completed.
    • Operational Control. A telemetry system will control the supply and demand of water for the RO system.
  3. Background Information Document: Erf 544.  Comment on the Background Information Document (BID dated 27 September 2021 was forwarded to Hort Couture Landscaping Architecture and Planning.


  1. Feedback from NRF.
    • Although the RO plant at Port Alfred is in operation, it does not function at full capacity due to the lack of water supply quality statistics.
    • The contracts of all the Municipal Manager as well as the directors are due within the next three to six months.
    • The NRF is not in favour of the proposal by the Ndlambe Municipality to take over Eskom supply in areas, i.e. Cannon Rocks/Boknes, where Eskom supply electricity directly to the consumer. The NRF is of the opinion that this will lead to an increase in electricity tariffs and a decline in maintenance of electricity infrastructure.
    • A Ratepayer Support Forum consisting of KOSRA, BRAG, Tourism, KoS Estuary Care and KoS Chamber of Commerce to address areas of common interest to KoS and Boesmans River Mouth, was established.
    • AG Report. Motion by DA to Council re the AG’s report about persons in service with the Municipality whose close family members had private or business interests in contracts awarded by the Municipality.  During enquiries by the DA, the Municipal Manager by using the POPI Act for supplying tender related information.  This response was strongly opposed by the NRF as this reply has no relevance to the POPI Act.
    • Halyards Hotel. The General Manager of the Royal Alfred Marina homeowner’s Association wrote a letter on behalf of the Marina, the Port Alfred Ratepayers and Residents’ Association and the Sunshine Coast Tourism Board to express their growing concern about the deteriorating quality of the Halyards property.  Quite frequently visitors to Port Alfred express their concern and disappointment about the overall condition of the property.  Many Port Alfred residents are worried that the Halyards is soon to become yet another embarrassing eyesore in the town’s landscape, alongside The Lodge and The Ferryman’s


  1. Community Hall. It was reported that the fridge that was repaired is not working anymore.  It was also reported that the kitchen geyser burst.
    • The ladies club offered to replace the fridge with second fridge at their cost.
    • An amount of R2,500.00 was approved for the purchase of a mini kitchen geyser.
  2. Tennis Courts. Renovation of the tennis courts will start soon.
  3. Play Park. A letter of thank you to be forwarded to Mr. Ben de Beer for the erection of the timber horse at the playpark as well as supplying the ropes for the swings.
  4. Environmental Monitor Committee (Parking Areas).
    • A virtual Environmental Monitor Committee (EMC) meeting was held on 20 September 2021. This is regarded as the first “working” EMC meeting.
    • A copy of the EMC minutes, once available, will be forwarded to NRF members only on request.
    • Due to discussion and uncertainty regarding the powers of the EMC, the chairman emphasized that the EMC is an advisory and not a decision forum. However, it must monitor and ensure compliance to all approved applications, ensure regular reporting to DEDAET and serves as a link to the public. See below:
    • Both a list of “Quick Wins” that was submitted to DEDEAT, as well as a list of futuristic activities was presented.
    • The need to establish a list of criteria to measure and priorities activities, especially when available resources are limited, was raised.
    • The EMC will visit all areas of concern to familiarize themselves with the circumstances.
    • It was accepted that the functioning of the forum will be a learning curve for all members as this is the first of its kind in the RSA. Therefore, the EMC will initially meet more regularly to ensure continuity.
    • It was also agreed that disputes should be solved internal and thus avoiding possible litigation at all times.


