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  1. Illegal Squatting. The Honorable Judge Bloem granted an Eviction Order against the illegal occupiers of the Municipal property situated at the Boknes Garden Transfer Refuse Terrain in The High Court Makhanda on 25 March 2023.  The illegal occupiers shall vacate the property on or before 31st May 2023, failing which, the Sheriff for the area within which the property is situated be authorized to evict the illegal occupiers.
  2. Mayoral IDP/Budget Roadshow. A Mayoral Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and Budget Roadshow was held on 25 April 2023 at Boknes Hall.  During questions by residents, the following, amongst others, were raised.
    • Only three days of notice for such an important meeting resulted in very poor attendance.
    • The IDP/Budget process indicates that interaction between residents and municipal officials should be during November each year. Therefore, it is too late in the process to evaluate requests properly for inclusion in budget.
    • Enquiries regarding declaring of private interests by municipal officials and the control and management to ensure that such interests is not attended to during normal working hours.
    • Enquiries was also raised regarding the facilities and infrastructure at Boknes beach.
    • Varies items reflected in the report for Ward 1, were questioned. The Mayor therefore instructed that a meeting between municipal officials and both ratepayers associations of Boknes and Cannon Rocks to be scheduled as soon as possible to discuss the feedback provided and inputs to the IDP.
    • Except for the Director Community Protection Services, no other municipal officials attended the follow-up meeting on 5 May 2023. In the absence of municipal officials, the committee members present decided to continue and document their concerns and inputs.  These concerns and inputs to be forwarded to the municipal IDP Office under the signature of both the chairmen of Cannon Rocks and Boknes Ratepayers Associations.



  1. Entrance to Cannon Rocks Project. The wall, as well as other features at the entrance to Cannon Rocks started to deteriorate due to exposure to weather conditions.  A team consisting of Phillip du Plessis, Adele du Plessis, Mark Purdon and staff and Kobus Kruger undertook to upgrade the entrance to Cannon Rocks.  Appreciation for a task well done.
  2. Infrastructure Maintenance. Various items of the infrastructure maintenance plan which were due at the end of April 2023, are not finalized due to shortage of material and non-availability of earth moving equipment.  The verges were cut and, except for one area, overgrown bushes were trimmed/cut.  Residents are requested to contact the portfolio holder for any short comings.  The base level at three areas in Cannon Rocks still have to be raised and stabilized with a mix of G5 material and cement.
  3. Street Lights. Following a survey, as well as feedback received from residents, a list of defective streets lights in Cannon Rocks was forwarded to the Ndlambe Municipality.  Repair work will be monitored by the committee.