Water Project.

Four of the five new boreholes are in operation.  The high quality of the water from new boreholes resulted in less load on the Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant.  The remaining kiosk and electrical supply to the last borehole is awaiting from Eskom.

The new electrical transformer that supplies electricity to both the existing as well as the new RO plant was installed and commissioned.  However, the contractor is experiencing delays in the deliveries and completion of the structure.  Material to finish the construction was only received at the end of October 2021.  The new RO plant will be delivered and installed once the structure is completed.

Maintenance Infrastructure.  Following the meeting of 4 August 2021 with the Deputy Director Infrastructural Development (West), a follow-up meeting was held on 21 October 2021.  The following items were discussed.

  • Water Leaks. No significant changes of the quantity of water leaks experienced since the previous meeting was observed.  It was once again agreed that ageing water supply infrastructure possible incorrect re-opening and bleeding procedure, corroded fire hydrants and household connections were identified as possible causes for the increase in water leaks.  It should also be noted that residents are very sensitive to municipal water losses.  Therefore, reporting of water leaks improved dramatically.
  • Maintenance of Infrastructure. The Deputy Director also undertook to follow-up on the replacement of the shut-off valves in the water supply system that were not replaced during 2020 as well as to investigate the possibility to install pressure regulating valves in the system.
  • Maintenance Galjoen Street. All the potholes in Galjoen Street were repaired within a week of the meeting on 10 August 2021.  The areas that were repaired will be covered with a layer of slurry by the middle of November 2021.  It was agreed that, until funds are available, potholes will be repaired as a “quick fix” which is not the desired methodology.
  • Maintenance of Streets. Due to the non-availability of a municipal grader, repair of the gravel streets in Cannon Rocks did not receive attention during the last month.  However, as soon a grader becomes available, repair work will continue.  The potholes in Alice Road were also repaired.
  • Increased Building Activities. The sharp increase in building activities in both Boknes and Cannon Rocks will soon put pressure on the water supply to these villages to such an extent that the normal demand for potable water may exceed the existing supply.  It is therefore requested that the Ndlambe Municipality launch an investigation which may restrict or stop new residential and other possible development temporarily.
  • Water Reserves. During the commissioning of the new water reservoir at Cannon Rocks, the old (smaller) reservoir was decommissioned notwithstanding urgent appeals by the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association.  It is requested that Ndlambe Municipality launch an investigation to investigate the re-commissioning of the smaller reservoir at Cannon Rocks.

Appreciation.  On behalf of members of the Association as well as other residents, the chairman of Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association expressed his appreciation to Mr Maluleke for his managerial intervention, personal demonstration and on the job training to the municipal workers to introduce the correct methodology to repair potholes.

Maintenance of Main Road – MR0463.  During a telephone conversation with the District Road Engineer at the Dept. of Transport on 3 November 2021, it was reported that the department experiencing delays in appointing a contractor to repair the Main Road between the R72 and Boknes and Cannon Rocks.  However, the road was repaired temporally.

Security.  Although a low level of crime was experienced throughout the year, an increase in petty theft, which is directly linked to the increase in building activities, is experienced in Cannon Rocks.

Street Numbers.  Property owners are once again requested to replace the display of erf numbers with the approved street address numbers.

Recycling.  Although Bushmans Recycling is still in operation, residents of Cannon Rocks are advised to deposit their recyclable items in a transparent bag, which can be obtained from the Cannon Rocks Caravan Park and leave these bags at the municipal grounds at the entrance of Boknes.

Please do not leave recyclable items with your household refuse as it will not be removed by the municipality when collecting domestic refuse.

Transgression of Legislation.  CRRA was approached to co-operate with the Municipal Environmental Law Office to advise residents as well as potential properties owners regarding the relevant Legislation and Municipal Bylaws regarding disturbing natural vegetation and sand dunes as well as use of verges for building material during building activities.

Tennis Courts.

Cannon Rocks is privileged to have dedicated community members that care for the village on different levels i.e. wildlife, beaches and various other assets.  The tennis courts are a great attraction to holiday visitors and a valuable asset to the village.

Members of the Tennis Club, with Adele du Plessis as team manager, took it upon themselves to upgrade both tennis court surfaces at a cost of R40,000.00.  The upgrade of the courts was not possible without financial support from the local community as visiting tennis players.  CRRA and the Members of the Tennis Club wish to extend their appreciation to those who have made donations which has made this project possible.  Further donations would still be greatly appreciated.

Any further donations would be greatly appreciated.  Donations can be made to:

Name:                        Cannon Rocks Tennis Club

Bank:                          FNB

Account Number:     747 105 118 47

Bank Code:               240 154

Please use your name and surname as reference.  Notification of payment to be send to 082 337 1166.  Cash contributions can be paid at Alice Road 165 or 167.

Painters applying paint on tennis court