Security.  Due to Covid-19 related regulations, the possibility of after hour patrolling in Cannon Rocks during December will be investigated.  Other security investigations, including the monitor responsibility of security cameras, are not finalised yet.  Investigations may also include the viability of a “Panic Button” option for elderly permanent residents without a contract with any security service provider.

Advertising Board.  Appreciation to the portfolio holder who is responsible for advertising at the advertising board at the Cannon Rocks/Boknes crossing, for the efforts to ensure that advertising board is currently fully utilised.

December Activities.  Uncertainty regarding the status of scheduling of services, the level of alert and associated permissions and restrictions, it was decided to postpone all social activities including a market and the annual fun run, to a suitable date in 2021.

Church Service.  It is still uncertain whether a church service will held on 25 December 2020 in Cannon Rocks.

Marine Protected Area: Cannon Rocks.  A summary of the Regulations to the National Environment Management: Protected Areas Act, 2003 (Act no 57 of 2003) which came into effect from 1 August 2019, is captured on the CRRA Website (“News” page).

Water Project.

During February 2019 the Augmentation of Alexandria Bulk Water Supply project was temporarily stopped due to objections based on environmental concerns.  Since February 2019 these concerns were addressed and approval was granted for the continuation of the project.

At the end of October/beginning of November 2020, the project started by locating the exact location of the existing brine pipe line.

During the course of the week of 9th November, excavation of a trench on the Northern side of Potgieter Street, will proceed with the use of a GLB.  As from Monday 16 November a trench will be manually dug along the Northern and Western side of Alice Road.  The new brine pipe line will be laid next to the existing brine pipe line to ensure ease, location and maintenance of both pipe lines.  This will also ensure that the new pipe will be restricted to municipal verges. Vegetation will be trimmed or removed where necessary.

Affected residents will be advised prior to commencement of excavation work outside their premises.  Where excavation occurs across driveways, households will be advised the day before commencement of work.  Where a drive way has been excavated, it will be closed up by the end of the day.  Paved or concrete driveways will be reinstated soon after.

Residents are advised to avoid approaching contract labourers regarding suggestions, questions or complaints.  The site supervisor, Mr. Derrick James, may, be contacted at 073 086 2445.  The supervisor will be on site during normal working hours.

The erection of the building structure for the new Reverse Osmoses RO plant as well as the installation of the plant, is scheduled to start during December 2020 and is anticipated to be completed by the middle of March 2021.

Transgression of Legislation.

Concerns are frequently received on various topics accompanied with some suggestions.  However, it is not always possible to satisfy the expectations of residents and members of the ratepayers association for various reasons.  Concerns regarding fireworks, dogs in the public not on leaches, people leaving household refuse on sidewalks, lack of wildlife conservation, remain a great concern to the CRRA committee.  Residents and holiday makers are requested to refrain from transgressing legislation and consider other people.

Refer to “Does your dog bite?” on CRRA Website (News page)

Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The AGM will be held on 29 December 2020 in the Cannon Rocks Community Hall.  Your presence will be appreciated in discussions on a number agenda items.