1. Donations. During the last three months various financial donations were received.  These generous donations are appreciated and will be used to the best advantage of residents and property owners in Cannon Rocks.
  2. Fishing Licences. The issuing of fishing licences at the Cannon Rocks Caravan Park is not possible due to the non-availability of receipt books supplied by the Post Office.
  3. Street Numbers. Except for 27 ervens, the erf numbers of all 728 ervens in Cannon Rocks are captured on Google Maps and thereby replacing the addresses that reflects the erf number as the street address  To eliminate confusion, residents as well as property owners are urged to replace existing erf numbers with the street address available on the municipal account.  Display of both the erf and the street address also creates confusion.  Please use the street address for delivering purposes.
  4. Illegal Squatting. The legal firm SCJ@Co’s application in the High Court of Makhanda against the unlawful and illegal occupiers of the garden refuse transfer site at Boknes to evict, was scheduled for 1 November 2022.  On 1 November 2022 the case was postponed by the Judge of the Makhanda High Court.  The case was postponed again, for the fourth time until 28 February 2023.
  5. Transgression of Legislation. During a meeting between the Municipal By-Law Officer, the municipal Dog and Animal Control Officer, CRRA Portfolio Holder – Safety and Security and CRRA Chairman on 24 January 2023 the following was discussed.
    • Dogs attacking residents.
    • Dogs without a leash in public.
    • Poultry etc. in domestic area.
    • Additional Signage.
    • Illegal dumping of branches and grass/garden refuse.
  6. Transgression of By-Law. An incident of transgression of the Ndlambe Municipal Prevention of Public Nuisances and Keeping of Animals By-Law occurred very recently were elderly people were attacked by dogs on the beach.  This incident was reported to the Ndlambe Municipal By-Law Officer.  A case was subsequently opened at the SA Police Station in Alexandria.  All reported incidences will be treated confidentially and on a need to know basis and will be forwarded to the Municipal By-Law Officer for action.