1. Feedback from AGM 29 December 2022.
    • Security. The replacement of the number plate recognition security (LPR) camera at the entrance to Cannon Rocks was discussed and approved during the previous AGM.  A camera was procured and fitted at a cost of R13,800.00.  The camera is an integral element of the local security camera systems i.e. the SAPS and surrounding neighborhood security structures.
    • Street Numbering. Property owners are once again requested to replace their existing street address with the new street address number available on the municipal account, as soon as possible, to eliminate confusion as the new street addresses are captured on Google Maps and thereby replacing the addresses that reflects the erf number as the street address.  Display of both the erf and the street address also creates confusion
    • Emergency Services.
      • Following enquiries regarding the availability of a panic button other than the panic button available on the remote control of clients of Hi-Tec Security, it was revealed that a single button remote control used as a panic button is also available to clients of Hi-Tec Security.
      • A real time SOS facility (app called Buzzer) is also available from Hi-Tec Security. This facility provides various options of emergency via a single SOS message.
  1. Maintenance: Provincial Roads. Various letters were forwarded to the District Road Engineer, Eastern Cape Department of Transport, reporting the disintegration of the provincial road (MR0463) between the R72 and the Cannon Rocks/Boknes crossing.  Although the response to these letters was positive, it seems that the quality control of work done is questionable.
  2. Municipal Liaison.
    • Drought Water Tariffs. The Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum requested that the existing municipal drought water tariffs be downgraded to normal water tariffs.
    • Removal of Debris. On request from the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association, permission was granted under the Marine Law of Jetsam and Flotsam, for the removal of the remaining piece of a shipping container from the beach.
    • Integrated Development Plan: 2023/2024. The following items were included in the Municipal Integrated Development Plan (IDP) 2023/2024


  • Tarring of Potgieter Street in Cannon Rocks.
  • Paving of Nancy-, Patricia-, Futter- and Gavin Streets in Cannon Rocks.


  • Erection of three additional speed humps in Potgieter street Cannon Rocks.
  • Stabilise, raise and repair gravel streets, as identified, in Cannon Rocks.
  • Repair tarred surface, including a layer of slurry in Galjoen- and Beach Streets.
  • Repair pressure switch and booster pump that supplies potable water to properties in the new extension, situated on higher elevation areas in Cannon Rocks.
  • Water truck operators not briefed by municipal officials of procedures applicable when taking potable water at the water distribution point in Galjoen Street, Cannon Rocks.
  • Re-commissioning of the previous (smaller) reservoir in use prior to the erection of the new reservoir at Cannon Rocks.
  • Follow-up to investigate the proposal namely, “apply for a dedicated supply for CAN29 or micro grid solution” made by Eskom in response for application for exclusion of reverse osmosis plant at Cannon Rocks from load shedding.
  • Medium to Long Term Maintenance contract of the Reverse Osmosis Plant at Cannon Rocks to be finalised.
  • Preventative maintenance (regular inspection/and maintenance) is not carried out on municipal vehicles, tractors or equipment.
    • Integrated Development Plan: 2024/2025. The inclusion to upgrade Galjoen Street in the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for 2024/2025, was forwarded to the IDP manager.
    • Maintenance. Following complaints received from residents, a public meeting was held with the Deputy Director Infrastructure Development (West) to discuss the maintenance of the streets in Cannon Rocks. The Deputy Director presented the Municipal Maintenance Plan for the Financial Year 2023/2024 to attend to the maintenance of streets in Cannon Rocks.  These action were included in Infrastructure Maintenance Plan which is monitored during two monthly meetings with the Deputy Director.
    • Transgression of Legislation. During discussions with the Municipal By-Law Officer and the Municipal Dog and Animal Control Officer the following was highlighted.
      • Dogs attacking residents.
      • Dogs without a leash in public.
      • Poultry etc. in domestic area.
      • Illegal dumping of branches and grass/garden refuse.
    • Transgression of By-Laws. Transgression of the Ndlambe Municipal Prevention of Public Nuisances and Keeping of Animals By-Law is one of most common area of conflict.  An incident occurred were elderly people were attacked by dogs on the beach.  This incident was reported to the Ndlambe Municipal By-Law Officer and a case was opened at the SA Police Station in Alexandria.  Residents and property owners are requested to familiarize themselves with the content of the Ndlambe Municipal Prevention of Public Nuisances and Keeping of Animals By-Law when they intent to keep domesticated animals like poultry etc. in domestic areas.
    • Illegal Squatting. The illegal squatters were, in terms of the Eviction Order granted by the Honorable Judge Bloem at The High Court Makhanda on 25 March 2023, successfully evicted from the garden refuse transfer site at Boknes, during June 2023.
    • Update of Contact Detail. Due to delivery problems experienced with the Post Office Service where post is being delivered late or not at all, the Ndlambe Municipality request that property owners and residents to change their current method of receiving municipal correspondence.  In an attempt to avoid any delays that might occur when any correspondence or important notices were sent to property owners and residents, the municipality is trying to update their contact database.  Property owners and residents who wish to update their e-mail address or change the method they are currently using to receive their municipal rates and services accounts or any correspondence from postal delivery to e-mail, are requested to contact Jeanette Pienaar, the Municipal Valuation Clerk, at
  1. Communication.
    • Website. Residents are reminded of Cannon Rocks Rate Payers Association’s (CRRA) website.  The website hosts a menu of pages namely; home, cannon rocks ratepayers, gallery, accommodation, services rendered, kite surfing, news and contact us.  Both newsletters and minutes of CRRA committee meetings are available on the website.  Google search engine – cannon rocks, eastern cape, south africa, seaside village may be used to gain access to the website.
    • Information Boards. Two new information boards were purchased and erected in Cannon Rocks.
  2. Fire Fighting and Precaution. Following a house that was recently destroyed by fire and the poor reaction by the Ndlambe Fire Section, the operational readiness of the Ndlambe Municipal Integrated Emergency Centre at Boesmansriver is awaiting. It is also recommended that owners of generators have a 4.5kg, or larger, fire extinguisher available.
  3. Projects.
    • Entrance to Cannon Rocks. The wall, as well as other features at the entrance to Cannon Rocks started to deteriorate due to exposure to weather conditions.  A dedicated team upgraded the entrance to Cannon Rocks.  Appreciation for a task well done.



