1. Street Numbers. Except for 30 ervens, the erf numbers of all 728 ervens in Cannon Rocks are captured on Google Maps and thereby replacing the addresses that reflects the erf number as the street address.  A copy of the street addresses and the corresponding erf numbers was forwarded to Hi-Tec Security.  To eliminate confusion, residents as well as property owners are urged to:
    • Replace existing erf numbers with the street address available on the municipal account. Display of both the erf and the street address also creates confusion.
    • Use the street address for delivering purposes.
  2. Illegal Squatting. The legal firm SCJ@Co’s application in the High Court of Makhanda against the unlawful and illegal occupiers of the garden refuse transfer site at Boknes to evict, was scheduled for 1 November 2022.  On 1 November 2022 the case was postponed by the Judge of the Makhanda High Court.  The case were postponed twice until 31 January 2023.
  3. Transgression of Legislation. An alarming increase in incidences of the blatant transgression of the Ndlambe Municipality Prevention of Public Nuisances and Keeping Animals By-Low, were reported during the last five to six months.  All cases reported relates to the transgression of Clause 14 (maximum two dogs), Clause 19 (dogs and cats may not bring or allowed in a street or public places unless the dog is on a leash) and Clause 20 (control and behaviour of dogs).  A case was reported of an angler that was attack by four dogs on the beach opposite Cannon Rocks.  All reported incidences will be treated confidential and on a need to know basis and will be forwarded to the Municipal By-Law Officer for action.
  4. Management of Water in the Eastern Cape. The Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum responded in writing to Department of Water and Sanitation’s intention to extend the service area of Amatola Water to cover the entire Eastern Cape as published in Government Gazette no 2738 dated 14 November 2022.  Acknowledgement of receipt was received on 10 January 2023.  A copy of the respond is available from the Chairman of the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association on request.