More information is available on our Website: Cannon Rocks, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Seaside village

Street Numbering.  After numerous attempts to change addresses from Erf numbers to street numbers, the following erf numbers are still causing a problem 4, 8, 12, 56, 57, 59, 63, 66, 68, 69, 163, 164, 166, 168, 170, 172, 174, 176, 182, 186, 207, 211, 215, 366, 368, 370, 430, 432 ,445, 479, 481, 484, 485, 489.  This is due to duplication of erf numbers and street numbers.

Meeting with Residents.  Due to complaints received from residents, an open meeting is scheduled for the 17th of August 2023 at 16h00 in the Cannon Rocks Community Hall to discuss the maintenance of the streets in Cannon Rocks.

Appreciation – Search and Rescue Operation.  To all individuals and organizations who participated in the search for a Cannon Rocks resident who was reported missing, a very special word of appreciation for your speedy and well organised efforts during extraordinary inclement weather conditions.  The KOS Community Police Forum’s motto “Unity is Strength” was echoed when organizations and volunteers from surrounding villages joined hands to achieve a common goal.

Infrastructure Maintenance.  A letter dated 25 July 2023 was forwarded to the District Road Engineer, Eastern Cape Department of Transport, reporting the disintegration of the provincial road (MR0463) between the R72 and the Cannon Rocks/Boknes crossing that was repaired recently.