ON 5 SEPTEMBER 2023 AT 10H00


  1. The Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed everybody present.


  1. Present.

Mr. Barry Fourie                        Chairperson

Ms. Michelle Hayes

Ms. Barbara Beckmann

Ms. Alta Kotze

Ms. Tracy Bull

Mr. Philip du Plessis

Ms. Adéle du Plessis                 Acting Secretary

  1. Apologies.

Mr. Bert Venter

  1. Absent without Apology.

Mr. Paul Strutt


  • Property Valuation Meeting.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Meeting.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Follow-up Meeting.
  • Outdoor Gym.
  • Vodacom Tower.
  • Request for Contact Detail.
  • Drought Water Tariffs.


  1. Approval of the minutes of the committee meeting of 1 August 2023 proposed by Ms. Barbara Beckmann and seconded by Ms.  Alta Kotze. Minutes to be made available on the Website.


  1. Ndlambe Coastal Maintenance Management Plan. Nothing to report.
  2. Feedback from the Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum. Nothing to report.


  1. Maintenance and Infrastructure.
    • Maintenance of Street Lights. The defective street lights in Cannon Rocks were repaired on 8 August 2023.  Due to a shortage of material, especially light bulbs, not all defective street lights were repaired.
    • Decision. The Portfolio Holder Infrastructure to compile a new list of defective street lights.
    • Play Park. Trees that were damaged during the stormy winds were removed by Mr. Martin Muller.  Continious maintenance of the play park required.
    • Repair and Management Plan of Generator.
      • Mr du Plessis reported that the generator was repaired and is in a good running condition. An extension cable of 11 meters is required at a cost of ±R11.00 per meter total of R330.00.  The generator will be stored in the Community Hall braai area and be managed by Mr. du Plessis.
      • Tarif List to be updated to include the rental of the generator if needed.
  1. Fire Fighting and Precaution.
    • Portfolio holder to arrange a meeting with Mr. Tinus Smit of Boknes Ratepayers Association regarding the operational readiness of firefighting capability of CRRA and BNR.
    • Phillip du Plessis reported that a panic button is available on the remote control of clients of Hi-Tec Security. However, this button is subjected to network being operational.
  2. Communication and Community Support. Nothing to Report
  3. Security and Safety.
    • Traffic Signage. Awaiting traffic signage as well as quantity of brackets required.  Portfolio holder to follow-up.
  4. Ward 1 Liaison. Nothing to report.
  5. Local Government and Development. Nothing to report.
  6. Environment.
    • Awareness Notice Board. The portfolio holder reported that the frames for the awareness boards will be delivered soon.
  7. Advertising. Nothing to report.


  1. Statement of Account.
    • The bank balance as at the end of August 2023 was noted with approval.
    • Members are reminded that an original copy of invoice to be provided to the treasurer, and where e-mailed invoices are received, the member requesting payment to sign such document.
  2. Expenditure. The following expenditure was approved.
    • R1,500.00 for the removal of trees at the play park.
    • 00 for cleaning of the hall.


  1. Correspondence Received.
    • Vodacom 4 August 2023
    • Vodacom 8 August 2023.
  1. Correspondence Sent.
    • Maintenance of the Road between the R72 and the Boknes/Cannon Rocks crossing dated 15 August 2023.
    • Request for Outdoor Gym dated 25 August 2023.


