Electrical Supply. The committee members of Cannon Rocks ratepayers Association do not support the proposal by the Ndlambe Municipality to take over Eskom supply in areas, i.e. Cannon Rocks/Boknes, where Eskom supply electricity directly to the consumer. The committee is of the opinion that this will lead to an increase in electricity tariffs and a decline in maintenance of electricity infrastructure.

Maintenance of Main Road – MR00463. A letter dated 27 September was sent to the Mr Randall Moore, District Road Engineer at the Dept. of Transport, reporting the poor condition of the Main Road between the R72 and Boknes and Cannon Rocks. The District Road Engineer responded within two days, reporting that a contractor will be appointed to repair the potholes on the MR 0463 soon.

Maintenance Infrastructure. During a meeting with the Deputy Director (West), Infrastructural Development on 4 September 2021. The following items as well as remedial actions were discussed.

  • Water Leaks. It seems that the quantity of water leaks in the municipal water supply line to both Cannon Rocks and Boknes sharply increased in the last six to nine months. Ageing water supply infrastructure possible incorrect re-opening/bleeding procedure, corroded fire hydrants and household connections were identified as possible causes for the increase in water leaks. It should also be noted that residents are very sensitive to municipal water losses. Therefore, reporting of water leaks improved dramatically.
  • Maintenance Galjoen Street. The poor condition and the increase in potholes in Galjoen Street (road between Boknes crossing and Cannon Rocks) was discussed. The Deputy Director was shocked when he saw the fast deterioration of this road in the last two to three months. Not only poor supervision but also incorrect repair methodology was identified as the main causes for the poor condition of the street.
  • Maintenance of Streets. Appreciation for the recent repair of some of the gravel streets by the Ndlambe Municipality, were conveyed to the Deputy Director. However, the poor condition of the rest of the gravel roads was discussed. The focus areas for urgent repairs, were identified during a road show after the meeting.

Water Project.

Both an Eskom kiosk as well as the electrical cable was installed at the new borehole in Boknes and was commissioned during June 2021 after Eskom supply was completed. The Eskom kiosk to the new borehole at the entrance of Cannon Rocks was completed during July 2021 without being connected to the borehole. However, this connection was done on 17 September 2021 and the second borehole was commissioned. The remaining three kiosks to supply Eskom electricity to the last three boreholes in Potgieter Street are waiting for Eskom. Commissioning of these boreholes will only be possible once the kiosks are installed and Eskom electrical supply to the boreholes is connected.

Once the structure is completed, the new Reverse Osmoses (RO) plant will be delivered, installed and commissioned. However, Eskom is experiencing delays in the delivery of the new electrical transformer that will supply electricity to both the existing as well as the new RO plant. Completion of the structure, as well as commissioning of the new RO during November 2021 as planned, may be delayed subjected to the delivery date of the new electrical transformer.

Coastal Environmental Maintenance.

The first Environmental Monitor Committee (EMC) meeting, in accordance with environmental authorisation EC05/C/LN1&3/M/52-2019 for proposed sand and infrastructure Maintenance Management Plan (MMP) for coastal areas within Ndlambe Municipality, was held on 19 August 2021. The aim of the meeting was twofold namely initiate the implementation of the environmental MMP for the Ndlambe Municipality and to approve a notification letter of the establishment of the EMC to the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT).

In terms of the abovementioned environmental authority, the establishment of an Environmental Monitor Committee (EMC) is compulsory. History is made, as this is the first MMP of this kind that was approved by the Department in the RSA. The management of and the execution by the EMC regarding its activities to give effect to the MMP, will therefore be under the spotlight and monitored closely by other municipalities. EMC is an advisory and not a decision forum. However, it must monitor and ensure compliance to all approved applications, ensure regular reporting to DEDAET and serves as a link to the public.

A list of “Quick Wins” as well as application for corrective maintenance (removal of the sand) be implemented, was submitted to DEDEAT. The public parking area at the southern end of Dawn street (Halaluja Wreck) is included in the list of “Quick Wins”. Approval is awaiting.

Information Leaflet. An information leaflet was compiled and will be distributed for the use by both local residents, new and potential homeowners as well as holidaymakers to enlighten them on various areas of importance in and around Cannon Rocks.

Annual General Meeting. The annual general meeting (AGM) will be scheduled for 30 December 2012 at 16h00.

Security and Safety. Hi-Tech Security introduced an application “BUZZER” for security purposes. The application can be downloaded at no cost.

Street Numbers. Property owners are once again requested to replace the display erf of numbers with the approved street address numbers.

Addo National Park Trails. It is once again stressed that the Addo National Park trail starting from the cannons at Cannon Rocks is restricted to pedestrians only. Therefore, no vehicles, bicycles or any form of transport (motorised or not-motorised) etc. is allowed on the trail. Residents and visitors are privileged to be able to explore the Addo National Park on foot and experience a large variety of protected wildlife and plants. The majority of people visiting this section of Addo National Park love and respect it and do not cause damage. However, an increasing number of people using the trails for the wrong purposes and causing damage.

Eskom Reporting Procedure. In the absence of regular Eskom supply consumption readings, property owners and or residents are advised to take their own readings monthly and forward those readings to 0860037566

Cannon Rocks Trail entrance