  1. Maintenance and Infrastructure.
    • Meeting with Acting Director Infrastructural Development. Following a letter dated 10 August 2021 by CRRA, a meeting was held with the Acting Director Infrastructural Development on 22 September 2021.  A follow-up meeting was arranged with Mr. Tulani Maluleke, the Deputy Director (West), Infrastructural Development on 4 September 2021.  The following items were discussed.
      • Water Leaks. It seems that the quantity of water leaks in the municipal water supply line to both Cannon Rocks and Boknes sharply increased in the last six to nine months.  Ageing water supply infrastructure possible incorrect re-opening/bleeding procedure, corroded fire hydrants and household connections were identified as possible causes for the increase in water leaks.  It should also be noted that residents are very sensitive to municipal water losses.  Therefore, reporting of water leaks improved dramatically.
      • Maintenance Galjoen Street. The poor condition and the increase in potholes in Galjoen Street (road between Boknes crossing and Cannon Rocks) was discussed.  The Deputy Director (West) was shocked when he saw the fast deterioration of this road in the last two to three months.  Not only poor supervision but also incorrect repair methodology was identified as the main causes for the poor condition of the street.
      • Maintenance of Streets. Appreciation for the recent repair of some of the gravel streets by the Ndlambe Municipality, were conveyed to the Deputy Director.  However, the poor condition of the rest of the gravel roads was discussed.  The focus areas for urgent repairs, were identified during a road show after the meeting.
      • Damage to Fire Hydrants. Damage to fire hydrants, during taking water from Cannon Rocks to other areas in the Ndlambe Municipal, was also discussed.
      • Remedial Action. The acting director undertook to:
        • Formalise, in conjunction with CRRA, procedures for opening, closure and bleeding of the water supply system during repairs and the use of shutoff valves.
        • Provide onsite training to the local municipal supervisor and some of the municipal workers on the correct procedure to repair potholes. He will also supervise the repair of potholes in Galjoen, Alice and Doreen streets.
        • Subjected to availability of funds, he also undertook to complete the repair of the gravel roads.
        • To obtain permission that CRRA may have insight in the water consumption records. (Scada Records).
      • Decision.
      • Maintenance of Main Road – MR0463. A letter dated 27 September was sent to the Mr Randall Moore, District Road Engineer at the Dept. of Transport, reporting the poor condition of the Main Road between the R72 and Boknes and Cannon Rocks.  On 30 September 2021 the District Road Engineer reported that a contractor will be appointed to repair the potholes on the MR 0463 soon.
      • Decision.
      • Maintenance Erf 199. The Municipal Supervisor to be requested to cut the grass on erf 199 (Comminute Hall)
  1. Fire Fighting and Precaution. For security reasons, both owners on the eastern side of Cannon Rocks do not support a fire break on the adjacent municipal property.
  2. Communication and Community Support.
    • Information Leaflet. The proposed information leaflet for Cannon Rocks was approved.  A letter of thanks to be forwarded to Ms.  Adéle du Plessis, Tracey Bull, Mr. Gary Bull and Ron McKenzey for the drafting and printing of the information leaflet.
  3. Security and Safety. It was reported that Hi-Tech Security introduced an application “BUZZER” for security purposes.  The application can be downloaded at no cost.
  4. Ward 1 Liaison. Nothing to report.
  5. Local Government and Development. Nothing to report.
  6. Environmental. An email dated 4 September 2021 was received from the Section Ranger: Woody Cape Addo Elephant National Park.  An on-site inspection revealed that the fire break of  ± 6m on the eastern border of the Addo National Park and Cannon Rocks residential area, comply to the agreement with the Section Ranger.  However, the Section Ranger will be approached to remove the branches and vegitation that was removed during the fire break clearing exercise.  It should be noted that the stormwater pipe along Alice Road leading the to the adjacent dry river in the Addo Park, was intalled during the development of Cannon Rock some 50 years ago.
  7. Decision. A letter to be forwarded to the Section Ranger is response to the email dated 4 September 2021.
  8. Advertising. Payment of one advertiser is outstanding.


  1. Statement of Account. The bank balances as at the end of October 2021 were noted.
  2. Expenditure. The following expenditure were approved.
    • 00 for the repair of the fridge.
    • R1,700.00 for payment of the annual Website fees.
    • 00 for travelling to attend meetings in Port Alfred.


  1. Correspondence Received.
    • E Mail dated 12 September 2021 from Prof Grossman. (attached)
    • E Mail dated 27 September 2021 from Marcia Fargnoli.
  2. Correspondence Sent.
    • Letter of condolence to Maree family.
    • Letter of condolence to family of Joan Pullen.
    • Letter Maintenance of Main Road.
    • Feedback on erf 235.
    • Feedback on erf 544.


  1. Annual General Meeting. The annual general meeting will be scheduled for 30 December 2012 at 16h00.
  2. Secretary. The secretarial portfolio to be filled.
  3. E Mail from Prof Grossman. An email dated 13 September 2021 was received from Prof Grossman addressing various enquiries.  Not all committee members are in agreement with respect to the views expressed in the e-mail.  However, proposals made will be investigate.
    • Decision. The chairman to provide feedback to Prof Grossman in writing.
  4. E Mail from Marcia Fargnoli. An email dated 27 September 2021 was received from Marcia Fargnoli addressing environmental concerns.
    • Decision. The chairman to provide feedback to Marcia Fargnoli in writing.


  1. The following items to addressed in the October Newsletter.
    • Maintenance Infrastructure: Cannon Rocks.
    • Water Project.
    • Use of Trails: Addo National Park.
    • Eskom Reporting Procedure.
    • Hi-Tec Buzz.
    • Street Numbers.


  1. The next meeting will be held on 2 November 2021 at 10h00, at the Cannon Rocks Community Hall.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 12h15.