  1. Property Valuation Meeting. In terms of legislation Municipalities are obliged to review properties valuations within its jurisdiction every five years.  A meeting was held on 15 August 2023 at the Boknes Community Hall to present the Municipal Valuation Process.  During the Power Point presentation both the valuation and appeal processes were highlighted.  Grounds/arguments that may be used for appeal as well as grounds that will not be accepted for appeals, were discussed in detail.  Any valuation deviation <10% from the previous valuation must be reviewed automatically.  The appointed consultant provided his contact details for assistance during an application to appeal.  Prior to submission for approval, the draft valuation report will be made available for public insight and comment.
    • Decision. Noted with approval.
  2. Infrastructure Maintenance Meeting.
    • A meeting was held on 17 August at the Cannon Rocks Community Hall to discuss the maintenance of the municipal streets in Cannon Rocks. During a presentation, the chairman explained briefly the Municipal Budget Process and the various sources of income for maintenance of infrastructure.  Due to the absence of the Dep. Director Infrastructure Development (west), the municipal’s plan to both preventative (ongoing) maintenance for the current financial year, as well as medium term (0-3 years) corrective (repair/upgrade) maintenance of the streets in Cannon Rocks was not discussed.
    • During a follow-up meeting on 29 August 2023 the Dep. Director Infrastructure Development (West) discussed the municipal’s plan for both preventative (ongoing) maintenance for the current financial year, as well as medium term (0-3 years) corrective (repair/upgrade) maintenance of the streets in Cannon Rocks. A list of maintenance tasks as well as estimated dates for completion during the current financial year, was presented.  The paving of Potgieter street, phase one, is scheduled for the 2025 financial year and phase two in the 2026 financial year while the paving of Futter Street is scheduled for 2027 financial year.  The tasks as presented will be monitored by the Cannon Rocks Rate Payers Association committee.
    • Decision. CRRA Committee to monitor progress of the Municipal Short Term Infrastructure Plan.
  3. Outdoor Gym. Ida Strutt managed to obtain information of available outdoor training apparatus, including the instalment thereof.  The concept of outdoor training facilities in Cannon Rocks were supported.  It was decided that a letter to be forwarded to the personal assistant of the Executive Mayor of the Sarah Baartman Disctrict.  Ida Strutt (convener) and Alta Kotze were appointed to obtain detail information regarding the availability, financial implications, maintenance responsibility, instalment and permission by the Ndlambe Municipality to install training apparatus on municipal property.  An application for an outdoor gym was forwarded to the Executive Mayor Sarah Baartman District Municipality on 25 August 2023.
    • Decision. Awaiting feedback.
  4. Vodacom Tower. The following two messages was received from Vodacom Network Department on 13 and 29 August 2023 respectively.

Dear Customer, With regards to your query with ref number 2-36126484984876. Please note that your service request is still in progress and is being addressed. Visit from your PC or cell phone. Thank you, Vodacom

Good Day Mr. Venter.  We attempted to contact you regarding feedback for your network query.  Please be advised we have provided your details to the planner with regards to the new tower request.  They do not have a time frame as yet as to when the tower will be built unfortunately as they are still awaiting approvals.  We do apologize for the inconvenienced caused.  Kind Regards.  Vodacom Network Department

  • Decision. Noted for information.
  1. Update of Contact Detail. The following request was received on 28 August 2023 form the Ndlambe Municipal Valuation Clerk.


Good day Chairpersons of Ratepayers Associations,

I would kindly like to request your assistance in communicating with your members through your platforms, that any ratepayer who wishes to update their email address or change the method they are currently using to receive their municipal Rates and services accounts from postal to email, that they should please contact me to do so. We are experiencing problems with the Post Office with post being delivered late or not at all therefore we are trying to have updated contact details to avoid any delays that might occur when we send out important notices.

All request for contact details to be updated can be send to me at

Thank you for your assistance.

Kind regards

Jeanette Pienaar

Valuations Clerk: Ndlambe Municipality

  • Decision. Noted for information.
  1. Drought Water Tariffs. The necessity of drought water tariffs on Ndlambe Municipal Accounts, was questioned.
    • Decision. The chairman to follow-up the necessity of using drought water tariffs on Ndlambe Municipal accounts.


  1. The following items to be addressed in the September Newsletter.
    • Use of panic buttons.
    • Update of contact details.


  1. The next monthly will be held on 3 October 2023.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 11h30

CHAIRMAN                                                               SECRETARY