SPESIALE NUUSBRIEF/SPECIAL NEWSLETTER: CANNON ROCKS / BOKNES BELASTING BETALERS VERENIGINGS/RATE PAYERS ASSOCIATIONS JUNIE/JUNE 2021 Beide Boknes (BRA) en Cannon Rocks Belasting (CRRA) Betalers Verenigings is terdeë bewus van die groeiende bekommernis van die gemeenskap oor die onwettige vestiging van plakkers te Boknes tuinvullis stortingsterrein, langs die Ndlambe Munisipale behuising vir werknemers, asook die beplanning van


NEWS LETTER – JUNE 2021 CANNON ROCKS RATE PAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Tennis Courts.                      CANNON ROCKS TENNIS CLUB TEL: 082 391 8025 / EMAIL: hpmadele@mweb.co.za The tennis courts have been identified as one of the four most precious areas of importance to Cannon Rocks and need to be maintained.  Currently both courts are in desperate need


NEWS LETTER – MAY 2021 CANNON ROCKS RATE PAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Street Address.  Duplication of street addresses as well as the use of the old street addresses in Cannon Rocks causes confusing to locate a specific destination. Residents and property owners are requested to replace the erf number with the street number as captured on


NEWS LETTER – APRIL 2021 CANNON ROCKS RATE PAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Ndlambe Coastal Maintenance Plan.  The Ndlambe Municipality is committed to maintain public amenities and encourage tourism.  To enable this commitment, regular maintence on existing services infrastructure is a prerequisite.  However, to conduct regular maintenance, these maintenance tasks may trigger activities in terms of existing


NEWS LETTER – MARCH 2021 CANNON ROCKS RATE PAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Recycle.  An information pamphlet was received from Altins Recycling in Port Alfred whereby advertising their recycling services.  As no suitable municipal space is available in Cannon Rocks, residents are requested to make use of this opportunity and deposit recyclable items at the municipal refuse


Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association AGM As a result of the announcement by the President, on the 28 December 2020, resulting in South Africa moving to an amended Lockdown 3, the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association AGM has been postponed until a later date. Members as well as new members are encouraged to pay member fees for


REPORT BY CHAIRMAN: 2020 Feedback to Members. During 2020 the committee provided feedback to members after each committee meeting.  This feedback was replaced by a monthly newsletter from September 2020.  Therefore, the Annual Report by the Chairman is merely a brief summary of activities as reported. Planning Approach. The committee embarked on a new approach


NEWS LETTER - NOVEMBER 2020 CANNON ROCKS RATE PAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Security.  Due to Covid-19 related regulations, the possibility of after hour patrolling in Cannon Rocks during December will be investigated.  Other security investigations, including the monitor responsibility of security cameras, are not finalised yet.  Investigations may also include the viability of a “Panic


NEWS LETTER - OCTOBER 2020 (Second Edition) CANNON ROCKS RATE PAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) Water Tariffs.  During a Special Open Council Meeting on 25 August 2020 the draught water tariff was amended for implementation with effect from 1 September 2020.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances, implementation is postponed until 1 October 2020. Date of AGM.  The


NEWS LETTER CANNON ROCKS RATE PAYERS ASSOCIATION (CRRA) – OCTOBER 2020 Street Numbering. Since the development of Cannon Rocks, property owners used the stand (ERF) number as a street address.  Stand numbers were allocated during the various phases of development and therefore did not follow standard street numbering standards.  This phenomenon created confusion especially