  1. Legislative and Safety.
    • Speed Limit. Residents are once again reminded that the municipal speed limit in Cannon Rocks is 40km per hour.
    • NAVIC System. National Vehicle Intelligence Cloud (NAVIC) security system.  NAVIC is a South African company providing various tools and services in the provision of a security ecosystem for communities, business and government in the Security Industry.  The system can be connected to the License Recognition Number Plate (LRP) camera at the entrance of Cannon Rocks.  Any stolen vehicle that is reported on the NAVIC system can be tracked nationally.  Registration on the system requires a once off registration fee of R650.00 and a monthly fee of R450.00.
  2. Environment.
    • Dune Encroachment. To address sand dune encroachment along the coastline in the Ndlambe Municipal, a Coastal Maintenance Management Plan (MMP) including an Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) was approved by the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) on 11 August 2020.  The Parking Lot Sand Removal and Ablution Repairs at Kleinemonde Island, which was identified as the pilot project was completed.  The remaining projects, including both public parking areas and the underground storm water system at Cannon Rocks will be prioritized for submission to DEDEAT.
    • Recycling. Although Bushmans Recycling is still in operation, residents of Cannon Rocks are advised to deposit their recyclable items in a transparent bag, which can be obtained from the Cannon Rocks Caravan Park and leave these bags at the municipal grounds at the entrance of Boknes.  Please do not leave recyclable items with your household refuse as it will not be removed by the municipality when collecting domestic refuse.
  3. Membership Fees. Membership fees of R100.00 per annum for 2024 is payable in cash or EFT to the following bank account.  Please use your surname and street address as reference.  Cash payments may also be made to any Committee member.
  • Account Name:           Cannon Rocks Ratepayers
  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Account No: 084002417
  • Branch:           051001
  1. Addo National Park Trails. It is once again stressed that the Addo National Park trail starting from the cannons at Cannon Rocks is restricted to pedestrians only.  Therefore, no vehicles, bicycles or any form of transport (motorized or not-motorized) etc. are allowed on the trail.  Residents and visitors are privileged to be able to explore the Addo National Park on foot and experience a large variety of protected wildlife and plants.  The majority of people visiting this section of Addo National Park love and respect it and do not cause damage.  However, an increasing number of people using the trails for the wrong purposes are causing damage.
  2. Social.
    • Bring and Share. A Bring and Share evening is scheduled for 14 December 2023 from 18h00.  Residents and newcomers are invited and enjoy a wide spread of menu that will be available to satisfy everyone’s taste.
  3. Appreciation.
    • Donations. During the year various financial donations were received.  These generous donations are appreciated and will be used to the best advantage of residents and property owners in Cannon Rocks.
    • As chairman, I would like to use this opportunity to thank the committee members for their unthankful dedication throughout the year and who are always willing to “walk the extra mile.